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SLG has always been a favorite type of game for players, and it is also a game category that major manufacturers have invested in. From the page tour era of "Seven Heroes Hegemony", "The Three Kingdoms", to the early days of the mobile game "COK", "Island", and the still fiery "The King of the World", "The Land of the Earth". SLG, a game category full of war strategy charm, has produced too many explosive game products. The high revenue capability and long-term operation capability of this category have been proved by the market.


During the SLG game, players use the way of war to plunder other players' resources and rob public resources to enhance their own strength. In the traditional game category of SLG, the acquisition of resources only enhances the combat power. The combat effectiveness will give players a sense of accomplishment and a better game experience. This logic is in line with the core game requirements of the players.

The emergence of blockchain technology gives SLG in-game resource trading attributes. Blockchain technology can chain SLG game assets, and players use Tokens to trade on the chain. Under this premise, for SLG players, resources can not only improve combat effectiveness, but also earn real economic benefits. Of course, these are the imaginations of blockchain technology applied to SLG games. What is the reality? SLG games encounter blockchain, can it collide with new sparks?

Domestic SLG game market is excellent but competitive pressure


Recently, Sensor Tower announced the top 30 list of mobile game income in the Spring Festival, and a total of 5 SLG mobile games entered the list. They are Tencent's "The King of the World", Netease's "The Land of the Earth", Tencent's "Red Alert OL", Zilong's "Dream Simulation Battle" and the hero's mutual entertainment "Sword and Home".

"The King of the World" and "The Land of the Earth" both use the IP of the Three Kingdoms. The game uses the card + SLG mode. Players not only need to train the army, but also need to draw military commanders to train and match. By attacking other players and public resources, we will continue to expand our military strength. The two games are still stable in the best-selling list on the APP Store. The "Gone with the World" ranks sixth and the "Bound of the Land" ranks tenth. The long-term stable operation of the two SLG games is more prominent.


The performance of domestic manufacturers SLG games is still excellent. Recently, Sensor Tower announced the top 30 list of Chinese mobile game products in overseas markets in February 2019. IGG's SLG game "Kingdom Era" ranked second, and FunPlus's two SLG games "The Guns Age" and "King of Avalon" all entered the top ten list. A number of SLG games, such as "The Game of the Sudan", "The Dispute of the Kings", "Dream Simulation", "The Revenge of the Sudan", also entered the list.

SLG games are currently more eye-catching in both domestic and offshore markets. Domestic SLG head products have stable revenues, and SLG games have opened up product advantages in Europe, America, Japan, Korea and the Middle East. For some small and medium-sized teams who want to start a business in the SLG game field, the pressure of competition has become more prominent than these experienced and traffic-oriented SLG manufacturers.

In the blockchain gaming industry, developers have also discovered problems that have been exposed since 2018. In the second half of 2018, a large number of spinach games were born. At present, spinach games account for more than 90% of the total games in the EOS ecosystem. Some spinach games don’t even have a game skin. It’s directly guessing the number of Bingo games. In the strict sense, it can only be counted. Quiz class application.

The competitive environment facing the domestic SLG new tour is too fierce, and the blockchain game industry is crowded by spinach, and there is an urgent need for high-game products. In this context, it may also provide an opportunity for the combination of the two, and whether the SLG+ blockchain is a pseudo-proposition, from the performance of the following three SLG chain tours may be a glimpse of one or two.

Domestic SLG chain tour boutiques are not many game positioning but different

At present, although the frequency of new products in chain travel has slowed down, the overall variety of games is more diverse and the gameplay is more abundant. Many products are no longer intuitive. This trend prompted many teams with experience in SLG game development to focus on blockchain technology and discover the meaning of giving SLG game assets real economic value, and they have joined the chain tour field.

At present, there are three well-known products on the domestic market, namely "Bit Empire", "Encryption Throne" and "Iron Throne". "Bit Empire" is promoted by DapDap's Dogi community. Since only tokens are allowed to be recharged, it is not a blockchain game in the full sense. The game reproduces traditional SLG games from UI design, core gameplay and currency system, and there is a gap between game functionality and style compared to quality traditional games. The game was completely cold after it was put on the line.


Although the "Bit Empire" is a spark that the SLG chain has been extinguished, the game is still for developers to learn from. It is not feasible to completely rebuild the logic of the traditional SLG to carry out the so-called chain reform. Players don't want to pay for a SLG game with a token recharge channel, and players may want to see more creative ideas.


