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Bank Blockchain Application and Case Analysis Report: Analysis from Patent Perspective, Screening 7 Application Scenarios

Author: Ren Wansheng Production: Joint release by Zero One Think Tank & Digital Asset Research Institute Editor's Note: The original title was "Bank Blockchain Application and Case Analysis Report" Due to the particularity and strong supervision of the financial industry, it is difficult for technology companies to directly obtain the real and comprehensive business pain […]

SheKnows 丨 Where is the public chain application breaking out?

From the birth of Bitcoin, to the emergence of smart contracts, to the cross-chain cross-chain, public chains have led almost every major technological innovation. However, from the TPS competition, to the Dapp ecological competition, and then to the beachfront DeFi, the road to public landing has never been smooth. At the same time, major manufacturers […]

Study the Times and publish a comment: the development of blockchain must handle five relationships

Source: Learning Times Author: Liying Zhe Blockchain is an important breakthrough for the next core technology independent innovation, and is an important battlefield for a new round of competitive development. The development of blockchain brings both strategic opportunities and challenges in technology and governance. In the process of promoting the development of blockchain, we must […]

Li Lihui, former president of Bank of China: Digital technology reform will reconstruct the economic model, China should seize the digital economic dominance

On September 17, at the fifth global summit of blockchain sponsored by Wanxiang Blockchain Lab, Li Lihui, former president of Bank of China, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Digital Technology Reform Will Reconstruct Economic Model." Li Lihui mentioned that although the application of blockchain technology is not large and has not yet formed a scale […]

Interview with pure white matrix CEO Wu Xiao: Blockchain Magic of "Secondary Disease" Youth | Babbitt Venture +

Out of the Internet cafe at three o'clock in the morning, through the paradise of the century empire, the world is invisible, I am a hero and then return to live without goals, in reality – Mayday "I" For many after 80s and 90s, the game is the most memorable companion in their student days. […]

Who is competing for C? Read the encrypted payment contest

Payment is at the core of nature, as an infrastructure – it is the intersection of information flow, capital flow and user traffic . Taking the development path of the Internet as a guide, payment provides a favorable foundation for financial activities such as wealth management, lending, credit reporting, etc. The mobile payment landscape is […]

Gu Yanxi: Why is it that the current DApp users are normal?

A recent Wall Street Journal article argues that current blockchain-based DApps are less attractive to Internet users. The article believes that although investors have invested $1 billion in various DApps, the results have been unsatisfactory. The article quotes State of the DApps data as saying that there are currently 2,700 DApp applications, but only three […]

Useful way – the initial solution of BYSTACK application

There are a lot of visions in the blockchain project, and there are very few landings. In a few landing projects, the amount of “software service fees” is much higher, and the project can be implemented into the overall vision. Why? On the one hand, blockchain development is still in its early stages, and on […]

The blockchain application closest to the money has landed: Will the decentralized financial market blow out?

Recently, the lEO (Initial Exchange Offering), which has attracted people's attention, seems to have been rushing and rushing. It has been a few months since it has been quiet in the currency. The reason for this is that the rise of lEO is still due to investors' enthusiasm for cryptocurrency , and is willing to […]

Babbitt's exclusive game, spelling resources, spelling technology – BaaS has become a giant game?

"The original BaaS product has problems, the cost is big and the income is small, and there will be a lot of it will be turned off later." It was very vigorous when it was released, and there was no sound when it was hung up. Just like the "flower scorpion messenger problem", we like […]