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Observation | Is the open source of the blockchain the biggest flaw in the business model or the strongest defense?

Encrypted networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have become a platform based on community ownership and operation. People use tools to distribute economic value through the network and build network effects. Foreword: Open source (Open Source) is a concept proposed on February 3, 1998. It is open source code and software that can be freely […]

Analysis | 7 Open Source Ideas: What Does Open Source Really Rely On to Make You Big Success?

Author: wei_sir Source: Weiyue Renhua Editor's Note: The original title was "7 Ideas of Open Source" Software is slowly engulfing the world, and open source is slowly engulfing the software industry. Software is eating the world? Yes, for the age when software is needed for shopping, eating, fitness, and parking, and for the age when […]

2019 China Blockchain Underlying Technology Platform Development Report: Nearly 50% of platforms have a total throughput of more than 10,000, and the trend of open source is becoming more apparent

Editor's Note: The original title was: "2019 China Blockchain Underlying Technology Platform Development Report" was first issued by the Interchain Pulse and the 5th Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. On December 14, 2019, at the 2019 IN-CHAIN ​​Global Blockchain Summit, under the guidance of the Fifth Institute of Electronics of the Ministry of Industry […]

Babbitt column 丨 Patent or open source, how to choose a blockchain project?

1. Popular patents and "useless" patents In the traditional industry, if a company applies for a patent, it is a very good thing, especially for a specific enterprise in a specific industry, such as an industrial manufacturing enterprise. If it is an invention patent, it is even better. Many companies, after having their own patents, […]

From the hacker culture to see the self-organization and success of the blockchain open source community

Written by: Li Painting Original author: Eric Steven Raymond Source: Chain smell In the blockchain world, open source more often means that code can be accessed publicly, and open source brings "trust"; at a deeper level, open source refers to a way of software development that wants to bring It is "freedom" and "efficiency." Open […]

Babbitt Column | Analysis of the Open Source Economy of Blockchain

Blockchain has many characteristics. In addition to decentralization, there is one more feature that is said to be open source. Some people even say that the development of blockchain also represents the rise of the open source economy. The open source economy is not a difficult word to understand, but if you think carefully, there […]