The development team of "Encryption Throne" has been transferred from the traditional game field, and the team has the experience of research and development of successful MOBA mobile games. The head of the team, Song Yang, said that the current operating data of "Encryption Throne" is as follows. About 600 live, registered players 1200, 2 months revenue of 70-900,000 yuan. The game is based on the EOS public chain, the core assets are all on the chain, the game introduces the alliance game, the players robbed the resources through mutual attack, and settled the final EOS dividend through the league battle ranking. Among the chain of players, Encryption Throne is currently the only product on the market that is well-known and operational.

At present, it is impossible to determine the core assets of the "Encryption Throne". The practice of joining the EOS public chain is the best way out for the SLG chain tour. It can't even be said that it is a successful game because of the volume of daily activities and revenue. Look, it's a lot worse than traditional SLG games. However, this SLG chain tour, the data on the line for two months is still stable, more than 600 real players play in it, these running through prove that the SLG+ blockchain is not a false proposition, it can be sparked.


The third blockchain SLG game "Iron Throne" has not yet been launched. This is a product with a very blockchain spirit. They are mainly pure-chain SLG games, and all logic is all on the chain. The research and development and operation of the game is the Chengdu INFUN team. The operation director Huang Fangfang said that the current market in the block is a bear market, and the funds are less cold. And the current hot spinach game has not been reduced, and the SLG game type is too heavy. At this time, the launch of this ETH-based pure chain game may face great operational difficulties, so the team will delay the game's online time. Will meet the player at the right time.

The consideration of "Iron Throne" is not unreasonable. At such a point in time, if the SLG game is combined with the blockchain, it will take a big risk, because the dominance of the spinach chain tour is temporarily unable to be shaken by other types of games. Secondly, "Iron Throne" not only needs to be SLG, but also insists on 100% pure chain. This is too high for the underlying technology. It will affect the player experience before the technology goes through.

On the whole, the "Bit Empire" in the three games is the fastest because the blockchain is not combined with the SLG depth. "Iron Throne" has gone to the extreme of pure-chain SLG games, and needs to consider too many factors, and has not yet been sparked. "Encryption Throne" for the time being appears to be the best-designed SLG chain tour in the three games. The core assets are on the line, and the mechanism for the player to write off the dividends also runs. Although the spark is small, it continues to burn.

What pits will be encountered in the development and operation of SLG chain travel?


Song Yang talks about traditional SLG games, the profit of one day can reach 700,800 yuan, and this achievement "Encryption Throne" is far from reachable. At present, the profit margin of SLG chain tour is not big, the whole market is also During the gestation period. The TonArts team will stick to the direction of the SLG chain and will be the 23456 generation of the "Encryption Throne" in the future. Song Yang said that SLG is currently the most complex type of chain travel. There are many bugs that need to be filled in the pits. However, the team has been accumulating experience and the future operation of the game will gradually improve.

Two months after the public beta of "Encryption Throne", the current user data and revenue data are relatively stable, but the team has also encountered a lot of pits, and the game as a whole is still in the stage of continuous optimization. Song Yang found that the stability of the chain itself is a pit. Many bugs are not caused by the program error of the game itself, but because of the EOS performance problem, it will directly affect the player's virtual assets and have a greater impact on the game experience.

Traditional game developers are not optimistic about the SLG chain tour

Huang Lei, head of the electric soul blockchain game, said that the current combination of SLG games and blockchain is relatively close, which can stimulate user creativity, and can also select some of the assets created by users. The good SLG chain tour development cycle is long, he believes that the user's attributes are now biased towards financial attributes, short-term fast is now the chain travel developers should first consider. From experience, the previous blockchain game has a short life cycle, so SLG games are not suitable for development costs and cycles.

Huang Lei said that the electric soul is also doing things to transform traditional game users. For the time being, the conversion rate is very low. We are going to start with the game mode to attract traditional users, and then the game itself. "Compared to SLG games, I think that the current stage chain tour will be more suitable, mainly because the blockchain environment is not good, there is no money-making effect, and the player's enthusiasm is not high. The chain tour ecology still depends on the market environment. The bear market has been affected too much," he said.


The sandbox chain tour "NeoWorld" founder Shen Hongting is a veteran of the traditional game field, once developed and operated the sandbox game "Pikatang". In his view, the dilemma of the SLG chain tour is that users who play pure games will feel that the quality of the SLG chain tour is not good enough, and this is determined by the current underlying technology; users who are making money are only making money. And the project side also wants to make money, who will not cut the leek to pay? If you cut the leek, you will be waiting for your rights, and you will not be able to operate for a long time. The SLG game is the category that most needs long-term operation. At present, the type of SLG alone cannot solve the problem.

360 game art CEO Cao Kai said that currently not optimistic about traditional SLG game developers jumped into the chain travel industry. He feels that there is a lot of uncertainty in the chain travel industry, which is greatly affected by the bull market bear market. As a traditional game company, it needs further observation.

