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After the birth of Bitcoin, until the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin, the change of Bitcoin itself is not big, because Nakamoto's genius-like design makes Bitcoin the safest, most practical and stable cryptocurrency in the world. .

But in the past decade, the cryptocurrency boom brought by Bitcoin has made the bitcoin ecology gradually state, and the related industries surrounding Bitcoin have become increasingly prosperous. Nowadays, bitcoin and bitcoin ecology have developed to this day. There are actually many factors. The most important ones are some historical events. Some historical events have even affected the development direction of Bitcoin.

So today, I want to list some of the most important event nodes in the history of Bitcoin. If you are familiar with the history of Bitcoin, the event itself may not be the main thing to talk about. The main thing to talk about is: Why do I think this has affected the direction of Bitcoin, or what if Bitcoin does not happen?


First, the birth of the white paper

Bitcoin's white paper not only opens up the world of Bitcoin, but also opens up a world of cryptocurrencies with 40 million users worldwide, a market capitalization of more than $1 trillion, and hundreds of thousands of jobs.

The design of the Bitcoin white paper is perfect:

1. Remove the third-party trust intermediary and let the bitcoin decentralize. This is the first fully decentralized electronic currency that has been so successful since the Internet era.

2. The improved version of PoW design makes Bitcoin very safe.

3. The problem of “double flower” that is most afraid of decentralized design can be avoided in Bitcoin. (unless you have more than 50% of your computing power).

4. Guaranteed privacy issues and achieved a fully viable anonymous currency program.

The most powerful part of the white paper is that, after running completely for ten years, Bitcoin's white papers have not been questioned as outdated and backward. On the contrary, the design and feasibility of the white paper is even more amazing. Even the most intense discussion of bitcoin that led to the fork was derived from a different understanding of the white paper, such as block size limitations.

Comment: After the birth of the white paper, if not because many people are not optimistic (or not valued), so that Nakamoto can do it according to his own will, but at that time, including the quotation of Nakamoto. Some of the big ones are very optimistic, and they are all directly involved in the creation of Bitcoin, so Bitcoin will not be exactly what we are seeing now.

Second, the creation block

This is the creation block of Bitcoin:

The sentence on the right is believed to be familiar to everyone. There is not much to introduce here.

The biggest significance of the birth of the Bitcoin creation block is that the things described in the white paper have landed.

According to early Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn, Nakamoto was originally planning to integrate a peer-to-peer (P2P) market into the agreement, but the creator did not complete the code, so the idea was put on hold. There is also a discarded creation block in the source code that has a completely different hash, assuming that this hash is the first creation test block, which was generated on September 10, 2008.

Comment: When the creation block was born, there were actually many influencing factors. For example, it was later discovered that there was actually a creation block, but it was later abandoned. The birth of the creation block, the greater significance is actually a head. After all, in the absence of anybody's affirmation, it is not easy to open a head and keep it silently.

In addition, after the creation of the World Bank, the first transaction of Bitcoin was the transaction that Nakamoto sent to Finney. The hash was: 000000000d1145790a8694403d4063f323d499e655c83426834d4ce2f8dd4a2ee.

Finney lived in a place that was only a few streets from Dorian Nakamoto, which was later blasted by Nakamoto. History is always so wonderful. The United States is so big, they are so close. Finney left us in 2014, and both sides of Bitcoin's earliest deal have disappeared in the world.

The history of Bitcoin is really interesting.

Third, Zhong Bencon disappeared

On December 5, 2010, after WikiLeaks leaked the US diplomatic telegraph, WikiLeaks was originally restricted from accepting donations from banks. The bitcoin community pursuing freedom called WikiLeaks to accept bitcoin donations. When this incident came to Satoshi Nakamoto, Nakamoto Satoshi, who usually responded to simplicity and calmness, rejected the proposal with an unusually fierce attitude: "No, don't bring it."

Nakamoto believes that the controversy and heat they bring are likely to destroy Bitcoin at this stage.

Seven days later, Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared in this world.

Previously, the founders of WikiLeaks even greeted the US government to restrict their acceptance of credit card donations, so that they could receive donations from Bitcoin at the time, and their bitcoin had exceeded 50,000%.

