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Editor's note: The original title was "Do you still love Bitcoin after the crash?" | Cobo User Special》

Breeze, Beijing, March 12, 2020.

I work remotely from home and do ordinary work, thinking that this is the most ordinary day in my life.

What happened next transcended almost all my experiences and imaginations.

In the evening of that day, Bitcoin plunged to $ 1,000 in just 10 minutes, and the market was extremely panicked. In the morning of the next day, Bitcoin continued to plummet, dropping to a minimum of 3,800, cutting it in just 24 hours. To be honest, this is the first time I have seen such a big scene for more than a year.

My mood, from unbelievable, to the next generation, to numbness, calm down still can't believe what happened.

Remember our interviews with some Cobo users late last year? That's a group of energetic people fighting in the currency circle. They are very ordinary, not open, no golden fingers; they are very bloody, like Bitcoin from the heart, and love their industry; they are also very real, in the pursuit of wealth and There are laughter and tears on the road to dreams, and I have been excited and confused.

After experiencing this plunge, did they look back on the past and left only two lines of tears; or were they flattered and discouraged to watch the price of the currency go up and down?

"The hands and feet were cold and sweaty at the time …"

Xiaopeng is not a good gambler. Out of optimistic about the halving market, he opened a small leverage at 9,500, and the liquidation price was about 7,000 USD. Prior to this, he never thought that there might be a liquidation, which was the first time he had experienced such a large market fluctuation.

Talking about the night of the 312 explosion, Xiaopeng said that he had cold hands and feet and was sweating all over his body, and a thought floated in his heart: no pills …

After calming down, the biggest feeling is that the coins are gone, and the liver hurts. Fortunately, my wife was relieved: Don't be sad, you will earn it again.

There are many good buddies who share the same feelings as Xiaopeng, such as sauerkraut.

Sauerkraut said he lost more than half of this time, mainly due to the loss. The floating loss of the spot is basically not worrying. At that time, he felt that if he fell again, he would not fall below $ 2,000.

This time, the belief in sauerkraut has been a bit hit. "The pie has almost lost its safe-haven nature. In the slump of mainstream assets, BTC should be considered a leader."

In the past, sauerkraut felt that bitcoin was resistant to risks, regardless of whether it was rising or falling, and it was independent of markets such as stocks. Still big, the previous plunge also shows that the leverage in the field is indeed too high. "

However, for megatrends, sauerkraut is still optimistic. He has always believed that there will be a big halving market at the end of 2021.

"As long as you don't sell, there is hope"

"The currency circle has been mixed for several years, and there have been too many ups and downs."

Old tease has been in the currency circle for a long time, and similar fluctuations have also experienced a lot, and the mentality is not bad. Although his principal is $ 7,600, he is not worried at all when his assets are halved.

The old teaser thinks that, taking last year's perspective, the minimum bitcoin price fell below 3,400 US dollars, and later it did not rise to 13,000.

The reason why love has strength is that you just stick to it, without thinking about the momentary gains and losses.

When he fell to the worst, he did not worry about going to zero and would not panic and sell. "Since I'm in this circle, I'm definitely optimistic, otherwise I won't be out of the game. Anyway, it's a profit and a loss. As long as I don't sell it, there is hope. If you don't have faith, you have to rely on others to recharge. Stay in the currency circle. "The old teased.

When it comes to halving the market, Lao teased that reducing production did not mean an increase, and there was no necessary connection between the two. "Although it is said that the price of the production currency does not rise means that many people shut down or pay for electricity, but who said that when you buy a mining machine, you must make you profitable, right?"

"Do everything and listen to destiny"

From the perspective of the currency standard, Brother Zero has no loss. He has always held coins in the Buddhist system, does not play futures, and has no leverage. "Now, 90% of my personal assets are Bitcoin. I don't cash out this idea, or I'm not investing, I'm saving. Since it's savings, how can I sell it? I might use it directly in the future. Bitcoin is consumed. "

"It's a good thing to clean up this time. The world is flooding. Bitcoin will become famous all over the world this time."

