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A new high in history! The correlation between Bitcoin and the S & P 500 index is about 0.5. What has happened to "digital gold"?

Source: LongHash Editor's Note: The original title was "Bitcoin and S & P 500 reach the highest level in history" In the middle of last month, the correlation between Bitcoin and the S & P 500 index reached a record high. The S & P 500 Index is a market index that tracks the performance […]

"Crypto World" under the epidemic: analysis report of the digital currency industry in the first quarter of 2020

Author: Mike Produced by: Coin Circle Xiao Li & Star Media Iran ’s military chief Sulaymani was attacked and killed. US-Iranian relations were tense again. Australia ’s forest fires burned for several months. More than 400 people were killed and new crown pneumonia swept the world. China used its national strength to fight the epidemic […]

Babbitt Column | What is Digital Transformation?

In the era of the digital economy, DT, digital assets are the core and engine of the digital economy. Digital assets include asset digitization and data assetization. Digital transformation and upgrading are the foundation and necessity. Digital transformation is the way to integrate digital technology into all areas of business and business, fundamentally changing the […]

The technical route of the central bank's digital currency may have been confirmed, and ICBC shoulders the heavy technical burden

Text: Interchain Pulse · Yuan Shang Source: Interchain Pulse Two months later, key officials of the central bank have changed their position on the technical route of DC / EP. I remember that on September 24th, Yi Gang, President of the People's Bank of China, said that digital currency research has made positive progress and […]

Russian smelting giant Nornickel will launch digital trading platform by the end of 2019

   According to the Russian Tas news agency reported on July 9, Russian mining and smelting giant Nornickel plans to launch a metal trading digital platform by the end of 2019. Nornickel Vice President Andrey Bugrov said in an interview with Tass, "The preparation process is quite long, but in any case, we plan to […]

India may ban all cryptocurrencies except the "digital rupee"

Translator: Play the coin family ElaineHu This week, a new leaked document disclosed that India is preparing to take measures to ban the trading of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in any form. New news says the new draft law will "ban" bitcoin and cryptocurrency The document was uploaded to the sharing site Scribd by the […]

ICO legalization in Australia! Digital cryptocurrency related regulations

The ICO and digital asset trading regulations introduced this time mainly include the following parts: 1. Requirements and precautions for the company to provide cryptocurrency assets through ICO 2. The company's requirements for ICO and cryptographic asset promotion methods 3. ICO as a compliance requirement for financial products 4. Requirements for compliance operations of financial […]

At the Libra Hearing, what is the attitude of the regulator to the digital currency?

"Those who have been rich, who are poorer than a lifetime. Worse!" – "Wall Street" Article introduction: 1. Libra hearings are highly regarded 2. The significance of the hearing 3. Implications for investors 1. Libra hearings are highly regarded On Tuesday, David Marcus, head of Facebook's digital currency project Libra, accepted the Senate's first question […]

China's central bank plans to develop its own digital currency to cope with the impact of Libra

   According to the South China Morning Post reported on July 8, the Chinese central bank is developing its own digital currency to deal with Facebook's Libra, which may pose risks to China's financial system. Wang Xin, director of the People's Bank of China Research Institute, believes that “if Libra is widely used for payment, […]

"Libra coin" is difficult to become a legal digital currency

Recently, social networking giant Facebook (Facebook) released its virtual currency "Libra" project white paper, which has received global attention. At the Dalian Summer Davos Forum held not long ago, “Libra Coin” also sparked heated discussions. Although Libra Coin has some distinctive features, it is not a legal digital currency and it is difficult to become […]