Comment: The disappearance of Nakamoto is one of the things I think has the greatest impact on Bitcoin. Of course, who is Nakamoto and where Nakamoto is going, is always the first unsolved mystery of the encrypted world.

If Nakamoto does not disappear, Bitcoin will never develop into this appearance. Because of the high status of Nakamoto in the Bitcoin community, the number of bitcoins held, and the code of Bitcoin, etc., all of which make Nakamoto’s ideas, even if they may be wrong ideas. It will be executed on Bitcoin. Such bitcoin is definitely not decentralized.

And today's Bitcoin, who can think about the development of Bitcoin? No. All supporters of Bitcoin can pat their chests and say that Bitcoin is one of the most decentralized currencies in the world.

Freedom is the soul of Bitcoin, and the centralized bitcoin has no soul, even if its body (market value) grows stronger, there is no soul.

Fourth, the Silk Road

Bitcoin is used for illegal purposes and is the only way for many people to think. And the real thing that has allowed this idea to be corroborated, and it has been used today to say that "bitcoin is not doing bad things?" is the Silk Road at the time.

Silk Road, founded in February 2011, was originally an ordinary trading website. But then people discovered that if you buy something on an unregulated website with unregulated currency, Bitcoin, wouldn't you buy anything?

So, when all the factors that can do bad things come together, it is not a strange thing to do bad things.

On the left is the web page of the Silk Road. I don't translate the words in the category on the left. Everyone knows that they are all prohibited items. The first Cannabis is marijuana.

In October 2013, the founder of Silk Road was arrested and imprisoned, and his arrest also led to a waterfall decline in bitcoin prices. (Bitcoin is still a very young financial child in terms of price, and it is like a child.)

Comment: The Silk Road website is the beginning of Bitcoin's real entry into the mainstream and becoming the mainstream currency in the dark world. So although the Silk Road is indeed not a serious business, it breaks the lie and ignorance that many people think Bitcoin has no real value to use. So in fact, Bitcoin has been recognized as a tradable and valuable currency, which started in 2011.

Bitcoin is a kind of money, a currency that no one can control. So what is the "money" being used to do bad things, such as the currency that is used in the world to do the most bad things? It is the dollar. So in fact, Bitcoin is used to do bad things, we can't stop and avoid it. The only thing we can do is that we don't use Bitcoin to do bad things.

Fifth, the birth of ASIC mining machine

In fact, the history of bitcoin mining has been talked about because it seems to be the industry closest to Bitcoin wealth in addition to the price of Bitcoin.

There are several most critical nodes in the history of mining. In September 2010, GPU dug bitcoin code appeared, breaking the CPU mining routine. And, in December 2010, the first mine pool slushpool appeared. Then, the ASIC mining machine was born, Bitcoin mining has entered the era of ASIC mining machine + large mining pool that has been maintained until now.

In June 2012, a butterfly lab in the United States that developed the bitcoin mining machine claimed that they were preparing to develop an ASIC that is far superior to the current level of mining machine. The new machines developed by Butterfly Labs make it easy for them to have this computing power. This will destroy the bitcoin world. In order to "maintain world peace," Zhang Nanyu (founder and CEO of Jianan Zhizhi), nicknamed "Pumpkin Zhang," decided to develop ASIC mining machines and sell them to other users to counter the possible monopoly. He named the new machine "Avalon", the name of the "God of Heaven" in the legend of King Arthur.

The first batch of ASIC pumpkin machines sold for $1,299, which was released in September 2012, and the machine was fired to 250,000 yuan.

Can you imagine that a more profitable mining machine can sell 250,000 units? Moreover, at that time, the price of bitcoin could be far higher than it is now.

At this time, the roast cat also said in the bitcointalk forum that it can also manufacture ASIC mining machines. The roast cat may not have thought of it. His words brought a huge wealth effect to the coin circle at that time: within three months, the roast cat earned 200 million, a virtual share of the roast cat company, from the initial The 0.1 bitcoin has risen to five, and in combination with the increase in Bitcoin itself, the initial shareholder of the roast cat has reached thousands of times.

Later, the roast cat disappeared, and the entire team of roast cats was squandered by Wu Jihan, and the era of the mining machine belonging to the Bit Continental opened.

