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Observation | How have Chinese insurance technology giants used blockchain to transform?

Source of this article: BCG Boston Consulting , original title "Working with Blockchain, Insurance Technology Enterprises Leading Industry Technology Innovation", with deletions Author: He Dayong, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Managing Director, Global Partner, BCG special financial institution head of China Xu Muwen is a senior business architect at BCG Digital Ventures. Despite the general public's […]

Smart contracts eliminate information asymmetry, build trust, and upend traditional insurance models

The global insurance industry is worth trillions of dollars, and the need for companies and individuals to manage their own risks is driving its continuous development. Insurance customers do not need to bear the risks themselves, but pass on the risks to the insurance company through insurance products. Insurance costs account for nearly 10% of […]

British insurance giant Lloyd's to provide insurance services for cryptocurrency holders

A consortium of LLOYD'S, a 334-year-old insurance market, is preparing to enter the cryptocurrency space by providing cryptocurrency insurance services. Lloyd's Insurance Company will cover cryptocurrency holders for losses caused by hacking Although trade talks between the UK and the EU have begun today, most financial institutions operating in the UK are concerned about the […]

DeFi guardian: DeFi insurance agreement

Source: Odaily Planet Daily (ID: o-daily) Author: king The bZx protocol was hacked in the currency circle, causing a crisis of trust in the DeFi ecosystem. Pessimists see it as a "DeFi death knell", while optimists believe that this is just a pain in the growth of DeFi. In the long run, the risk control […]

CFTC Technical Advisory Committee Holds Public Meeting to Discuss Stablecoin

Author: Xiu MU Source: Tweet The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) technical advisory committee held a public meeting on Wednesday to discuss stablecoins, cryptocurrency insurance, regulation and cybersecurity. According to Cointelegraph, JPM Coin, MakerDAO and Paxo three stablecoin projects participated in the meeting, and participants discussed all aspects of stablecoin. Paxos CEO Charles […]

In 2020, the blockchain will scale from trials to large-scale applications in insurance, trade, notarization and other industry scenarios.

Source: Economic Observation Network Reporter: Wang Han On January 20, the reporter learned from the China Pacific Insurance Office that in terms of insurance blockchain technology, the company completed its investment in the global blockchain insurance alliance B3i in June 2019. Its main shareholders include CPIC, Allianz, Ansheng , Munich Re, Swiss Re, France Re, […]

Gemini Exchange sets up insurance company to provide $ 200 million in insurance for custody services

The Winklevoss brothers' Gemini exchange has set up an insurance company to prepare up to $ 200 million in insurance for Gemini Custody. According to reports, this is the largest amount of all cryptocurrency custody services in the world. Source: Pixabay Gemini's head of risk Hussain shared the news with Cointelegraph on January 16. The […]

Viewpoints | Difficult to Buy Insurance? Buying insurance in the blockchain era will be as easy as taxiing in the internet era

Editor's note: The original title was "Buying Insurance in the Blockchain Era is as Easy as Taking a Taxi in the Internet Era" In my impression, if there is no explanation from the salesperson, buying insurance will be confused by a large pile of contract documents; and the insurance company's underwriting work is long and […]

Shanghai Stock Exchange initiated the formulation of industry blockchain application technology standards to promote the application of multiple blockchain business scenarios

Editor's Note: The original title was "The Official Launch of the Development of Blockchain Application Technology Standards for the Insurance Industry" Source: Shanghai Securities Journal Shanghai Securities News (Reporter Huang Lei) On December 27, "the launch of the insurance industry's blockchain application technology standard establishment work and the blockchain insurance application white paper release ceremony" […]

"Blockchain + insurance" is not without disadvantages, two major problems to be solved

Source: Medium Translation: First Class (First.VIP)   Distributed ledger technology is touted as "disrupting" the insurance industry. Its externally connected, automated digital protocols are highly secure, saving billions of dollars in costs and other overhead for the insurance industry, and preventing fraud. However, in addition to the main issues such as connectivity and scalability with […]