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Technical Guide | How does Poka's NPoS mechanism work?

Source of this article: PolkaWorld Author: Alfonso Cevallos The Polkadot blockchain will implement a Proof of Stake Nomination ( NPoS) mechanism, which is a relatively new scheme for selecting verification nodes participating in the consensus protocol. In this article, we will give an introduction to NPoS and a review of Web3 Foundation research. We also […]

Research Report | The full-featured Polkadot mainnet is expected to be online in June, with a DOT target price of $ 135

Written by HASH CIB Source: Chain News   Cryptocurrency investment agency HASH CIB released an in-depth research report on Polkadot. It is expected that the full-featured Polkadot mainnet will not go online before the end of June 2020, and cross-chain communication functions will not be launched quickly. The institution has been closely tracking the development […]

Gavin Wood on Kusama: What is the difference between Kusama and Boca Mainnet and how will it develop?

Source: PolkaWorld Editor's Note: The original title was "Gas Kusama Questions and Answers" Q1: Gavin, can you briefly introduce your background to the community, and what led you to establish / found Poca? Gavin: Sure, my background is a programmer and game enthusiast. I started programming when I was 8 years old, designing / writing […]

Gavin Wood: Polkadot's 2019 Annual Review (full text)

Article Source: Password Geek Editing / Jiang Peng This article is GavinWood's annual review of Polkadot, current progress and plans for the next 12 months. introduction Since the end of last year, I have compiled some statistical data, and continued this trend to organize this year's report. Overall, the Polkadot ecosystem project including Substrate, Grandpa, […]

Technical Interpretation | Full Analysis of Polkadot Cross-chain Solution

Anatomy of Polkadot cross-chain solution With the development of web3.0, blockchain technology has also entered the next stage. In order to break the barriers between the various blockchains and better expand the boundaries of the blockchain, cross-chain technology has attracted everyone's attention and has developed well. PolkaDot is one of the much-anticipated cross-chain solutions, currently […]

Technical Guide | A Brief Study of Cross-chain Communication

1 Abstract Cross-chain technology is essentially a technology that securely and reliably transfers data D (or information I, or message M) on the A chain to the B chain and produces the expected effect on the B chain . Because the blockchain system is originally a special distributed ledger database system, the most common data […]

These five will soon be airborne TOP50 valuation "big chunks", is the scorpion is a horse? Pull out

Original: Five fireball masters "Teacher, World of Warcraft wants to open a nostalgic service! Do you know?" The soldiers rushed to find me. "Know, I miss the age of 45, which can only be upgraded a few times a day…" I fell into the first batch of beta players more than 10 years ago, and […]

Bitcoin is a big one, cross-chain is a pseudo-demand?

The Internet allows us to achieve free access and transmission of information. However, for the blockchain world, the data is isolated from the respective chains, and therefore, we call them the island of value. Existing networks (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum) are trying to solve a unique set of requirements, such as Bitcoin as a […]

Cosmos and Polkadot: Interoperability of blockchains

Foreword: A cross-chain network is essentially an extended solution, just like Ethereum and Harmony's shards, to achieve greater transaction throughput. In the cross-chain field, both Cosmos and Polkadot have a lot of community attention. So what are the similarities and differences between the two? This article is easy to read and suitable for beginners to […]

Polkadot project party successfully sold 500,000 DOT tokens with a valuation of US$1.2 billion

Polkadot (Poca), the much-watched cross-chain agreement project, sold 500,000 tokens in the latest round of token sales, although the foundation did not specifically disclose how much it raised, but it is said to be The round of project valuations is in line with the $1.2 billion reported by The Wall Street Journal earlier this year. […]