26 industrial parks, 30 billion funds, the most comprehensive summary of blockchain policies across the country

Author: Even Weimin

Source: Daily Link News

On October 24th, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the eighteenth collective study on the current status and trends of the development of blockchain technology, and the blockchain has also become a new “window” for policy. Immediately after that, governments in various places also issued a series of policies, hoping to seize the opportunity and find development in this wave of blockchain development.

In this regard, "Tiantian Chain News" summarized the blockchain industry support policies, industrial parks and industrial funds in various regions.

According to incomplete statistics, as of December 16, there were a total of 26 industrial parks built or participated by domestic governments in China, of which Guangzhou and Hangzhou had the largest number of industrial parks, with 6 and 4 respectively; 9 were established Blockchain Industry Fund, with a total capital size of about 30 billion yuan, of which Nanjing and Hangzhou have the largest funds, both at 10 billion yuan.

From the perspective of policy support, Guangzhou ’s “Chain Ten” version 2.0 and Hainan ’s “Chain Six” led the country, giving blockchain industry parks and enterprises great efforts in terms of talent, technology, capital, infrastructure, and scene applications. Policy support. In addition, Xiamen, Chengdu and other local governments also introduced blockchain-related funding support and subsidy policies after the "10.24 Speech."

The details of the blockchain policies, industrial parks and industrial funds in each region are as follows:

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