Unlimited printing of the Federal Reserve will increase public trust in Bitcoin

After the opening of US stocks on the evening of March 24, Beijing time, the three major indexes ushered in a surge. As of today, the Dow Jones Index has risen more than 11%, the Nasdaq has risen more than 8%, and the S & P 500 has risen more than 9%.

I wonder if everyone is happy or worried when they see this scene? Unlike some of the optimistic moods of "a long drought meets Ganlin" shown by some media, I shudder.

I shared this thought in the March 22nd article "The Darkest Moment" has not yet come, cherish every bullet:

"U.S. stocks have not experienced a decent big rally since the beginning of the plunge in this financial crisis, which is not normal in itself.

The more powerful the bear market, the more powerful a rally will be. This kind of rally will regain some investors' confidence that the disaster is over, and the market starts to reverse, so he rushes into it and rushes to the bottom. And just as investors who were "bottom-striking" waited with confidence to wait for the market to continue to rise, the market slammed their faces with a more severe tumble. "

"This is a story that must be staged in the financial crisis. However, we haven't seen this scene so far, so the real dark moments are still very early for us."

The sharp rise in the decline in U.S. stocks since February 20 can be regarded as a relatively rebound. But this rebound is not considered a strong rebound. I don't think it is necessary. The rebound in a bear market must rebound to many investors. "Well, the scars have forgotten the pain." They think that the reversal has come. Therefore, in the next few days, I would not be surprised if US stocks continue to rise or even skyrocket.

The more it rises, the more optimistic investor sentiment indicates that the "darkest moment" will start to come to us, waiting for us will be more tragic .

In yesterday's article, I quoted the famous quote left by Satoshi Nakamoto in the Bitcoin genesis block. It strongly satirizes the government's arbitrary issuance of fiat currency without any restrictions.

Out of this kind of behavior, Satoshi Nakamoto formulated a constant 21 million terms for the issuance of bitcoin, and after he left bitcoin, bitcoin still strictly followed these terms.

It is precisely because of this spirit and symbol of Bitcoin that it has received the care of countless volunteers from all over the world. In just eleven years, it has grown from a baby to a young and energetic youth; from an anonymous "electronic toy" "Into the" digital gold "of the virtual world .

Bitcoin was born after the last financial crisis in 2008. Twelve years later, we again encountered the global economic crisis in 2020 this year. We see once again that the central bank led by the Federal Reserve began to issue banknotes in an uncontrolled manner.

If the last birth of Bitcoin was a mistrust of the central bank's monetary policy, then the existence of Bitcoin now proves the shortcomings of the central bank's monetary policy.

The Fed's big water release is actually the best endorsement of Bitcoin, contrasting the historical significance of Bitcoin's existence.

Then every additional central bank joins the ranks of water release, it will have more trust in bitcoin, more people's understanding and cognition of bitcoin, and it will inject an additional bitcoin fuel .

There is a certain delay from the issuance and circulation of the currency to its effect. At present, due to the impact of the epidemic, people's lives are greatly restricted, and the speed and channels of currency circulation are also greatly restricted. Therefore, in this case, the effect of currency injection will be more delayed. Will further stimulate the Fed's desperate injection of water, hoping to see "effects" soon.

And when the expected "effects" really start to show, I am afraid that the situation is out of control, and all investment products will most likely rise to a price we can't imagine now.

After the last crisis, Bitcoin has grown from "a penny" to "digital gold"; after this crisis, Bitcoin will only become stronger and stronger. (Author Lao Dao, Dao said the blockchain)

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