TokenStore's progress in defending the rights: victims everywhere reported the case, and the exchange freezes the "running" funds

Following the June 10th, when Babbitt reported that TokenStore was suspected of running , the incident has made new progress.

Third-party security company involvement investigation

This morning, blockchain security company PeckShield monitored that some of TokenStore's assets (27,384 EOS) began to flow into exchanges such as Firecoin and ZB.

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This means that the suspect is trying to cash in on these assets.

After seeing the news, the investors who participated in the TokenStore quickly contacted the customer service of the exchanges such as the Fire Coin to request to freeze the assets.

Babbitt also contacted the relevant personnel of the two exchanges in the first time and asked about the situation.

Exchanges freeze "running" funds

Li Lin, the founder of the fire coin, told Babbitt that some of the inflows have been frozen. At the same time, the fire currency public relations personnel said that the fire currency had analyzed the suspicious account in the first time and took measures. At present, suspicious accounts and other functions have been restricted, and subsequent fire coins will confirm the relevant users and their asset sources according to standard procedures.

In addition, the fire currency also handled other suspicious accounts other than the report. Currently, functions such as coin withdrawal for suspicious accounts have been restricted.

Babbitt contacted Aurora, vice president of ZB Exchange. The other party said that ZB had already handled the matter urgently and frozen two accounts. When Babbitt asked about the amount of funds frozen, the other party said that TokenStore is a user registered on the ZB Exchange for 18 years, and the specific funds are not convenient to disclose. If you want to know more, you need to investigate the evidence collection letter, the other party can help provide more information.

Victims in all parts of the country continue to defend their rights

Beginning this morning, defenders across the country have already taken action. According to incomplete statistics, defenders in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shandong, and Huai'an have reported to the local public security bureau and police station. Picture 2

Shenzhen is the hardest hit area. Mr. Gao came to a police station in Longgang District to report the case with more than 20 victims this afternoon. At the beginning, the police were unwilling to accept the information on the identity and address of the criminals reflected by the victim. Later, some of the investors described in detail the location of the deception in Longgang District, which was accepted by the police station.

Mr. Gao told Babbitt that the loss of these 20 people was around 5 million.

"We vaguely feel that the police are not very clear about how we are deceived, and there are certain obstacles to our communication."

Another victim of Tongzhou, Beijing, went to the local police station this morning and made a two-hour transcript. The police reported the situation in front of the victim's hands-free and higher-level economic investigation.

According to him, the local police are very responsible.

"He didn't understand the situation that we reflected at first. Later, I learned a little bit. I made a detailed transcript. I signed it. He also reported it to the Detective and then to the Interpol."

According to the latest situation that Babbitt knows from the reporters, investors from all over the country have basically reported through the voluntary organization at the local police station or the Public Security Bureau. However, the police have not explicitly stated that they will file a case. For this reason, the police in some areas gave reasons. Yes: Shenzhen first filed a case and initiated a joint investigation before going to the local case.

As a result, some investors began to discuss the joint report from Shenzhen to Shenzhen, because the project registration site of this incident is in Shenzhen.

ID cards, money-trafficking records, money-changing records, and wallet-screening upgrade screenshots have become strong evidence for filing a case as soon as possible. However, things are not that simple, one victim said:

"This matter is quite tricky to deal with. There is no door to basic complaints. The Public Security Bureau is also very difficult to file a case. There are many cases like this. Because of the different illegal fundraising and financial fraud, friends who are familiar with the currency circle know that compared to ico's leeks, Are you cut back too little? Everyone buys virtual currency assets through the exchange and then deposits them into TokenStore, and they don't directly pay the project side. And now the more useful information is locked in the wallet."

When everyone fell into despair, good news came from Shenzhen:

"Shenzhen Public Security Bureau has accepted our case. We will continue to have someone tomorrow, continue to report the case, and everyone is waiting for me."

At present, the project side has not yet appeared. Babbitt will continue to pay attention to the progress of this matter.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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