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The value of hedging is second only to MakerDao's Defi project Synthetix. What support is behind?

Author: Pakistan leek special Editor's note: The original title was "SNX, which has increased more than 30 times this year. What support is behind it?" 》 SNX's domestic attention is not high, however, SNX has increased more than 30 times this year, and its market value has rushed to about 30. Synthetix's hedging value also […]

Venezuela will start airdropping petroleum coins this week, earning $ 30 per person

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced on a national TV broadcast yesterday that his government is ready to issue 0.5 petrol coins (approximately $ 30 worth, or five times the monthly minimum wage) as a one-time relief payment, mainly for all retirees , Pensioners, public sector workers, military personnel and qualified citizens of other countries. There […]

Introduction to Blockchain | Unknown Secrets in "Blockchain Village" …

Author: Fang Jun Source: Big coffee lead reading Suppose there is a village called "Chain Village", a village on the blockchain. In a village, there is naturally some money between households, so it is necessary to keep accounts. Let's discuss: First, the process from centralized accounting to distributed accounting. Second, who is responsible for bookkeeping? […]

Fidelity: Bitcoin is becoming an entry-level product for institutional investors, and Ethereum support may be added next year

Recently, on The Scoop Live podcast, host Frank Chaparro interviewed Tom Jessop, president of Fidelity Digital Assets, to discuss custody services in the current market, institutional investors' involvement in the bitcoin field, and Ethereum. Support, and the application of blockchain technology in traditional asset tokenization. Jessop said that Fidelity currently chooses more market makers than […]

More than escrow services, Fidelity may log on to the exchange in January next year to start trading business

According to Ambcrypto's report on December 15, in the latest issue of The Scoop live podcast, Frank Chaparro of blockchain news media The Block interviewed Tom Jessop, president of Fidelity Digital Assets. (From: Pixabay ) In the interview, Jessop said that hosting meets people's needs for security and stability, which is the basic requirement of […]

Free and easy week review 丨 Facebook studies how to prevent PoS protocol long-range attacks, Filecoin officially launches testnet

Introduction: This week's academic topic section, we will share two research papers related to the security topic of the PoS consensus mechanism. One is about the selfish attack of Tezos, and the other is the Facebook Calibra team's attack on the long-range PoS protocol the study. In the weekly selection of hard-core technical articles, we […]

The market is cloudy and uncertain, take stock of major events in the blockchain industry in 2019

Original: Five Fireball Leaders In a flash, 2019 is coming to an end. This also means that the first decade of the blockchain has been officially completed. This year, there have been too many major events worth writing into the chronicle of the blockchain. If you are new to blockchain, I hope this article can […]

Comments | The "bottom logic" of the 2020 blockchain industry has changed

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, many media and analysts have begun to make a forward-looking analysis of the evolution of the blockchain market in the new year. I am very pleased to see that in these trend outlooks, there have been arguments such as "outbreak of application on […]

China Business Daily: Blockchain Application Breaks First, Supply Chain Finance Focuses on Alliance Chain

Source of the article: Original title of China Business Daily: "Blockchain application breaks the supply chain, the main chain of supply chain finance is the main alliance chain" Under the technological dividend and digital wave, blockchain is not only a base strategy for third-party technology companies, but also an industry's and funders' desire to find […]

Professor Qian Goodbye, Nanjing Normal University: The Practical Application of Blockchain in National Governance and Public Affairs

Blockchain technology is increasingly valued and considered as a potential governance tool due to its openness, transparency, security, autonomy, and decentralization. On October 24, 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized during the eighteenth collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee that "the blockchain should be used as an important breakthrough in […]