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Dr. Xiao Feng first authored in 2020: Blockchain and Global Public Affairs Governance

This Chinese New Year holiday, we are all experiencing the impact of a global public health event. I would like to believe that all the relevant participants, I must be trying to bring the event to the best end. Of course, we have all seen that this public health incident, like some other public incidents […]

Xiao Feng: Blockchain is not only a new technology, but also a new mechanism design.

Author: Xiao Feng Source: Shanghai Securities News ■ Blockchain is not only an integrated technology, but also a new organizational form of decentralization, information sharing, and consensus. Its rule design is designed to achieve greater scope by relying on the game between multiple nodes in the network structure. And deeper complex transactions, and presented in […]

Editor-in-Chief Interview | Xiao Feng: We should not only look at new things from a historical perspective

"I have half of the time now on the blockchain." Prior to joining the blockchain, he had more than 20 years of experience in traditional finance. The leader in the blockchain field began to lead the Wanxiang blockchain in 2015 with a fully ecological business layout. At present, the Wanxiang Blockchain Conference is under preparation. […]

Countdown to 10 days! Xiao Feng confirmed to attend the Hangzhou Blockchain Week, I am waiting for you in Hangzhou!

Hangzhou's first blockchain week is coming! May 16th, Chainge Technology Open Day, Blockchain Friends, May 17th 2019 Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum, three super events, Hangzhou Blockchain Week Are you ready? Countdown to 10 days, Xiao Feng has confirmed attendance . Xiao Feng, the godfather of China's blockchain field, is the vice chairman and executive […]