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The first in Beijing! The Blockchain Application Platform of Xicheng District Opens the Information Barriers of Multiple Departments, Citizens "Brush Faces" Can Do Things

Source: Beijing Daily Editor's Note: The original title was "Xicheng District Blockchain Application Platform Opens Multiple Departments' Information Barriers for the First Time in the City!" Citizens can do things by "brushing their faces" The newspaper (reporter Wang Haiyan) can do things without having to show his ID card. Yesterday, the Xicheng District Blockchain Application […]

"Blockchain +" Practice of Shandong University: "Digital Safe" Eliminates Complexity and Simplifies Government Affairs System

Source: Volkswagen Daily , the original title "First try first, see the" Blockchain + "Shanda Practice", with cuts Correspondent Wang Yuan Correspondent Wan Guangyuan Che Huiqing Our province is actively using blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technologies, and accelerating the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. At present, the […]

Blockchain has been shortlisted in 22 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities. This year's government report. Industry opportunities?

Author: Xing mouth   Source: Finance Institute 1   As the two local conferences come to an end, the government work report will become an important guide for local deployment. As a representative of the new generation of information technology, blockchain has become a high-frequency vocabulary for the government work report of 2020. Most provinces, […]

Anniversary of the planning of the Greater Bay Area: Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau have become a treasure trove of blockchain development

Text 丨 Interlink Pulse · Golden Walk [Interlink Pulse Press] On February 18 last year, the "Outline of Development Planning for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area" (hereinafter referred to as the "Planning Outline") was officially released, just one year ago. During this year, the development results of the Greater Bay Area blockchain have begun […]

Rational understanding and perceptual practice of blockchain: How to correctly understand blockchain and choose the correct technological development route?

Author: Li Bin (Micro Focus Bank Financial Technology Principal Investigator) Source: FinTech Micro Insights Editor's Note: The original title was "The Rational Knowledge and Sensitive Practice of Blockchain" There are two leaping processes in cognition. Only through perceptual practice can we have rational knowledge, and with rational knowledge we can guide perceptual practice. –Karl Marx […]

From 1 to 21, an article captures the role of blockchain in government reports

Text: Wang Zelong   Production: PANews The government work report is an important window for insight into the government's work trajectory and trends. The provincial and municipal two associations of the country have ended a year ago. PANews took stock of the relevant content of the blockchain in the 2020 government work report of 31 […]

People's Daily February 4th article: Blockchain technology can improve government governance

Author: JiangMingAn Source: People's Daily Editor's Note: The original title was "People's Daily: Promoting the Application of Blockchain and Other Technologies to Improve the National Administrative System" Introduction: The modernization of national governance system and governance capacity inevitably requires the modernization of government governance system and governance capacity. The modernization of government governance system and […]

The data of 53 municipal departments in Beijing was launched on the “Directory Blockchain”, and the online data sharing process started simultaneously

Source: Beijing News Reporter: Zhang Lu   The Beijing Economic and Information Bureau held today (January 20) the 2020 Economic and Informatization Working Conference. The reporter learned from the conference that Beijing has built a directory blockchain system, and 53 municipal departments have basically completed "on-chain". This year, Beijing will rely on the directory blockchain […]

Research on the Application Direction of Blockchain in Digital Government Affairs: Opportunities and Challenges

Source: People's Post and Telegraph Editor's Note: The original title was "Research on the Application Direction of Blockchain in Digital Government Affairs" Digital China is a comprehensive system consisting of the "Trinity" of the digital economy, digital government, and digital society. Among them, digital government is the top priority and will ignite the core engine […]

+ Government | Government is doing these things with blockchain

Text: Huang Xueyi Produced by: Odaily Planet Daily Recently, many governments have successively introduced favorable policies, provided supporting infrastructure, and laid out industrial blockchains. While empowering other industries, government departments are also becoming "customers" of the blockchain, such as applying the blockchain to government affairs systems. As early as July 2017, Beijing issued the "Implementation […]