How should "blockchain" serve SMEs? Start with cost reduction!

The sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia has disrupted the normal operation of the entire social system, and many industries have fallen into a state of near stagnation. This will undoubtedly bring a lot of trouble and inconvenience to the public and related companies.

Because the epidemic is highly contagious, the vast majority of the public is inconvenient to go out, and most of the public transportation has ceased to operate.This is difficult for businesses that rely heavily on personnel flow to process certification verification, loan financing, and other businesses, especially in many enterprises that are unable to make ends meet The cash flow fell into a depleted environment, which caused a huge negative impact on the economic operating environment.

The epidemic was like pressing the pause button to a fast-moving startup, and everything stopped abruptly. The technical service orders negotiated before were affected by the epidemic situation, Party A's strategy contracted, and project cooperation was cut off; hardware manufacturers in the epidemic area were forced to suspend and isolate, and logistics was blocked; the originally negotiated cooperation fund support suddenly broke … …

Small and medium-sized enterprises have become the most affected groups. Many industries such as catering, tourism, and logistics have been severely impacted. A large number of manufacturing factories are also difficult to start. Many companies are facing dilemmas. The famous catering company Xibei also said that even loans can only guarantee survival. In the next three months, it can be seen that many companies across the country will face increased liquidity risks and face severe challenges in their own survival.

Jia Guolong, chairman of Xibei Catering, revealed in an exclusive interview on January 31 that Xibei noodles and catering services in more than 400 Xibei noodle villages in more than 60 cities across the country have basically been suspended, and only more than 100 takeaway businesses have been retained The amount is very small and can only reach 5-10% of normal revenue. He predicts that one month before and after the Spring Festival, the revenue will be 700-800 million yuan, and the cash on the account plus the loan can only be paid up to three months.

A more serious problem lies before them, and all catering companies across the country. If the epidemic cannot be effectively controlled within a short period of time and normal production is resumed, most companies may not be able to sustain it for two months.

On February 3, Hema announced that it will cooperate with well-known catering companies Beijing Xinzhengyicheng Catering Co., Ltd. (Yunhai Cuisine) and New Century Youth Catering Co., Ltd. (Youth Restaurant) to cooperate to solve the income problem of the unemployed workers in the catering industry at the current stage. Relieve the cost pressure of catering companies and the challenge of insufficient human resources in the retail consumer industry.

The market problem facing enterprises is actually a confidence issue. As long as the epidemic can be resolved, time can fix all confidence issues. The following figure is the monthly fixed operating cost of an enterprise:

That is to say, under normal circumstances, they can not sustain business for two months without income. Local governments have issued bank loan policies, but there is no fixed asset collateral, and no business cash flow collateral is allowed for business opening. Which small, medium and micro enterprises have received loans? The bank was unwilling to lend, and the government let the bank lend. Who did this loan go to?

At present, large companies are involved in the blockchain one by one. What about SMEs without strong technical teams? As the most active and dynamic part of today's business climate, China's small and medium-sized enterprises are indeed of undisputed significance in promoting economic development, GDP growth, and increasing national competitiveness. As a vital force for national economic growth, small and medium-sized enterprises will always encounter various difficulties in the process of development, expand the scale, and struggle. How can they break through the "bottleneck" of development and become bigger and stronger quickly?

How should physical enterprises embrace blockchain?

Enterprises should adopt a pragmatic and skeptical attitude and narrow their choices in a structured manner. The first step is to determine whether this application scenario has huge, achievable actual value. Only with the real needs and pain points of customers can we avoid the so-called developer traps and really play the role of blockchain in solving consumer friction.

For business development, create highly compatible blockchain technology. At present, enterprise-level blockchain technology must be developed around business scenarios, so the commercial network needs to include the peer-to-peer architecture of market participants and a consensus agreement between partners. The aim is to promote the collaboration of all parties to jointly build the underlying technology of enterprise-level distributed ledger based on blockchain technology, which is used to build industry applications and platforms that support business in order to support a variety of business application scenarios. Enterprise-level commercial blockchain technology networks are more suitable for using alliance chains and licensing systems.

At present, most of the mainstream blockchain technology applications in Europe and the United States are industry chains, that is, the upstream and downstream of an industry, or the core blockchain technology that everyone joins together to build an open blockchain technology. From this perspective, the public ledger has the potential to become the main commercial blockchain technology platform in the future, and it is also an important development direction to increase business cooperation opportunities and efficiency. It is worthwhile for technology developers to take the time and energy to study and research! Blockchain can create trusted information audit trails.

