Evening Read | Cosmos’ Threat to Traditional Blockchain

Cosmos poses a threat to traditional blockchain. (Evening Read)

1. Research Report: Which Modular Blockchain Projects is Binance Focused on?

Smart investors in the crypto field know to keep a close eye on Binance’s movements. Binance Research, a research department under Binance recently released a report that may hint at the projects Binance is researching and following. Binance Research recently released a deep research report on “Modular Blockchains: The Race to Become the Top Security Provider.” The report first explains the difference between integrated and modular blockchains, then delves into the cryptographic economic security infrastructure projects on Ethereum, Cosmos, and Bitcoin, and focuses on the re-mortgage concept and EigenLayer project on Ethereum, the concept of replicated security and the Neutron and Osmosis projects on Cosmos, and the Babylon and Stacks projects on Bitcoin. Click to read

2. A Quick Look at 5 Projects Binance Labs Will Invest in by 2023

Binance Labs has been heavily investing this year. The venture capital giant, valued at $9 billion, is known for its 200x return on investment. Let’s take a closer look at what their most exciting investments by 2023 are. Binance Labs, Binance’s venture capital and incubator division, has achieved significant success since 2018. Their assets exceed $9 billion and they have invested in more than 200 projects, with an investment return rate of up to 200 times. Click to read

3. A16Z: 4 Breakthrough Points in the Generative AI Field

Large-scale language models (LLMs) have become a hot topic in the technology industry, providing us with some amazing experiences—from writing a week’s worth of code in seconds to generating more empathetic conversations than those with humans. By using tens of thousands of GPUs to train on trillions of tokens, LLMs have demonstrated outstanding natural language understanding capabilities and transformed fields such as copywriting and code, propelling us into a new and exciting era of generative AI. Like any emerging technology, generative AI has also faced some criticism. While these criticisms partly reflect the limitations of LLMs’ current capabilities, we see these obstacles as opportunities for further innovation rather than fundamental flaws in the technology. Click to read

4. LSDfi: Who Will Be the “King of Hanzhong”?

Today, LSDfi is the latest narrative that has caught Binance’s attention. There is a potential market worth $16.9 billion, and it has grown 102% in just three weeks! Who will emerge victorious in this LSDfi war? Mochi uses data from DuneAnalytics to help find the answer! Click to read.

5. The Threat of Cosmos to Traditional Blockchains

Single blockchains are great while they exist, however, they eventually run into the blockchain trilemma (decentralization, scalability, security) problem as they attempt to do everything at each node (consensus, data availability, settlement, and execution). Avoiding this problem using modular blockchains is achieved by breaking up many roles of the blockchain into different layers. Thus, the blockchain can scale in a minimally compromising way. Click to read.

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