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Jianan Yunzhi Research Report: The stock price is moderately underestimated, but the increase in the next year is limited

In the future, there may be a slight decline and a high correlation with the price of BTC to sum up Although Jianan Yunzhi reported lower-than-expected growth in the first three quarters of 2019, the growth rate of the entire industry was also declining due to the Bitcoin bear market. However, the company's free cash […]

Research Report | Case Study of 2020 Global Technology Company Blockchain Layout

Source of this article: Author: think tank billion euros Report release date: January 2020

Digital Securities Research Report 2019: What is preventing it from becoming mainstream? What to expect in 2020?

2019 is a year of booming digital securities (STO), which is different from the sloppy ICO model before. Digital securities have been injected with the genes of compliance since the day of their birth. Global governments, financial institutions, and investment funds have been embracing this innovative finance. Most of the models are open-minded, and some […]

IResearch releases blockchain research report, "differentiated finance" will become the trend of blockchain financial business collaboration platform

Recently, iResearch released "Earth Archaeology-2019 China Blockchain Financial Industry Research Report". The report analyzes the blockchain financial market participants, industry structure, financial institutions' technical investment, supervision and policies, and insights into the industry's future development trends. Through a large number of corporate research and expert interviews, the blockchain has been studied in depth in supply […]

2019 China Blockchain Underlying Technology Platform Development Report: 78% of the originality of the architecture, landing applications focus on three major areas

Article 丨 Interlink Pulse Academy Reprinted without authorization! On December 14th, at the 2019 IN-CHAIN ​​Global Blockchain Summit, under the guidance of the Fifth Institute of Electronics of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the “ 2019 China Blockchain Underlying Technology Platform Development Report '' (under the "Report"). This report comprehensively evaluates the 28 […]

Intensive Reading | "2019 China Blockchain Industry Development Report": a comprehensive review of the current status and trends of the development of industry, university and research

Editor's Note: The original title was "Comprehensive sorting of industry-university-research, PANews jointly released the" 2019 China Blockchain Industry Development Report "" Blockchain, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, 5G, big data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things … Since the beginning of the 21st century, global scientific and technological innovation has entered an unprecedented period of intensive […]

China Blockchain Investment and Financing Census Report: The financing amount is only a quarter of that in the United States, and the most popular in digital asset related fields

Source: 01 Blockchain Author: Zhao Yue Zero One think tank   ▪ In the past year, capital investment in China's blockchain industry has become more rational. The number of financing events decreased by 50% year-on-year, and the financing amount fell by 75% year-on-year; the average single financing amount did not change much, and remained above […]

Gartner: Blockchain will achieve globalization and scale in 2027

In the severe global economic situation, blockchain has become a hot air outlet in the past two years. Blockchain technology and the socio-economic value industry behind it have gradually attracted more and more attention. The capital market's enthusiasm for blockchain has never stopped, whether it is the birth of "the first share of the global […]

Ren Zeping: Bitcoin Research Report

Source of this article: Zeping Macro Text: Evergrande Institute Ren Zeping Ganyuan Shi Lingling Intern Li Xinyi also contributed to this article Guide The October 24 meeting emphasized that the integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in new technological innovations and industrial changes. It is necessary to use the blockchain as an […]

Report Extract | CICC Research: Blockchain has entered the 3.0 era

On October 22, CICC released a securities research report on the topic of blockchain research: the encryption asset supervision policy became clear and the technology development entered the 3.0 era. CICC is a well-known equity investment bank in China. This time, CICC released a research report on the blockchain industry, saying that it has entered […]