In the future, blockchain + sharing will be applied in more and more industries. Because the nature of blockchain is a consensus autonomous community, upstream and downstream companies can form alliances to form sharing, and companies in the same industry can form alliances to form sharing, and cross-industry companies Form alliances and share.

Policy support

On February 7, Beijing Financial Control Group, which is jointly with the Haidian District Government and the Microchip Research Institute, officially launched a blockchain-based supply chain debt and debt platform, and realized government and state-owned enterprise procurement contract receivables through the underlying technology of the blockchain. Confirmation of rights, and aggregation of various financial resources such as financing guarantees, asset management, etc. Its main functions include providing block chain technology-based account confirmation, and supporting online confirmation of the entire process; After the confirmation of the right, the company initiates financing needs online and launches the “right to credit” product; it supports banks to conduct financing application review, credit management and loan management.

The interest rate of the central bank's reverse repo operation is lower than before, and it has realized a certain degree of interest rate reduction in disguise, which is helpful to guide the market interest rate lower and thus promote economic recovery. Because the bank has more funds, it also helps to promote the bank to the entity The economy has increased lending, thereby mitigating the impact of the epidemic on the economy.

Earlier, Haizhu District of Guangzhou announced that it would launch a credible chain of government services with Alibaba. The official said that it would build a "no media, equal effectiveness, full circulation" credible electronic certificate verification service on the blockchain to further solve the problem of submitting office materials online. Legal and credible issues. Optimizing the past submission of paper materials on-site to online submission of electronic materials, and optimizing the receipt of paper results on the spot to push electronic results online, truly achieve "zero running."

In the same month, the Hangzhou Municipal Data Resources Administration released the Hangzhou Government Service Chain. The blockchain is more focused on trusted identity authentication, allowing citizens to submit personal information to the Data Resources Administration's data center and submit it to the police when handling multi-department business. The Ministry initiates a verification request to get the verification result, returns to the data center to issue a certificate to enter the blockchain system, and calls identity information to verify verification when used across departments, so that there is a blockchain entrance and exit to call.

In addition, there are many private companies such as Ant Blockchain, Weizhong Bank, and Bubi that have launched corresponding supply chain financial platforms, which have been widely practiced. In this outbreak, blockchain-based supply chain financing may become the choice of more and more small and medium-sized enterprises, and it will have a good effect on restoring social and economic vitality.

Opportunities for SMEs

Enterprises often focus on short-term cash flow business in their daily operations, and their determination to break the comfort zone of the business is insufficient. This time, they can work hard to turn the crisis into an opportunity. Enterprises that have been mainly based on offline business in the past can try to develop online business. Business-oriented companies can take the opportunity to test the overseas market. Ordinary entrepreneurs can look for market opportunities in this regard.

For Internet companies, at this stage, "distributed office" and "online office" have become the first choice of the company's operating mode under the influence of the epidemic, and this has certain consistency with the distributed collaboration advocated by the blockchain. However, this change in the office model has also brought problems such as trust between enterprises and employees, and information synchronization between teams.

In view of this, blockchain technology can provide solutions. The transparency of information based on blockchain technology can enhance the efficiency of information sharing within the team; it can effectively avoid malicious tampering with information or accepting wrong information. At the same time, the time stamp feature of the blockchain can make the information on the chain authentic, reliable, and traceable. Once there is a problem in the work of a certain link, you can quickly trace the source and query to achieve accountability.

In the future, the "boss sharing" model may be implemented. A boss in an industry can share his talents with another enterprise across industries, and the shared actions are recorded in real time, and the boss can also get corresponding incentives. This kind of information sharing is not limited to the personal social circle of the boss, to a certain extent, it opens up the information interaction between enterprises and industries, and reduces the cost of information collection and enterprise development trial and error.

Small and medium-sized enterprises can take advantage of the immutability and clear traces of blockchain technology to make their business data flow on the blockchain step by step, making it easier for banks to evaluate and provide funding to corporate funds and business conditions, which greatly shortens the enterprise Time and cost of financing to restore normal production and operations more quickly.

I have to say that the former "SARS" made more people recognize e-commerce, and the "Wenchuan earthquake" revitalized the insurance industry. This "new crown virus" will inevitably bring new "opportunities." The epidemic has made it easier for people to accept and explore new things, so at this time, it may be an opportunity to introduce blockchain to the mainstream market.

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