BSV suffers 51% of attack costs for only $6,500

BSV suffers 51% of attack costs for only $6,500

According to a report issued by CoinGape on the afternoon of April 15, the cost of a 51% attack on the BSV continued to drop, at only $6,500.

As network capacity increases, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) has fewer and fewer supporters, and BSV is clearly losing its status as a "real bitcoin."

The total hash rate of the network also reflects the amount of cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency with more miners and daily transactions is more likely to be safe and the price will be higher.

BSV suffers 51% of attack costs for only $6,500

BSV Hash Rate All-time (bitinfocharts)

BSV suffers 51% of attack costs for only $6,500

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hash rate (bitinfocharts)
It is evident from these two figures that the total Hashrate of the BSV has been declining since its creation. In addition, since #we are Hodlonaut# activities have been supported, the index has fallen below 20%. The hash rate of its direct competitor BCH has more than doubled during the same period.

As of 3 pm on April 15, the cost of launching a 51% attack on the BSV was only around $6,500. The cost of launching a 51% attack on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is about $25,000, four times that of the BSV.

ETC has recently suffered 51% of attacks, and its cost of performing 51% attacks is similar to BSV's $6,300.

CoinGape concludes that after the outbreak of BTC on April 2, currencies such as LTC and BCH rose by more than 50%, while BSV has only increased by about 12% since March 2019. The main reason behind this can be attributed to its limited application and the fact that Auburn has consistently claimed to be Nakamoto, which has led to a bad brand image in the entire encryption community. (block chain rhythm)

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