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Defective Lightning Network? This research paper says so

Editor's Note: The original title was "Research Papers Find Defects in Lightning Network" On November 21, researchers from Hungary and the Institute of Computer Science and Control released a rigorous inspection of the Lightning Network, a protocol designed to fix BTC's scalability issues. Researchers' simulation results show that the Lightning Network is "economically unreasonable for […]

In Africa, I see the future of digital assets

In this era, there is no shortage of courageous entrepreneurs. When the blockchain comes with the storm, they are like a banner and stand alone in this great storm. Jin Huayue is one of these many blockchain entrepreneurs. Jin Huayue is the founder, serial entrepreneur and angel investor of the cross-chain wallet Theia. He has […]

Interview with Babbitt 丨 Yu Yangmo, Chairman of RockTree: The application of non-currency blockchain to be verified by the market; Libra will be difficult to go online next year

In the 1990s, Zhongguancun, as China's innovation and entrepreneurship base and "China's Silicon Valley," after "reconstruction" by the earliest batch of Internet entrepreneurs in the 1980s, even though it was still "overwhelming", even the roads were "fluttering in mud." , But it is also “prosperous,” more and more foreign investors are looking at China ’s […]

China Blockchain Investment and Financing Census Report: The financing amount is only a quarter of that in the United States, and the most popular in digital asset related fields

Source: 01 Blockchain Author: Zhao Yue Zero One think tank   ▪ In the past year, capital investment in China's blockchain industry has become more rational. The number of financing events decreased by 50% year-on-year, and the financing amount fell by 75% year-on-year; the average single financing amount did not change much, and remained above […]

Blockchain landing application inventory: five major areas of application tell you "what can the blockchain do"

Source: Deep Chain Finance, the original title "Blockchain landing, what achievements have you made? 》 Author 丨 Fuji Editor Operation 丨 One Hundred Little Stones   What can a blockchain do? When the blockchain is spread to the general public through the central and local media, the biggest problems faced may be the above. Jerky […]

Regulatory review: China reorganizes, US expands regulation, India delays decision has started to regularly aggregate cryptocurrency regulatory developments around the world. In the first issue, we covered the decisions of the six major U.S. regulators and India on the Supreme Court hearings and crypto bills, we will also introduce China's reorganization action and Singapore's proposal for derivatives transactions, and how the tax authorities applied […]

"Development Map of China's Blockchain Industrial Park" Released: Insight into the Development of the Park in Five Dimensions

Editor's note: This article first appeared on WeChat public account zinc link (ID: xinlianjie-), plan: Chen Haining Wang Qiao Drawing: Mo Rongchen He Yitao The industrial park is the circle of industrial friends. Blockchain has become one of the core supporting technologies to improve the operation capability of the digital economy in China. In the […]

Will Upbit's $ 50 million loss bring Defi's "prosperity"?

The South Korean exchange was stolen again. Following the theft of a South Korean exchange at the beginning of the year, another major South Korean exchange was "shot" again. According to the announcement just released by Upbit, it lost nearly $ 50 million. At noon today, Whale Alert, an account that monitors large transfers on […]

BTC rebound gradually stabilized, weekly level callback is nearing completion

Author | Hash Pie Analytics Team

Dialogue Lang Xianping: Why did the People's Bank of China propose fiat digital currencies at this time?

Text: Maung Wolf   Source: Finance Langyan Daily   Editor's note: The original title was "Lang Xianping & Huang Sheng: Why did the People's Bank of China propose fiat digital currency at this time? 》   Wang Mudi: Life is economical everywhere, and Lang's eyes seem unusual. Professor Lang, Huang Sheng, why did the central […]