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Viewpoint: Google search volume for "halving bitcoin" has soared this year. Maybe nothing will happen after the halving?

Source: LongHash Editor's Note: The original title was "This year," Bitcoin has halved Google search volume ") According to multiple estimates of mining factors, a new round of block reward halving will occur in Bitcoin after about 35 days. As a result, the original 12.5 BTC reward for each bitcoin block mining will be reduced […]

From the halving prediction of BCH and BSV, will BTC enter a decline phase?

Fortunately, BCH and BSV are halved first, which provides a good market reference for BTC's halving market. Next month, the BTC will be halved, maybe it will officially enter the decline phase … BCH hashrate drops sharply On the first day after the halving of BCH, the computing power of the entire network dropped from […]

What to do after halving Bitcoin? All these transactions say

Bitcoin block reward halved-this is a highly anticipated event. After the halving, the bitcoin reward generated for each new transaction block will be reduced from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC-this halving is expected Will take place next month. Bitcoin halving is conducted every 4 years to ensure the scarcity of Bitcoin. The total amount of […]

Will Bitcoin have a 10-fold increase? Mining or the blue ocean market? And listen to mining giants explain mining evolution in detail | Babbitt Cloud Summit

On April 7th, Babbitt Global Partners Cloud Summit Forum 5-Mining Circle Enterprise Evolution kicked off, Cai Yunbit founder Lu Lei, Bitmain co-founder Li Min (real name Li Yingfei), Wonderful Capital founder Mint were invited participate. Regarding the mining industry, the three senior practitioners shared many world-leading opinions, such as: 1. The flow of mining capital […]

The halving effect of BTC: is it "metaphysics", or is it a real "effect" that will have a substantial impact on the market?

Editor's note: The original title was "Half effect of BTC:? 》 More than 30 days before Bitcoin is halved, the historic moment of Bitcoin is gradually coming. The crypto market crash in mid-March gave people good reasons to question these two things: Bitcoin's "digital gold" narrative and its safe haven characteristics Bitcoin's halving effect In […]

Global assets seek anchor under the crisis, which may become the starting point of Bitcoin's eternal bull market

On the afternoon of April 2nd, the Yinyin Mine Pool organized an online "See You Fengshui" live broadcast conference. In the opening "Global Financial Analysis" session, the Yinyin founder Pan Zhibiao asked Wan Hui, the founding partner of Primitive Ventures Pan Chao, head of MakerDAO China, Yang Zhou, CEO of PayPal Finance, and Liu Fei, […]

Looking back at the halving in the past: the reason why Bitcoin prices will soar immediately is flawed

Past data shows that the reason for the bitcoin price soaring immediately after halving in May is flawed. For a long time, the halving of Bitcoin ( BTC ) block rewards has been regarded as an optimistic factor driving the short-term price trend of Bitcoin in the first half of 2020. However, historical data shows […]

Bitcoin's transaction price has fallen below the average mining cost

This article Source: clouds block chain , Author: ack123888 Bitcoin has recently experienced its biggest one-day drop in history, with the price of Bitcoin falling from $ 7,900 to around $ 5,000 in less than 48 hours. As the first digital currency ever, the current transaction price is already lower than the cost required for […]

Did you know the "bull rule" in the Bitcoin halving market?

(Source: QKL123) Bitcoin halving is imminent. As of the date of publication, there are 65 days before Bitcoin halving. The total amount of unmined Bitcoin is: 2,745,900. "Half the market" has become the hottest topic today, with analysis and prediction abound. What is halving? The total supply of bitcoin is limited to 21 million. Whenever […]

Bitcoin halved: revolution, scam, revolution, scam …

Since the end of February, the price of Bitcoin has dropped significantly, and the leeks have experienced another round of harvesting. According to Coin Coin data, from February 24th to 28th, the total net position of the entire network was 1.552 billion US dollars. In addition to the blood loss on the funds, the capriciousness […]