Chain travel developers recognize that SLG chain tours are still exploring more models

Wu Xiao, CEO of Pure White Technology, is a senior chain travel developer. He believes that with the development of the blockchain, everything can be realized with blockchain. Of course, it seems that SLG games do not require strong real-time interaction in game communication because they are strategic games, so they are more suitable for the current environment with imperfect infrastructure. He also quite recognized the achievements of Encryption Throne.


"Cell Evolution" and "The Last Journey" are two blockchain independent games produced by Wu Xiao. They have explored gameplay and unique art style. Regarding future planning, he said: "I am doing some pictures. The plot is more indie games." As for SLG, it will not be considered for the time being. In Wu Xiao's development strategy, it may be more due to the inherent genes of their team and his consistent insistence on pure white independent chain tour.

The founder of the European chain, the old wolf, said that the original "blockchain game" can not be called a game. After the professional game team enters the blockchain industry, the previously proven successful mode in the game field will definitely be combined with the block. . SLG has proven itself in the traditional game industry and will inevitably be moved to the blockchain field by the developer. "Encryption Throne" is an attempt by traditional SLG gameplay to enter the chain tour, which is the normal trend of industry development.

"FishChain" developer Liu Ying said that the chain travel industry is simply not optimistic about the whole chain. As for the type of gameplay, she feels that there is no limit. For the "Encryption Throne", this SLG chain travel economic design model is relatively recognized. She believes that as long as it is not a re-growth game type value, it is better to do it. “I value the economic and financial model design of the game. As for the gameplay itself, it is not important, as long as it can accommodate linear growth. If it is not a linear growth value, it is difficult to change the game. You directly make a tradition. SLG games can be pushed up in the currency promotion," she said.

Making money is a common demand for SLG chain game players.


The teahouse interviewed a veteran player, Hu Ge, who has played from the "Encryption Throne" beta. He believes that the game alliance changes very quickly. The number of people who do not go online will change and the relationship between the alliances will change. If you do not maintain the high frequency of the line, it is likely to be out of touch with the entire situation. If you can't grasp the dynamics of the battle, you will lose the initiative in market trading.

Hu Ge said that in fact, he is not a hard-core mobile game player. Playing chain games is not because he loves to play games, but because he has been immersed in the currency circle for many years, he is interested in the model of chain travel, if he can make money better. In his view, the Encryption Throne is more playable than the previous chain tour, but the bugs are constant, and the money related to the player's money will be lost. According to him, the "Encryption Throne" big R players according to the amount of dividends, the profit should be only a few people, small R players only sell resources and steal a little profit, the account number of the wool party will earn more many.

Another R player, Dabao, said that frequent bugs in the "Encryption Throne" had a significant impact on the player's assets. For example, the military club card can not enter the city, and then can not afford to dispose of the grain, and eventually can only starve to death. There are also bugs in repeated deductions in the up-and-forth trading operations such as purchasing resources. The compensation for the biggest warfare bug that broke out some time ago was only the token in the game, which can be used for the function of brushing the speaker and changing the name in the game. It is not meaningful to the player.

SLG games are not very demanding for real-time competition, but they require frequent attention from players. The coin player Lao Lin said that the "Encryption Throne" is too time-consuming and energy-consuming. Many people are secretly attacking others in the middle of the night, and they can only set an alarm clock to counterattack. Lao Lin still has to go to work during the day, saying that he can't play in the long run, so he has abandoned the game for a month. He said that the SLG chain tour is still very fun, retaining the traditional SLG routines, and has the incentive of blockchain assets. However, during his game play, he basically unilaterally spent EOS on the upgrade of his combat power. The small amount of dividends obtained was not enough to cover the cost, and he did not make any money.

On the whole, chain travel has experienced the disorderly outbreak in the bull market and the gradual precipitation in the bear market in the precipitation of more than a year, and it still has a multi-directional development trend. SLG chain travel is just a microcosm of the industry, developers are willing to try all types of games, and use the experience of traditional game development to feed back.

However, due to the entire blockchain market, the core user circle is slow to expand. The SLG+ blockchain still does not show outstanding competitiveness, and even the game itself is too heavy to bear a lot of operational pressure. Since the composition of players is not as pure as that of traditional game users, financial attributes are still the focus of SLG chain development development, but more and more teams are focusing on gameplay and numerical planning. Joy Hao, the founder of Ludos game public chain, said that even if SLG games use blockchain technology, they will follow the rules of traditional games. How to operate C-side users in the future, and gain more traffic will become the focus.

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