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Comment: IRS doesn't consider Bitcoin as a virtual currency at all

Source: Cointelegraph Chinese Author: Andrey Shevchenko Compile: Bowie The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has removed claims on its website that it uses game currencies as examples of convertible virtual currencies. This clarification is important because the new tax declaration requires taxpayers to report whether they are involved in virtual currencies. On February 13, Bloomberg Tax […]

IRS strikes again, a storm caused by BTC capital gains tax

Interpretation Today Recently, US District Court Judge John Coughenour heard a petition filed by Washington resident William Zietzke, which requested the IRS to stop collecting data on its BTC holdings from the exchange Bitstamp. This case has caused widespread discussion, because investors are more concerned about whether crypto token users have financial privacy rights and […]

Forbes: Will the US Internal Revenue Service kill cryptocurrency transactions?

On Monday, the commercial media Forbes wrote an analysis of how the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) encryption policy affects the world of cryptocurrencies. According to the article, the IRS announced in 2014 that the cryptocurrency is an asset, and after five years, it said that the cryptocurrency from the hard fork needs to pay […]

The United States updated the cryptocurrency tax guide for the first time in five years, reading how to calculate taxable income

The tax system in the field of cryptocurrency has long been a global issue, and the United States is at the forefront of this theme. On October 9, 2019, the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) updated its 2014 cryptographic currency tax guide (Revenue Ruling 2019-24 ( -24.pdf )), this guide is used to provide […]

A slide from the US Internal Revenue Service to break your vision of encryption privacy

When the father of anti-virus software, John McAfee, was carrying the tax bill issued by the IRS, he was promoting a heroic ambition to run for the US president on a small yacht in the Bahamas. Prior to this, McAfee had not reported taxes for 8 years because of the use of BTC and ETH. […]

In the upcoming US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) cryptocurrency guide, there are three things to note.

Recently, Charles P. Rettig, director of the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS), said that the agency plans to issue more cryptocurrency tax guides, the first time in more than five years. With the rapid development of encryption and blockchain ecosystems in recent years, this guide was introduced at the urging of tax professionals and consumers. […]