Interpreting the Narrative of HOPE’s Resurrection

HOPE's Resurrection Narrative Interpretation

Recently, the concept of bankruptcy and revival has become popular, and the narrative of revival is generally a narrative of counterattack. Cryptocurrency KOL Yuyue.lens explained the narrative of HOPE’s revival from the aspects of stablecoin systems and LT, ecological maps and RWA concepts, mining profits of single and dual pools, and the relationship between HOPE and BTC/ETH exchange rates.

HOPE Stablecoin System and LT: According to the documentation, the HOPE ecosystem has two tokens, $HOPE and $LT. It is a common dual-token system where HOPE is the basic pricing token of the ecosystem and is backed by BTC and ETH reserves. It has evolved into a distributed stablecoin with a multi-stage growth plan. LT, on the other hand, is the single utility and governance token of the entire ecosystem, incentivizing liquidity supply and governance participation, and mining output.

Ecological map and RWA concept: HopeSwap = DEX; HopeLend is a non-custodial lending platform with multiple liquidity pools; HopeConnect is a bridge connecting DeFi with CeFi and TradFi; HopeEcho is a hot RWA concept protocol that creates synthetic assets that track the prices of real-world assets, including stock indices, fixed income instruments, and forex, reducing the barriers to entry for TradFi services and obtaining TradFi services valued in cryptocurrencies.

Single-pool and dual-pool mining: Currently, single-token staking for $HOPE yields around 24% APY. The HOPE/USDT stablecoin trading pair yields around 35%, and holding veLT boosts it to around 85%. The LT/USDT pool has an annual yield of 400%+, with the potential to add up to 1000%+ in bonuses.


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