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The Evolution of Ethereum Tokens: The Rise of Stabilizing Coins and ERC-721

In 2015, Ethereum pioneered a new era of blockchain: the token (token) era. Broadly speaking, "token" represents a utility or an asset that is usually issued on an existing blockchain. In contrast, “coin” is a cryptographic asset that is a native asset of a blockchain, primarily used as a currency ("coin" and "token" are sometimes […]

The combination of stable currency and DeFi will create the next big event, said former Jetcoin Core developer Jeff Garzik.

Stabilizing coins and the Layer 1 era Former Bitcoin core code contributor Jeff Garzik said stable currency is pushing DeFi to the next stage . “In terms of products, we are in an iterative state,” he said earlier this year at the Consensus 2019 conference in New York, where he was the chief architect of […]

IMF's point of view: "Synthesis of central bank digital currency" will be the future central bank currency?

The synthesis of central bank digital currency (sCBDC) is actually a “public-private partnership” model. The central bank will focus on its core functions: providing trust and efficiency. As a stable currency provider, private companies will be handled under appropriate supervision and supervision. Do other work and do everything possible to implement innovation and interact with […]

The opponent is also a friend? Seeing the competition and cooperation between stable currency and commercial banks from the IMF report

Lead The article "The Raise of Digital Money" was published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in July 2019. Later, the author published a blog in September 2019 /article/rise-digital-currency, which supplements this article and corrects some bugs. One of the mistakes is to list the electronic money in Alipay as a digital currency. At […]

Encrypted synthetic assets DIY era is coming, UMA brings DeFi new explosion point?

Synthetic asset A financial instrument that simulates other tools. UGA, a decentralized financial contract platform focused on cryptographic composite assets, today announced its withdrawal from the Synthetic Token Builder. Users can create their own tokens to track any price (Standard & Poor's 500 Index, Gold Price, French Dollar Price, the number of Twitter/IG fans owned […]

It’s better to chase the wind than to create the wind – to pay tribute to the participants in the Ant Blockchain Innovation Competition

We are talking about swords in the West Lake. What whimsical What is strange? Those unscrupulous ideals Those young Weiguang You let the dreaming child go to the center of the stage Let millions of entrepreneurs pursue the light in their hearts – Excerpt from the 20th anniversary of Alibaba "To pay tribute to Hangzhou" […]

Babbitt Column | Cai Kailong: Is Bitcoin a safe haven asset?

The Sino-US trade war, the British Brexit, the Iranian nuclear issue, the trade friction between Japan and South Korea, and the turmoil in Hong Kong, together with the potential risk of the United States, make 2019 a destined year for a black swan. The turmoil in the international situation will inevitably affect the development of […]

Babbitt column | "Privacy-transparency" binary paradox is broken, blockchain positioning faces crossroads

In the past two days, the topic of blockchain and digital security circulation has suddenly set off a wave of discussion climax in the long-settled industry. There are discussions on data supervision and discussion of technical feasibility… Bustling is very lively, overall It is said that more and more people are beginning to distrust the […]

EOS daily support appears, but it also needs to pay attention to the market dynamics

Author | Hash sent analysis team

HKEx's merger and acquisition of the Stock Exchange clearly entered the digital asset trading, impacting the existing pattern

On September 11, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) announced that it had proposed to the board of directors of the London Stock Exchange Group plc (hereinafter referred to as the Stock Exchange) to merge the two companies. On the same day, the London Exchange responded at around 18:00, “The Board will consider the […]