Comment: Since then, Bitcoin has entered the era of separation of powers: miners have mining rights, Bitcoin Core has development rights, and users have full-node supervision.

In fact, in another parallel creation block before Bitcoin, Nakamoto called the mining node a “miner”, but in the white paper of Bitcoin, Nakamoto did not use the name miner. But obviously, he also knows that if Bitcoin develops in the future, bitcoin mining will definitely become more and more centralized. Therefore, in the design of Satoshi Satoshi, the miners have the right to package the book to get the block reward, but there is no right to influence the development and use of Bitcoin. Developers of Bitcoin, if they want to improve on Bitcoin, need to be supported by miners.

And the two sides must be easy to deal with each other and create opposites, so the user will become the real master of Bitcoin. Yes, you who hold Bitcoin are the real owners of Bitcoin.

Everyone is Nakamoto.

Sixth, Mt.Gox (Mengtougou) thunder

At the end of 2013, bitcoin stiffness exceeded the peak of the bull market, and bitcoin more than a thousand dollars is still popular. But in the year of 2014, the bitcoin players who had just experienced the policy crisis have not slowed down. The sickle's sickle waved to them: the transaction volume accounted for 80% of the world, and the world's largest bitcoin trading platform, Mt. .Gox was stolen, and the user’s 850,000 bitcoins sink into the ocean.

The Mentougou directly brought down the Bitcoin waterfall, and people watched Bitcoin fall to $400, and just a few months ago, Bitcoin also rose more than a thousand dollars.

After February, Mentougou directly banned all user operations and dropped the website.

The user's money is gone.

As a result, angry people began to walk on the streets and the company building in Mentougou, seeking justice:

The problems with the exchanges, the waterfalls that brought the whole market, should have been empathy. In March 2018, the market waterfall caused by hacker attacks and the avalanche of futures caused by OK attacks brought a lot of shadows to many people involved in the speculation.

Comment: The Mentougou incident was a devastating blow to the bitcoin world at that time. Until this year's "compensation incident" in Mentougou was a sword of Damocles hanging over the market, it would fall at any time.

William believes that the main significance of the Mentougou incident is that people are fully wary of the centralized exchange.

People no longer put a lot of assets on the exchange, because more and more "pre-existing" make no matter how big the exchange is no longer worthy of complete trust, only the private key in their own wallet is The safest way.

And this, it should be the right way to hold cryptocurrency.

Seven, the birth of Ethereum

At the end of 2013, Vitalik Buterin first described Ethereum as a result of his research on the Bitcoin community. Later, Vitalik published the Ethereum white paper, which detailed the technical design and basic principles of the Ethereum agreement and the smart contract. Structure. In January 2014, Vitalik officially announced Ethereum at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Florida, USA.

It is natural to say that the meaning of Ethereum is not too much. I believe that if many people come in 16 or 17 years, the currency of ETH may be more familiar than BTC. Because you may not have bought BTC, but you must have bought ETH.

The goals of Ethereum and Bitcoin are different from the beginning. Ethereum is hoping to become a global computer, so it is also a precedent, so that in addition to the cottage bitcoin, the "cotton coins" can also be a cottage.

Facts have proved that after the IC0 frenzy, most of the project cottages are actually Ethereum, not bitcoin, because they all call themselves "public chain."

Comment: Before the birth of Ethereum and the explosion, people continued to discuss whether Bitcoin should have such complete scalability, allowing people to easily develop applications on the Bitcoin backbone. After the public chain such as Ethereum exploded, the current development path of Bitcoin has become clearer: Bitcoin itself, you can do a good currency.

The really most important function of cryptocurrency can only be currency attributes. Doing a good job of money is the fundamental impact on the traditional world. And the functions provided by the blockchain and other cryptocurrencies, such as decentralized applications, cannot replace the currency function as the first place.

While Bitcoin is doing the money, the scalability is handed over to Layer2. The maturity of the sidechain, cross-chain, and lightning network technologies allows Bitcoin to provide a better one while ensuring that the main chain is not affected. Scalability.

