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Bitcoin rebounded after falling below 10,000 US dollars, and the altcoin bears a large selling pressure

Mainstream currencies have fallen sharply across the board today. Mainstream currencies such as ETH, LTC, XRP and EOS have experienced a sharp decline in BTC, with losses falling by 10-20% in less than 6 hours. Among them, among the top ten currencies in the market capitalization, the BSV fell the most, with the largest drop […]

Data show: Bitcoin daily return volatility hit a new high since the beginning of 2018

"If Bitcoin is a currency, shouldn't it be such a big price volatility?" This question was asked by many skeptics who always thought that digital assets were a joke. Since the advent of Bitcoin in January 2009, the volatility has been basically declining, but in terms of performance in 2019, stability is still a bit […]

40% of the altcoin losses exceed 90%, can BTC return to 12000 to drive the market?

Second, BTC's market share reached 64%, a new high In the past 24 hours, BTC once again stood at 12,000 US dollars, BTC's market share increased to 64%, the highest since May 2017, Altcoins' share has gradually decreased to 36%, can not be consistent with the BTC's increase. At the end of May, BTC had […]

In this round of bull market, you may not be able to wait for the outbreak of the altcoin

"Main Melody" turns to Bitcoin First of all, the reason for the current bull market rise is different from the previous round of bull market logic. In the last round of bull markets, technology giants and the banking industry have always kept a distance from Bitcoin. They believe that blockchain technology can change existing industries […]

Why does Bitcoin leave the altcoin behind?

An institution's attention In the past six weeks, Bitcoin's dominance has soared from 53% to 58%, which has surprised many traders. At the same time, investors and analysts such as Thomas Lee of Fundstrat Global Advisors hinted that the “alternative investment season” is coming. Li often publishes his views on cryptocurrencies on CNBC. In fact, […]

alarm! "Cottage season" is coming?

Analysts believe that many altcoins will soon explode, and the "cottage season" is coming soon! From the 10th to today, the pie is arrogant 30%, breaking through 8,000 dollars. Beginning in the early hours of the morning, the mainstream currencies such as Ethereum, grapefruit, and spicy strips started to make up the trend, and the […]

Investment institutions: Bitcoin will climb to 100,000 US dollars, the altcoin will "dead"

Heisenberg Capital, a venture capital firm led by early credit digital currency adopters Max Keizer and Stacy Herbert, said Bitcoin's dominance will continue to grow. The company hinted that the altcoin still lacks viable use cases or lacks a reliable value proposition. "As the BTC climbs to $100,000, we believe that everything except BTC will […]

The top ten characteristics of the amaranth in the currency circle, how many of you?

Recently, a letter to the CNNS (Coin World) letter from WeChat and friends circle was on fire. After reading this letter, the first feeling is that the project side, the exchange is too human, and there is no bottom line to harvest the leek. Looking back, do you think that the young speculator who wants […]

In 2019, the cottage currency frequently moves, and the value of more than 20 currencies doubles.

So far, the first quarter of 2019 is nearing completion. During this time, the most eye-catching thing is the altcoin. Since the beginning of 2019, more than 20 altcoins have doubled in price and even more. The news of the decline in the market value of Bitcoin has never stopped. The cottage currency is frequently […]