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Asia has set off a boom in virtual banking, and native banks have broken the cocoon in the digital currency era

Text: Interchain Pulse · King Go On March 31, Xiaomi and Starbucks, a Hong Kong virtual bank owned by AMTD Wealth, officially opened trial business. Starbank is the second Hong Kong virtual bank to open trial business after Zhongan Bank. If nothing else, six more virtual banks will be launched gradually. Not only Hong Kong, […]

Hong Kong opens first virtual bank trial operation, expected to open in first half of next year

Virtual banking is really coming! Yesterday, Ruan Guoheng, vice president of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (hereinafter referred to as the "Hong Kong Monetary Authority") stated that after the efforts of all parties, the first virtual bank will conduct a trial operation in the Hong Kong Monetary Authority's financial technology supervision sandbox from that day. […]

Hong Kong Monetary Authority: Eight virtual banking licenses have been issued, Hong Kong's first virtual bank is expected to open for trial by the end of the year

Author: Reporter Luo Shu Yi in Beijing Source: Economic Reference Recently, Yu Weiwen, the new president of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (hereinafter referred to as the "Hong Kong Monetary Authority") said in an interview with reporters that the Hong Kong Monetary Authority has issued eight virtual banking licenses, and Hong Kong's first virtual bank […]

How much is the blockchain virtual bank?

-1- On October 24th, since the policy of supporting the development of the blockchain was clear, the regular army that had been lingering in the blockchain officially announced and entered the blockchain industry. On November 8th, the second world blockchain conference was held in Wuzhen today. Cai Weige, general manager of the blockchain business of […]

Policy Interpretation | Seven key messages about Singapore's virtual banking license

The Singapore government officially announced the launch of a virtual banking license, mainly serving small market segments such as small and medium-sized enterprises that are neglected by traditional financial services. The so-called virtual banking/digital banking refers to emerging financial institutions that do not conduct banking operations through physical branch locations. This model can cover more […]

Many startups are paying close attention to what kind of model will Singapore's virtual banking licenses adopt?

Although MAS has not yet made a final decision on whether to introduce a virtual banking license mechanism, in addition to Grab, there are also many companies that are closely watching the relevant progress of the incident. In early May 2019, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (hereinafter referred to as MAS) issued a statement saying […]