Talking about his belief in bitcoin, he said with certainty, "I must have always believed in it." Brother Guiling knew about bitcoin in January 2018. At that time, bitcoin had just started from the bull market of $ 20,000. Enter the bear market. Seeing the news that Bitcoin once reached the top of $ 20,000, there was a strong interest. Why is this thing so valuable? What is the value? Unexpectedly, after understanding, it was out of hand. Brother Guiling bought bitcoin for about 8,000 US dollars for the first time. When he started to buy in large quantities at more than 3,000 US dollars, he had a handful of funds at the time, so he studded. After buying less, so the cost is not high. Brother Guiling thinks that luck is very important. At the bottom of the bear market, it happened to be rich, so the cost was reduced. "If you have a hard time, even if Bitcoin will be one million US dollars next year, then I can only sell it. Human luck is very important. Do everything, listen to the fate of the coin, I have stockpiled the coins, and leave the rest to heaven. Brother Guiling believes that the halving market still exists. The halving of the market is Bitcoin's own cycle. Once every four years, it breaks the balance between supply and demand, which brings a soaring bull market, and then rises too high to plunge into a bear market. The cycle continues until the market value is large enough. This is the path of growth in ups and downs.

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He felt that there would be a plunge before the halving, which was in line with his psychological expectations, but he did not expect to fall to 3,800.

"Because everyone is waiting for the halving benefit, then it will not go well, and there will be abnormal things. On the contrary, if Bitcoin halves smoothly and smoothly, it will be abnormal, and I will have a little worry."

"I really like Bitcoin"

According to Aunt Wang, bitcoin is rising every year, and the bottom of each year is higher than the bottom of the previous year. "Even if the panic disk hit 3,800 some time ago, it is higher than the low of about 3,500 last year."

Aunt Wang has a small principle, and I also talked to everyone in the Cobo group-new lows and new lows, good time to buy positions. After 3,800, there was a small panic, which went to about 4500. In fact, it was a good time to open a position. Don't be too panic, the rebound should still rebound.

As for the halving market, Aunt Wang thinks that it will break $ 20,000 by the end of 2020 or early 2021.

"There are fluctuations, especially when major disaster issues emerge. This is normal. When the disaster occurs, the investment products on hand are immediately sold and exchanged for essential items (such as rice flour and oil, such as various medical supplies in this outbreak) It is reasonable and reasonable. The epidemic caused the factory to stagnate, and in order to survive, investors would sell stocks, sell all investment products, and add huge leverage, which would bring large fluctuations. "

It is impossible to say that there is no worry at all. When it fell to three or four thousand, Aunt Wang was a little panic.

"To be honest, everyone was messy at the time. I turned off the market software and asked myself, do you really like Bitcoin? Do you really like its inherent definition? If you really like it, then calm down, and now fall to I sold this price, can I buy it back smoothly? No, then continue to hold it, maybe the price rebounded again in a few months. If you really do n’t like it, then clear the position and do not participate in this again. Q If you look inside, you will tell your true emotions. "

"Come closer to Yuge, I will do what they do. The risk is not me alone, do not worry too much, if it fails to return to zero, it is not just me who loses. Because I really like Bitcoin, this It's the most licking thing I do. " Speaking of the original intention of joining this circle, Aunt Wang said that she had never thought of getting rich. This way, you ca n’t hold the currency. If you do n’t get into the rush door, slowness is fast. Changsheng General.

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Aunt Wang said,

"Bitcoin never fluctuates, 1 BTC is always equal to 1 BTC."

Write at the end

As the well-known Bitcoin evangelist AA (Andreas Antonopoulos) said,

"The Internet gives us freedom of expression, and Bitcoin protects everyone's financial privacy."

"Bitcoin will bring huge disruption, and its impact will even be greater than the Internet in some aspects.It will not only affect finance, but also the entire society."

Although many people still reject it, deny it, and insist that it is a "bubble" or a "scam"; maybe your family and friends will question your industry, and in good faith persuade you to rush out when the market drops. Pit; maybe you are a little white who just started, and you are still working hard to deposit coins …

But none of us gave up our love, preached silently, and insisted persistently. Looking back, I will find that there are so many difficulties and not all have come along.

I love mountains and seas, and mountains and seas can be flat. I choose to persist because of love, and love more because of persistence.

I ❤️BTC.

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