Fomo3D "Brothers" debut or another Ponzi game?

Fomo3D, a currency-level phenomenon game, is also known as "a fund that cannot be ended." The players went forward and came to the "tribute" in an attempt to win the final huge prize with a small blog. Fomo3D had a siphon of more than 300 million in just 20 days, and the winners got 22 million.

After a year, Team JUST, the Fomo3D development team, re-emerged with the new work Just Game, which once again detonated the DAPP game and swept the currency of the screen. Many potential players have joined the Just Game preheating army and began to hoard Tron (TRX), ready to go…

So how does Just Game play? What is the income? What is the difference between it and Fomo3D? What preparations do I need to make to participate in the game? What will the price of the wave field react to? The article will be introduced one by one.

Just Game game guide Raiders

Many people regard Just Game as an evolutionary version of Fomo3D. It has the framework of Fomo3D game rights dividends, the final player wins the prize, and the countdown flash, but it also incorporates many novel ways of playing such as "opening the box", "upgrading", etc. .

Players participating in the game need to use TRX to buy gift boxes. The TRXs that buy the boxes are collected into the prize pool and the bonus pool. During the game, the player can open the box to get the corresponding income, but the final prize belongs to the last buy box or upgrade. The 100 players in the box, while the last player has more bonuses.

1. [Gift Box] Purchase gift box to participate in the game, the price is fixed at 25 TRX each, the initial value of the gift box is 0, and its value increases with the increase of other purchasers;

Interpretation: The gift box is similar to the Key in Fomo3D. Players participating in Fomo3D need to purchase a Key, which determines the player's participation bonus ratio and winning chance in the total prize pool. The last player who buys Key gets the unique ultimate prize.

The difference is that the price of Key will not increase with the game time and the gift box will not, so in Fomo3D, the first person to buy can buy more game dividends at a very low price.

3. [Open Box] The box can be opened at any time before the game ends. After opening the box, you get 2 times the revenue in the box. After the box is opened, it will be destroyed and will no longer benefit. At the end of the game, the system will automatically open all boxes for settlement. The gain is the gain in the box at this time, not multiplied by 2 times.

Interpretation: Opening a box is equivalent to destroying the original place. If the game is withdrawn early, the player will receive 2 times the income, which can be understood as dividend. However, the opening of the box also means the destruction of dividends and the abandonment of the chance to win the final prize, the proportion of other players' dividends will increase.

In addition, the time to open the box is a key factor in determining the profit. Opening the box before the end of the game is a better way to stop the loss. If you open the box too early, the player gets less revenue. If the game is over and the box is missed, it will only double the revenue and may not be the winner.

4. [Upgrade Box] During the upgrade process, you will receive the rewards in your box, which can be used to purchase more gift boxes. The old box still exists, but the revenue in the box starts again.

Interpretation: Upgrading the box can be easily understood as a re-entry, gaining more dividends and the chance to win the final prize. However, although there are many opportunities, the initial value of the player is 0. If the game is over, it is not cost-effective. If the game runs for a long enough time, the acceleration of the dividend will be gradually overtaken.

5. [Game Cycle] The game adopts a 12-hour countdown method. Whenever a user purchases a new gift box or upgrades a gift box, the countdown will increase by 30 seconds. Once the timer is zero, the game ends and restarts into the next round of the game.

Interpretation: 12 hours is the upper limit of the countdown. No matter how much the box is added, the total duration of the game will not exceed 12 hours. Fomo3D also takes a countdown, but the cycle is 24 hours. Whenever a player purchases a new Key, the time is extended by 30 seconds.

6. [Final Income] The last 100 users who purchase boxes or upgrade boxes will receive a total prize pool reward, and the last one will receive more rewards.

Interpretation: The final reward comes from the funds that each player originally purchased the box. The initial capital goes in four main parts: a. All the boxes that were purchased before and not opened; b. Deposited into the open box to pick up the double income. Fund pool; c. The final prize pool for 100 people; d. Other parts.

Compared to Fomo3D, which has only one ultimate award, Just Game splits the grand prize into 100 small prizes, which will allow more ordinary users to participate in the reward competition.

Just Game VS Fomo3D: Another endless game that can't end?

