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The Fed's current rate cut is fundamentally different from the 2008 financial crisis, or may trigger a new round of global central bank interest rate cuts

Author | Xu Yiying In the early hours of March 16, the Fed announced that it would lower the federal funds rate by 100 basis points to 0-0.25%, and also announced the launch of a US $ 700 billion quantitative easing program, including the purchase of US Treasury bonds of US $ 500 billion and […]

First Deputy Governor of the Bank of France: What is the financial sovereignty of the digital world?

Translation / Proofreading: Long Baitao Note: Mr. Denis Beau, First Deputy Governor of Bank of France, closed the keynote speech in the morning at the 8th Annual Meeting of the French Payments Forum held in Paris on March 3, 2020. We now live in an increasingly digital world where technological advances enable people to market […]

ING economist: If the dollar does not go digital, it will fall out of favor

Source: CointelegraphChina Editor's note: The original title was "ING Economist Says If Dollar Doesn't Go Digital, It May Fall Out of Favor" When multiple countries and entities begin to weigh the effectiveness of central bank digital currencies, the dollar is actually still dominant-but how long will it last? "The U.S. dollar is the dominant currency […]

Interpretation of the Central Bank's "Technical Specifications for Financial Distributed Ledgers"

Drafted by the Digital Currency Research Institute of the People ’s Bank of China, the “Security of Financial Distributed Ledger Technology” with the participation of more than 20 institutions including the Science and Technology Department of the People ’s Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, […]

In desperation | Will liabilities become "assets"?

In September 2019, U.S. President Donald Trump suggested via Twitter that the Fed cut interest rates from zero to negative territory to refinance the US government's current $ 23 trillion in debt and extend its maturity date. The idea of ​​stimulating growth with zero interest rates is tempting. Especially when the accumulated debt is huge, […]

The central bank's trading gold blockchain platform helps corporate financing, and national project support breaks through development difficulties

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Yu Source: Xinhuanet Trade finance is a complex scene spanning multiple subjects and multiple links, involving a wide range of industries and long transaction chains, and requires mutual trust and sharing. In order to break the silo of information and improve the level of mutual trust and facilitation of trade […]

First Deputy Governor of the Bank of France: The stablecoin provides a plan to improve the payment system, but there are risks that need to be addressed

Denis Beau, the first deputy governor of the Bank of France, recently spoke at the "European Ambitious" stablecoin conference. Paris Europlace and ConsenSys organized the event in January of this year. Beau talked about the good and bad of stablecoins. He outlined three tasks for regulators to develop a stablecoin adoption policy. Source: Pixabay Beau […]

Weighing the pros and cons, the World Economic Forum creates a CBDC policy maker toolkit

Cointelegraph reported on January 23 that the World Economic Forum (WEF) and some major central banks in the world have jointly created a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) policy maker toolkit. (Image source: flickr ) According to a statement issued by the World Economic Forum on January 22, the toolkit is an attempt by the […]

Central Bank's deployment of key tasks in 2020: introduction of a series of financial technology regulatory rules such as blockchain

Source: People's Bank of China Editor's Note: The original title was "People's Bank Fintech Committee Holds Meeting to Study and Deploy Key Tasks for 2020" A few days ago, the Financial Technology Committee meeting of the People's Bank of China was held in Beijing. The meeting summarized fintech work in 2019 and studied and deployed […]

Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Department of the Central Bank: To establish a blockchain technology financial application innovation management mechanism

Editor's Note: The original title was "Central Bank Chen Liwu: To Establish Blockchain Technology and Financial Application Innovation Management Mechanism" Sina Finance News on December 17th, the 3rd China Internet Finance Forum 2019 was held in Beijing on the theme of "Fintech assists the construction of modern financial system". Chen Liwu, Deputy Director of the […]