EOS account breaks 800,000 bitcoin combined with EOS cheaper and programmable weekly report


EOS this week's hot list

(According to active users of the week)

NO.1 Endless Game Active User: 39265

The whole network dividends the highest dice game

NO.2 EOSABC Active User: 28216

Game platform

NO.3 BingoBet active users: 24756

American Roulette Game


EOS this year's traffic list

(According to the total amount of transactions in a week)

NO.1 Poker EOS

Number of transactions per week: 404740

One-week transaction amount: 5709199

NO.2 Zion.games

Number of transactions per week: 979643

One-week transaction amount: 3963610

NO.3 EOSHash

Number of transactions per week: 191931

One-week transaction amount: 1989879


  • In the past month, EOS DApp added 83 new ones, and the number of single-day active users also reached a record high of 103,816 on March 07;

  • BetDice, which has been strong for a few months, has dropped out of the hot list and the traffic list. The list is still a spinach game that doesn't change the medicine. There are no innovations and explosion games.


DApp events this week

# BB: By combining EOS,

Can make Bitcoin scalable, cheap and programmable#

Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano wrote on Twitter that bitcoin is cheaper and faster than the most popular remittance platform. Block.one CEO Brendan Blumer replies to his tweets:

Bitcoin charges are paid to miners through bitcoin inflation to deal with transactions becoming "socialized" among token holders. This currently makes Bitcoin the most expensive option, with more than $10 per transaction. By combining EOS, Bitcoin can be made scalable, inexpensive and programmable.

# BMShared Slow Fog Analysis article on EOS fake recharge attack

And make security recommendations for the exchange#

BM shared a follow-up analysis of the EOS fake refill red alert released by the slow fog on March 13th in the telegraph group and considered that accounts involving such attacks should be blacklisted.

BM says that if he is responsible for a chain, he will blacklist all accounts that attempt to harm the interests of others. At the same time, he also responded to questions about whether the blacklist system is not a cure: first, the cost of creating an account is required, and EOS has a BFT security blacklist monitor called s changing key.

He then believed that the exchange should implement the following security measures:

1. The first recharge from the EOS account, the recharge should be allowed to stay on the platform for 3 days;

2. By default, each EOS account will permanently correspond to an exchange account;

3. EOS accounts that have changed owner permissions within one week should be noted;

4. Under normal circumstances, the scoring system can rank the probability of fraud;

5. Data driven. Retrieve the operational information on the chain and study the behavioral patterns.

# EOS main network account exceeded 800,000,

EOS DApp into a key engine#

According to DAppTotal.com data, around 8 pm on March 15th, EOS main network ushered in the 800,000th account.

Up to now, the EOS main network has a total of 458 DApps. In the past month, EOS DApp added 83 new ones. The number of single-day active users also reached a record high of 103,816 on March 07. EOS DApp has become the backbone of the rapid development of the EOS main network ecosystem.

# EOS Dapp User Ranking #

According to the RatingDapp data, the top five rankings of EOS Dapp users on March 17th:

1.Endless Game (Added 161)

2.EOSABC (40 new)

3.BingoBet (new 18)

4.hashbaby (new 1822)

5.Pra CandyBox (Added 957)

*New User means never appears in Dapp historical interaction information.

# EOS User Agreement (EUA) replaces interim constitutional proposal

Get 4 Super Nodes in favor#

On March 13th, the EOS User Agreement (EUA) submitted by EOS New York replaced the proposal of the interim constitution. It has won 4 super nodes in favor, and another 11 super nodes agree, and the proposal will be passed.

#数字币恐怖-Greed index analysis at a glance – 20190318 #

According to the analysis of MORECOIN Research Institute, the top ten currency fear greed index of the market value is as follows, the index is less than 20 as fear, the market is sluggish; more than 80 is considered greed, market enthusiasm; this index is for reference only, does not constitute any investment advice, only objective Reflect market sentiment. Under greed, market confidence is high, and it is possible to continue to push up prices; it is also possible to overdraw market confidence and lower prices.

# Mercatox exchange was attacked by hard_fail #

On March 15th, at 18:43-19:05, PeckShield's security shield wind control platform DAppShield monitored hackers to launch a continuous attack on the Mercatox exchange, profiting thousands of EOS.

