Articles of Mine Pool

Why did the mining pool business become the "sweet bun" of the exchange?

The three major domestic institutes are all involved in the mining pool business. As an exchange, how to use its own advantages and how it will be deployed in the future. Mine pools that made a lot of money this year are getting attention this year because of production cuts and Binance's march. On April […]

In just one year, the founder of the coin printing moved the cheese of the old club

On the afternoon of September 16, the real-time computing power of the BTC currency in the coin-printing pool rose to the top of the global mining pool in the miningpoolstats website, with a computing power of 13.38E. fell to second with 13.33E and F2Pool ranked third with 12.74E. This is the first time in […]

PoS replaces the PoW tide, but some domestic mine pools have heard the sound of boycott

The launch of the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade has driven the trend of the public-chain consensus mechanism from PoW to PoS. Whether this trend is a development trend has not yet been determined, but the industry has already had a boycott. A few days ago, at a developer conference held in Beijing, the heads of the […]

The trillion business of the PoS mine pool

This is a business with a total market capitalization of nearly one trillion yuan. Wanxiang, Firecoin, Coinbase, etc. have long been known. In 2019, a business model based on the PoS mining mechanism, Staking Economy, is considered to be a commercial area in the blockchain industry. The current 80 PoS or PoS-like projects have a […]

Standing on the shovel of Staking, who is the new Bit Continental?

A quarter of the past 2019 has been passed. If there is anything big enough to affect the development of the industry during this period, the Ethereum consensus mechanism will gradually shift from PoW to PoS or can be selected. Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency market value, “turned around” directly expanded the market for PoS, and […]