How much can you earn working at Coinbase in a bear market? Take a look at these 6 popular positions.

Coinbase earning potential in a bear market 6 popular positions.

Author: Alex, Co-founder of Bricktopians

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Although the current cryptocurrency market is still in a bear market, there are rumors in the community that the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is recruiting with high salaries against the market trend, with starting salaries reaching $92,000 and the highest reaching $340,000. According to the information on the Coinbase official website, the exchange is currently recruiting for 83 remote positions. Due to the large number of job positions, we have selected 6 popular positions in common categories to take a look at the current salary levels of this top cryptocurrency exchange.

1. Accounting and Finance

Salary Range: $92,225 to $230,000

Minimum Requirements: · 1 year of experience or more · Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field · Proficient in financial tools (such as Excel/Sheets)

2. Customer Experience

Salary Range: $144,500 to $206,000

Minimum Requirements: · 3 years of experience in a similar position or more · Understanding of emerging trends · Ability and experience to solve complex problems

3. Business Operations

Salary Range: $127,075 to $237,000

Minimum Requirements: · Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field · 4 years of experience or more in the same industry · Ability to adapt to high growth and rapidly changing industry trends

4. Product Design

Salary Range: $175,100 to $278,500

Minimum Requirements: · Proficiency in design tools and systems · 2 years of management experience or more · Ability to collaborate in a team

5. Software Engineering

Salary Range: $140,000 to $278,000

Coinbase has detailed job responsibilities for software engineering positions, including backend, data, frontend, infrastructure, management, security, etc. The minimum requirements for different positions are also different. Details can be found on the official website.

6. Business Execution

Salary Range: $110,500 to $130,000

Minimum Requirements: · Strong organizational skills · Proactive problem-solving · Familiarity with G-suite (Note: The requirements for this position are relatively low, but the work location is in New York)


Currently, Coinbase also offers many positions in IT, product, international operations, risk management, security and privacy, and legal/compliance, among other fields. In the current downturn of the cryptocurrency industry and the heavy blow to the NFT market, Coinbase’s high-salary recruitment is indeed surprising. After all, there have been recent reports of Binance laying off a large number of employees and reducing benefits. Perhaps Coinbase hopes to seize the opportunity to attract the talent it has missed in the past.

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