Ethereum is also a way to help Bitcoin to level out. Even Ethereum's market value at the peak time is very close to Bitcoin. Ethereum is far from bitcoin. But the facts prove that the currency function is the core function of the cryptocurrency, while others are just the icing on the cake.

Eight, IC0

IC0, from fanaticism to collapse, is only three years old.

In fact, IC0 started in July 2013, starting with Mastercoin. And the first project we are familiar with, “easy to send money” through the smart contract on Ethereum is Augur.

But there is no doubt that these two are both early in the morning, catching up with a late episode, and there seems to be no voice on the market.

After the violent storm of 2018, the IC0 group almost burned the flames in the sky, leaving only a little flame.

Comment: In fact, IC0 is a good financing model. A startup company or team can avoid the “deduction” of regulatory compliance, venture capital institutions, banks and stock exchanges, etc., directly to the public for financing, directly Company rights are given to the public. But unfortunately, avoiding the traditional financial institutions has led to the unscrupulous and overgrown swindlers.

In fact, the big bull market in 2017, which really attracts people to enter the market is actually IC0 and various Tokens. As far as I know, there are not many people who bought the new leeks during that time, but almost all bought ETH, and all kinds of domestically produced altcoins that are now gradually inundated.

But IC0 also made many people really touch the cryptocurrency and touched on something that might change the world. After all, it is the true law of every financial market that “getting stuck in learning”.

Nine, lightning network

The concept of lightning network has actually been three or four years. It has been said for a long time. The real explosion has made many ordinary users feel the benefits of this technological change. It should be the beginning of this year's lightning torch movement.

Before this year, the lightning network was famous, but the perception of ordinary users was too small. Including when the bitcoin forks later, people still have doubts about whether the lightning network can help Bitcoin ease the crazy congestion of Bitcoin, so 2019 is also known as the lightning network, because in 2019, lightning The opponents of the network are gradually becoming weaker. Many core developers (such as Peter Todd, the best known one) have not agreed to the lightning network solution, but now they are slowly beginning to express "a possible way."

Regarding the lightning network, many articles on many platforms have already said enough. I will not introduce more here. Let me talk about what it means to the history of Bitcoin.

Comment: Lightning Network brings Bitcoin, in addition to some visible benefits, more is to ensure the stability of the Bitcoin main chain, to provide better environment for Bitcoin developers and More possibilities.

The lightning network is also considered to be a "big group", side chain, cross-chain, Layer 2, isolated witness, etc., and the technical terms that have been heard in the sky, have been incorporated into the lightning network, and the experience that ultimately gives users is scanning code – – Pay, end.

The advancement of technology, the real success is to let users feel the existence of technology.

But there is a worrying problem behind the lightning network, that is, Blockstream's behemoth seems to have more and more control over Bitcoin Core. After all, centralization is always the most taboo and must be avoided in the Bitcoin community, so how to develop it later, let us wait and see.

Ten, fork

Bitcoin's software is open source, and hard forks occur when developers create new blockchains and cryptocurrencies by modifying the original code to "clone" bitcoin blockchains. This is easy to understand, even if people who don't understand it are understood in the later protracted farce, how easy it is to fork. The fork is just like this:

But people at the beginning didn't think so. The first fork of Bitcoin came from the huge split created by two very powerful forces in the community.

The story of the first fork can be said a lot. Everyone is more familiar with the division of "mine tyrant" and "code tyrant". In fact, it is not so simple. The power of BCH when it forks is not only the "mine tyrant", but Wu Jihan, who controls half of the bitcoin world, is naturally the center. In addition, Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver, Ownen Cong, CW, Nakamoto Cong successor Gavin Andreson and so on, all support BCH.

The price of BCH at the peak is even close to 0.5BTC:

The BCH supporters at the time were really thinking that "BCH is the real bitcoin", although this sentence later became a stalk.

If the BCH fork is still an ideal pursuit, and the different understanding of Bitcoin, then many other forked coins can be said to be insulting to the IQ of Bitcoin and Leek.

The specific examples are not mentioned. Anyway, all the forked coins that everyone has heard are still alive. Only BCH/BSV/BCD/BTG/BTCP, except for these, all are cut. There is no residue left.

Therefore, the previous farce of the forked, can always become the embarrassment of the big shackles endorsed by the platform.

