Blockchain Recruitment Report: Average annual salary of $105,000; London's largest demand

Recently, market data analyst TeqAtlas released a research report on the blockchain industry. The report shows that incumbent companies like IBM have a greater demand for blockchain, and they provide the largest number of jobs; in addition, the blockchain industry averages $105,000, which is two times higher than the US average. .

The data analyzed by TeqAtlas includes: 23,000 current vacancies, 15 blockchain employers, 807 global public payrolls, 25,000 rounds of financing and nearly 16,000 investors, and found the following trends in the blockchain industry.

From 2013 to 2018, with the surge in demand for blockchain technology research and implementation, employment also showed a clear growth trend, with a compound annual growth rate of 139%. In the first five months of 2019, more than 2,000 job vacancies were posted on, which is equivalent to 2018 year-round demand.


(blockchain related position growth)

According to the job information provided by Glassdoor Blockchain, salary ranges from $17,000 to $271,000, and most of the positions are between $81,000 and $144,000 (404 jobs).


(salary range)

Cryptocurrency jobs .co. data shows that the US blockchain-related positions have the highest annual salary, with an average annual salary of nearly $105,000, far exceeding the average US annual salary of $49,000.


(salary salary)

IBM is the driving force behind multiple blockchain initiatives, most notably IBM Food Trust, TradeLens, IBM Blockchain for Trade Finance, IBM Blockchain World Wire,

According to IBM's official website, as of March 2019, the company had 335 vacancies and was the traditional technology company with the most vacancies.

It is worth noting that the vacancies in the blockchain are not only technical companies, but also one of the four important auditors.


(number of job requirements for different companies)

From a city perspective, London has the strongest demand for blockchain jobs, accounting for 26% of the global total. The top cities in the US are New York and San Francisco, with 19% and 13% respectively. In China, Hong Kong has the strongest demand and ranks fifth with Singapore, accounting for 8%.


(required by each city)

The data shows that CEOs from prestigious schools are more likely to get financing. We counted 18 blockchain companies, three of which graduated from Stanford University in the United States; in addition, more than half of the 18 companies' CEOs graduated from other top US universities.


(CEO degree)

Blockchain developers are in greater demand than jobs in other industries. On the Glassdoor website, software engineers are the most common job vacancies in the blockchain field with 686 positions. The proportion is more than 20%; the other two most serious vacancies are front-end engineers and risk analysts. The demand for these positions reflects the shortage of technical talents in the blockchain industry.


(post demand)

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) survey, “Finance Technology” is a leader in total financing and number of companies, with a total of 413 companies with a total financing of US$870 million; in addition, due to Telegram's TGE (US$1.7 billion) ) The deal with Kik (TGE, AD series) received nearly $217 million in revenue, and each company in "Communication Software" had the highest average financing.



More than 800 venture capital firms have invested in blockchain companies, with DCG investing the most in 130, followed by Pantera Capital and Blockchain Capital with 55 and 54 respectively. Eight of the top ten investment institutions are located in the United States, and more than half are venture capital institutions.


In addition, most active investors are mainly involved in angel/seed round financing.


(participation cycle)

All investment banks (except Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank) have invested in R3 because they believe that the Corda Enterprise project developed by R3 has great potential. R3 also received $107 million in financing in Round A, which is the largest amount of financing in the blockchain space. Overall, more than 35 investment banks participated in the financing of R3's entire investment process.

(Odaily Planet Daily Note: R3 is a New York-based company. Corda is a distributed ledger developed by R3 and its partner banks for financial services. It is used to record, manage and synchronize financial contracts between traditional financial institutions. It was launched in April 2016.)


Although the number of newly established blockchain companies has declined slightly in 2018, the overall trend is still rising.


(number of newly established companies)

So far, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are no longer just a simple speculation tool. Gartner predicts that by 2025, the blockchain will create $176 billion in business value and will exceed $3 trillion by 2030. The demand for blockchain talents will continue to grow in the future.

This article is from TeqAtlas , author of the TeqAtlas research team, compiled by Odaily Planet Daily Qin Xiaofeng, edited by Lu Xiaoming.

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