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Blockchain's Transformation of the Computing Power Industry | Return to Common Sense

When it comes to blockchain, one concept that has to be mentioned is "computing power". This article uses BOINC (Berkeley Open Network Computing Platform) as an example to explain the significance of blockchain to the computing power industry. The author believes that the BOINC transformation plan is a tokenization of the original voluntary contribution on […]

Analysis: Subversion of Moore's Law, the mystery behind the skyrocketing power of Bitcoin

Source: Medium Author: Stephen Perrenod Translation: First Class (First.VIP)_Mark “In the cryptocurrency 500 competition, you can look at the most exploited tokens using the proof of work, because these are the only supercomputer-like workloads in the cryptocurrency world. The cost of other consensus algorithms is much lower, just like The market has been proving that […]

Wuzhen, Babbitt CTO Jin Lei: Open up the power to stop the lake and promote the industrial blockchain to accelerate

On the morning of November 9th, at the "2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen" Sub-forum, hosted by Babbitt, "The Blockchain Event: New Hotspots and Explorers", Babbitt CTO banned the publication of the fusion calculation Power, release value" keynote speech. In recent decades, the computing power of the whole society has experienced explosive growth, which has brought many […]

Let’s listen to Jiang Zhuoer and Lu Haiyi’s understanding of the relationship between bitcoin price and computing power, as well as the price trend of this round.

Vernacular blockchain Since June of this year, the total network computing power of Bitcoin has risen by more than 70%, and it rose to an all-time high of 102.8EH/s on September 18. Then it fell sharply in a few days and fell to 67.4 on the 23rd. EH/s. Just after the bitcoin collapsed, the price […]

Bitcoin's power and difficulty are rising, and high-coin prices are rising, attracting new influx

On September 16, Bitcoin's computing power and difficulty reached new highs. According to external sources, it was mainly due to the launch of more than 600,000 new mining machines in the past three months. According to the data printed on the currency, the average power of Bitcoin in the past week has exceeded another important […]

Defeat the dry season: Will the miners' northward move be smooth in 2019?

The core competitiveness of mining is energy. Who can find cheap energy means mastering the most core resources in the industry. In the last article, "Digging for Ten Years: Things Are Human Beings, Ideals Still Exist", the threshold of professional miners lies in the grasp of cheap electric energy, and 70% of the world's computing […]

Babbitt column | Bitcoin: the power of life without borders

In the blockchain world, many people have blown a lot of cows, but few have really passed the test of time. However, one cow has passed the public beta of more than ten years in the world – Bitcoin said: I can't make a mistake in my account. Maybe you think it is strange: What […]

Ethereum is becoming more vulnerable, and its power has fallen more than 42% from its highest point in history.

Computational power is an important index for measuring the healthy operation of the Proof of Work (PoW) blockchain. This means that if a potential attacker wants to launch a 51% attack, it must overcome this obstacle. Computation also represents the overall interests of the entire community. Now, the increase in computing power is part of […]

BTC, BCH or halving the former time has increased the latter's lead

Image source: pixabay BCH's initial mining speed is amazing, and bitcoin is far behind. Since the fork in 2017, BCH has been trying to maintain its 10-minute block time inherited from Bitcoin. The goal of bifurcation is always to maintain the same level of difficulty and speed as the Bitcoin original chain. BCH developers have […]

Big Competing Mining Machine Battle: Bull Market Saving Mine

As the price of the currency rises and the water comes, with the increasing difficulty of the calculation, the large-scale mining machine is increasingly sought after by miners and mining machine sellers. Shenma M20S 68T futures in September is about 14,856 yuan, November futures are about 19,521 yuan, an increase of 31.45%. The price of […]