A preliminary analysis by PeckShield security personnel found that hackers used a failed (hard_fail) transfer transaction to fool the exchange server. PeckShield security personnel hereby reminded that developers should conduct security testing before the contract goes online, and if necessary, seek the assistance of a third-party security company to help them complete the pre-launch attack test and basic security defense deployment.

# EOS Quiz Game LuckyGo Was Blocked by Attack #

On March 14th, between 16:25 and 16:30, PeckShield security shield wind control platform DAppShield monitored hackers to launch a continuous attack on the EOS quiz game LuckyGo, profiting hundreds of EOS.

PeckShield security personnel analysis believes that the way hackers conduct attacks is still a transaction blocking attack (CVE-2019-6199). It is reminded that developers should conduct security tests before the contract goes online, especially to eliminate the threat of known attacks. .

# PlayerOne Release Airdrop Plan #

The blockchain-based decentralized game player identity protocol PlayerOne releases the PLO token airdrop plan:

  • Snapshot time: Completed (March 12), including Chintai account

  • Airdrop time: planned March 19

  • Airdrop ratio: 1 EOS: 1 PLO

  • Airdrop target: Hold more than 100 EOS accounts, up to 40,000 PLO per account

For details, please see the article: https://bit.ly/2VVwUDc

# EOS Decentralized Stabilized Coin Project USDE

Complete test network deployment #

The USDE announced that it has completed the test network deployment, which allows users to obtain a 1:1 anchored US dollar stable currency USDE by pledgeing EOS. USDE is the first EOS-based decentralized stable currency project.

Test Network Address: https://kylin-web.pizza.live

# EOS Studio Update the first two development tutorials #

EOS Go publishes a tutorial on the use of two EOSIO integrated development environment IDEs (EOSIO graphical IDE) – EOS Studio. Skilled EOS developers can learn how to use EOS Studio to save tedious work and speed up development. EOS Studio is currently available on Mac OS and Linux.

The latest installation package is available at https://download.eosstudio.io/mac and https://download.eosstudio.io/linux.

Tutorial 1 – Setting up the environment for EOSIO development: https://www.eosgo.io/blog/eos-studio-set-up/

Tutorial 2 – EOSIO development for local nodes: https://www.eosgo.io/blog/eos-studio-local-dev/

# Last week EOS DApp new users exceed TRON #

In the latest weekly report of RatingDapp, EOS DApp has exceeded the number of new users in the past week, with a total of 39,097 new account addresses. The number of new users of EOS and ETH has increased by more than 40%, while TRON has fallen into recession, falling nearly 20%, although the number still exceeds ETH.

New user acquisitions also directly affect the number of active users per week. EOS last week had more than 130,000 active users, far exceeding TRON and ETH.

# More than $3 trillion in false trading reports#

According to EOSGO, WhaleAlert recently said on Twitter that the EOS account fuckhacker.x sent 1 trillion EOS transactions ($3.61 trillion). This news has caused a lot of turmoil in EOS, but as you have already guessed, this is a false message.

EOS New York also responded via Twitter, explaining what happened. “This is a delayed transaction. A transaction that creates a delayed transaction can only determine if the creation request has been successfully submitted or failed. Once broadcast, it will enter the normal validity check.

More information can be found in Developers.eos.io/eosio-cpp/docs/communication-model. It depends on the API you are using, but when we query the transaction, we see a hardfail state. This transaction will fail because it is obviously impossible. ”

# Bancor releases a new wallet,

ERC20 and EOS tokens can be converted by one key#

Bancor has released a new wallet, Unified Wallet, which officially unifies its EOS and ETH mobile networks.

Now, users can perform the following functions:

1. Manage over 500 ERC20 tokens and EOS tokens in an unmanaged wallet;

2. One-click conversion between ERC20 and EOS tokens, more than 9,700 token pairs;

3. Get a free EOS account, and have sufficient EOS resources (RAM, CPU & NET) to operate, directly manage resources in the wallet;

4. Access conversion on any mobile or desktop side;

5. Airdrop ERC20 tokens and EOS tokens directly to the wallet and more functions;

New users can register via SMS verification code, telegram, FB information and easily import ERC20 and EOS tokens into the wallet. Wallet URL: https://www.bancor.network/

Article link: http:t.cn/EMSDWBC

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