Comment: Being able to split the fork is a big guarantee for the decentralized world. When a group of people is inconsistent with another group of people, not a minority obeys the majority, but can choose a hard fork. This is the decentralized world.

And the hard fork of Ethereum and Bitcoin gave people a head, so that people are no longer so fearful about the hard fork .

And the biggest thing about Bitcoin is that if you think Bitcoin should be better, you can fork it out and do one, maybe you can really prove that you can make a better bitcoin, but there Previously, Bitcoin would still follow the community's original perception, and ensuring the stability of Bitcoin is still a necessary prerequisite.

XI, 9.4 events

In a blink of an eye, 9.4 has been a year and a half.

But when I think of it, many old people in the currency circle will still tremble.

On September 4, 2017, seven ministries and commissions jointly issued documents to formally define “IC0” as illegal fund raising.

Before and after, the relatively large domestic exchanges, wallets, and project parties were all "communicated" by the central government. Therefore, the compensation for the indemnity should be retired, the dissolution should be dissolved, and the bankruptcy should be closed down.

The impact of the 1994 round on the Chinese currency circle is undoubtedly huge: China’s first bitcoin trading platform, Bitcoin China, has withdrawn from the historical arena, and the smash hit exchanges such as Yuncoin, Coin, and Biter have been hit hard. Li Xiaolai was also “de-named” by EOS from the official website. Many IC0 platforms have avalanches, causing many people to suffer huge losses.

The past is not as good as smoke.

Comment: The biggest impact of the 1994 trend is that the process of “de-Chinaization” in the cryptocurrency world has greatly accelerated. Once, the largest bitcoin exchange was in China, the largest mine and mining machine in China, and the largest trading volume of Bitcoin was also in China.

When the central bank found the heads of several exchanges to open a meeting, Bitcoin could plummet one or two points. China’s influence on the bitcoin market is heavy. I believe that if you don’t enter the currency circle after 2018, you I should still remember that period of time. But now? The Mutual Gold Association (although it is a water-related association, but it is still a bit of something) issued a document, the entire market is almost motionless, a slight drop of one point to express the meaning.

The biggest impact of the 1994 is that bitcoin (cryptocurrency) has changed from a Chinese-led game to a global game.

Twelve, the tenth anniversary of Bitcoin

If I want to pick one of the most iconic events in 2018, my choice will be the tenth anniversary of Bitcoin.

Ten years is indeed a hurdle for many new things. One is not recognized at first. Only Nakamoto has quietly insisted on mining a bit of bitcoin for a year, and has grown into a world-recognized and valuable tradable. Money assets, this decade has not been easy.

In the next decade, which began in 2018, Bitcoin is completely different from the previous "new". No one has questioned whether Bitcoin has value or not. Instead, it becomes "Bitcoin can be worth". how much is it". In the future world, paying in crypto (Paid in crypto) will be a word that people often hear in movies, dramas, and online. All of this stems from the decade of cryptocurrency struggle.

What has brought to the world since the birth of Bitcoin for ten years? I probably summed it up:

1. A highly liquid asset with the largest increase and the fastest growth ever.

2. A digital asset with the highest recognition ever.

3. One of the most well-known cryptocurrencies of all time.

4. A new Internet possibility – the blockchain era.

5. The first non-sovereign decentralized currency (asset) since the birth of capitalism.

6. The spirit of decentralization that was respected at the birth of the Internet was truly carried forward.

7. Pure anonymous asset transfer is possible in the Internet world.

8. The sacred inviolability of private property was technically protected for the first time.

9. The loss of privacy that people have come to in the credit age (the era of no cash) has been restored.

10. It is possible to return to the stage without a state-controlled currency.

The next tenth anniversary of Bitcoin, I hope we are still here, but Bitcoin may be difficult to obtain, if there is really a "singularity":

The state is required and the currency is required. But the state-controlled currency is not necessary, and no state-controlled currency is a must.

The meaning of cryptocurrencies for the future may far exceed your imagination.

I generally don't give investment advice, but if you can, I hope that you have at least one BTC and one other cryptocurrency worth BTC, which will be able to get the next tenth anniversary. Is this not difficult for ordinary people?

I wish you all the best.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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