Hard fork fork surge effect reappears! ETC announces "Atlantis" hard forks and soared more than 20%

On April 7th, Beijing time, a part of the Ethereum Classic (ETC) ecosystem held a conference call to discuss the proposed hard fork – "Atlantis", in ECIP-1054 There are detailed instructions. After the announcement of the news, ETC opened the inflation mode, rising more than 20% in a single day, reappearing the law of the surge before the hard fork. ETC has continued to rise in recent days, rising from a low of around $5.4 on April 6 to a high of around $8 on April 8, an increase of more than 50%.

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Atlantis — ECIP-1054

The proposed changes discussed in this conference call include:

  1. "Spurious Dragon" state word tree clearing (state-trie clearing) ;
  2. "virtual dragon" contract code size limit;
  3. Add "Byzantium" Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) opcodes REVERTRET, URNDATASIZE, RETURNDATACOPY, and STATICCALL.
  4. "Byzantium EVM precompilation contract", ie "addition and scalar multiplication" on elliptic curve alt_bn128, best ate pairing check on elliptic curve alt_bn128, and BIGINT "modulo power operation";
  5. Replace the intermediate state root field in the transaction receipt with the contract return status.
  6. The ETC's difficulty adjustment algorithm is modified to include the "target average block time" of the unblock.

The following is a list of topics discussed in this conference call :

• The ETC core developers described the current situation, detailing the six changes to Atlantis' hard fork and opening up proposals for discussion to other members of the community.

● The goal of hard forks is also discussed during the call, including performing this hard fork on the ETC main network block height of 8,750,000 .

• The only observation of the six changes was made by Zac Mitton. The study analyzed the risk/reward ratio of the status word lookup tree clearing, which may indicate that it does not affect the compatibility of ETH, and when contacting these changes with other ECIPs. Compared to some risks, the benefits of reducing state size seem trivial.

• There is general agreement that the status word lookup tree removal has a measurable benefit and is further analyzed.

● Zac Mitton proposed running a script that quantifies the state size reduction in GB and gets some results.

● The topic of the word word search tree will be followed up in the next few weeks, and some consensus will be reached on whether to implement the plan.

● Cody Burns and others agreed on the phone that they would support if Atlantis did not include state word lookup tree cleanup.

• Cody Burns asked for clarification as to whether Atlantis will make other changes in addition to the changes listed above. The general response is that there is no other change in Atlantis, so after the state word search tree clearing problem gets a satisfactory conclusion, the Atlantis proposal will be officially frozen, that is, the content of the proposal will not be changed.

● When Cody Burns asked if there would be other changes in Atlantis, he indirectly mentioned other ECIPs: Alex Tsankov mentioned that he The ECIP-1049, a proposal to change the PoW mining algorithm in ETC, will take longer to test and debate, so it is clearly not part of Atlantis's hard fork. The changes brought about by the hard fork of Ethereum Constantinople are also mentioned, but it also shows that these changes will not be part of the hard fork of Atlantis.

● Especially for Atlantis, Nick Sawinyh of the 2Miners mine shows from the perspective of the mine that they support the Atlantis hard fork proposal because they did not see any changes in the mining rules. The company has been reflected on twitter.

From the point of view of the node operator, Aaron Lowry, Maciej Nowosielski and Nick Noriega, co-founders of ETH/ETC node hardware and operating system company Ethernode, said they will support Atlantis hard forks as proposed.

● Ethernode also explained that they will send upgrade notifications to all hardware node users, informing them to voluntarily upgrade the operating system to include changes.

● In the previous conference call, the Etherenode team told Alex Tsankov that they would also help him test ECIP-1049 (not included in the hard fork described above).

The Ethernode team noted that Atlantis will be deployed on the Morden test network, but by default the only client that supports it is Classic Geth, so they ask other nodes if they support it. The response they received was that the issue would be forwarded to multiple Geth core developers who would probably solve the problem for Atlantis.

● There is a question whether the ETC client Mantis will support it in the long run and whether it will include this hard fork. Kevin Lord responded that IOHK will support Mantis 100%, and this client will include this hard fork.

in conclusion

In general, all proposed modifications, except the state word lookup tree cleanup, are well accepted in the conference call and are discussed further in the more analysis described above. Participants in the conference call also had representatives from several core development teams, mining operators, node operators and other ecosystem participants. Discussions about this hard fork will continue in the next few days and weeks.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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