Fomo3D official website has written several large characters: Welcome to a social psychological experiment on greed. Just Game's white paper mentions that Just Game is speculatively technical entertainment… This is a testimony to psychology.

Many opinions in the market have interpreted Just Game as an evolutionary version of the Fomo3D game. It has always been a small-sized Pepsi game that gives investors a chance to make a profit.

Once the machine is in place, the investor will be FOMO (fear of missing), and once they are worried about missing the opportunity, they will participate. Once they participate in the "snowball" in which they see the interest, they will become greedy, once greedy, irrational, speculative Psychology, luck, will be four. The final outcome may be rich or bankrupt, but in reality only 1% of the people are rich, and 99% become tragedies.

Just Game has many similarities with Fomo3D, but overall, Just Game has more profit opportunities, and the game color is more obvious.

Everyone can participate in the Just Game, and the participation price is fixed and fixed. In addition, the final winner is 100 people instead of one of Fomo3D. Players have increased profit opportunities, but due to the large number of equalized bonuses, the player’s final profit is relatively It will be less for Fomo3D.

In addition, Just Game players are more diversified in ways to profit, add open box (early profit) and upgrade the box (increasing profit opportunities) and other games, but open and not open, upgrade and not upgrade are all players In the process of psychological game, they must consider a variety of unknown and uncertain factors such as time, number of people, and income. Compared to the single route of Fomo3D, the Just Game mechanism is more complicated and the game atmosphere is more exciting.

The invitation system is a hard-core game for Fomo games. It is reported that Just Game will include a promotion system with at least 2 levels and above, and will get dividends through promotion. Just Game's invitation system, dividend mechanism, and final player awards may make it another "unfinished fund game, Pond's game" after Fomo3D.

Another core difference between Just Game and Fomo3D is that the former runs on the wave field and the latter runs on the Ethereum.

Compared to the Ethereum blockchain, the wavefield blockchain is more friendly to ordinary people, and the wavefield wallet production and transfer are free. Moreover, the PoS public chain is indeed faster than the PoW public chain in processing transactions, and the wave field network TPS is relatively high, and the congestion problem can be improved.

Previously, Fomo3D had a problem due to congestion. The hacker launched the attack by blocking the blockchain transaction, which caused the ordinary people to fail to submit the transaction to purchase the Key. Only the underground hacker could initiate the final transaction, and the final prize fell into the hands of the hacker.

Scallion APP last year found that Fomo3D congested Ethereum contract address is 0x18e1b664c6a2e88b93c1b71f61cbf76a726b7801, this address through 669 contract calls with the final winning address (beginning 0xa169), congested 11777 Ethereum transactions.

If the network processing capability of the wave field reaches the publicly reported 10,000 TPS, the similar problem can be greatly alleviated. However, Just Game still faces many technical and unknown risks, which may pose great challenges to the wave field.

DappReview summarizes the differences between the two as follows.

What is the influence of Just Game on the price of the wave field?

It is worth noting that the beginning of Just Game may have a significant impact on the price of TRX. The game will be deployed on the TRON main network. If there are a large number of players involved, there may be a huge amount of TRX lock into the contract. Once the game is over, the lock release will bring TRX market fluctuations.

After the release of the Just Game white paper, there has been a lot of news on the market, and the game's exposure has risen. The TRX price also rose sharply in the short-term yesterday, rising from 3.2 US dollars to 3.5 US dollars, an increase of about 10%. However, the cryptocurrency market is generally in the small bull market. Bitcoin rose above $1,200 yesterday. The trend of TRX may also be related to the overall market trend.

Fomo3D came out in early July last year and operated on Ethereum. However, this has little effect on the price of Ethereum. Ethereum prices have continued to fall. But this is also related to the overall bear market in the market last year. Fomo3D's influence on Ethereum may not be able to compete with the bear market.

Player essential tools

Tron wallet

Method 1: Google Chrome installs the official TronLink wallet plugin, address:


Method 2: Download the plugin at the wave field github address:

Method 3: Use an integrated Tron and a wallet with a Dapp browser, such as a wheat wallet.

2. Wave field Tron blockchain browser


3.Just Game income calculator download address (recommended computer download), address:


1. Official website


2. Official Discor discussion group


3. Original white paper (English)

4. White paper translated version

5. Game Rules Reference Link (English)


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