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Two very interesting things happened in the industry these two days:

1. On May 21, CB has applied for approval of the copyright of the Bitcoin white paper from the US Copyright Office, causing a commotion;

2. On the day of Pizza Festival on May 22, BM said: One day, BTC may run on the EOS chain.

When two things came out, the industry was in a daze, and many of the friends who had just touched the circle were confused.

Many people have not seen "Encrypted Westward Journey". Dabai is a bit spoiled here: BM didn't say "big talk", BTC will probably run on the EOS chain one day! Want to know why? And why is the case of Aberdeen Cong (CSW) so much concerned?

Please see the introduction of the characters in "Encrypted Westward Journey" below. After reading it, you will know that the mainstream currencies of the encrypted world are like this…….

01 BTC: Tang Sanzang

Tang Sanzang, born just after the full moon, was placed on the wooden board and drifted away with the river (in the direction of Jinshan Temple, this temple is suspected of the bitcoin core ). In order to realize freedom and equality, the common life of the people, the West went to take the real journey for ten years.

A pair of handsome and handsome "big cake" face, the seemingly weak body is really strong inside. After nine or eighty-one, it is difficult to go through the "devil and ghost" and the altcoin. He, subverting him and replacing him, did not succeed. It is worthy of being a hidden old master.

02 BCH: Sun Wukong

First, I worshiped the Bodhi ancestors, and the Tang dynasty, who was reincarnation of the disciple Jin Jinzi, was also the same root as Tang Sanzang.

In the beginning, the BCH community, including miners, was part of the BTC community. Many people didn't understand why BCH was to be split from the BTC. Isn't it good to go through it together?

When they are still in the same Team: BCH's combat power (computing power) is amazing and unruly; BCH side believes that the speed of Tang Sanzang on the way is too slow, it is better to sit on his super-stretching cloud and expand directly. One step in place, it was good to go to the West, but it was rejected. Later, BCH was very annoyed. He repeatedly wanted to kill Tang Sanzang by himself, and went to the Buddha to take the scriptures to solve the spell.

In the end, the Team was still in a rift due to long-standing consensus inconsistencies . BTC continued to go west, while BCH went directly back to Huaguoshan as the Monkey King, and the BCH community split from the BTC community.

03 ETH: Satay

On the westbound road, he is willing to work hard, picking up, picking up firewood, and getting ready for water. The ETH Ecology covers almost all industry concepts . Everyone thinks that he has provoked a heavy burden and walked slowly.

The low TPS, resulting in the delivery of materials can not keep up with daily consumption, often slowing the progress of the westbound. It is said that Satay’s father, V God, is preparing to upgrade the ETH with new equipment in the past two years. Each team is a luxury truck, and each car is a piece, not only running fast, but also transporting much.

04 EOS: White Dragon Horse

As soon as he appeared on the scene, he was known for his speed. The various activities that Shahao can do, such as picking up the load, can also be, and the speed is fast. Formerly known as B ailong T aizi S an, BTS for short, he ran slowly because of the abandonment of Tang Sanzang passing through its site and ate his horse.

EOS is handsome because of his true body, and he is supported by many people. Some people even say something:

After the three episodes are broadcast, the popularity value will rise to 1000, and it is not possible to rule out the possibility of slamming the male starring and stealing the mirror.

Recently, the EOS community said that in June, it is necessary to prepare for the BTC to do big things. It is estimated that it is to join the team of Tang Sanzang and West. Regarding the EOS part of the story, although the director said that it is temporarily confidential, but Xiaobian guessed that EOS is going to do something that is likely to be a cross-chain , because to achieve BM Dad said, "One day BTC may run on the EOS chain. "It is impossible for BTC to change itself and then go to the side chain of EOS, but if EOS is a "fighter" in a chain, then connect all the public chains and rule the interaction between all the public chains through its DPoS mechanism. Connections, so that BTC does not run on EOS in the case of cross-chain prosperity?

Cross-chain is a bridge between the public chains of an island, allowing the value of each chain to circulate with other chains. Simply understand, you can think of large and small public chains (BTC, ETH, etc.) as independent countries or institutions, individuals, and cross-chain is equivalent to country, state, institution and institution, and person-to-person responsibility The middlemen who transport goods and people are like logistics companies and airlines.

In fact, White Dragon Horse is essentially a means of transportation. So, EOS's father BM may have to start logistics? Moreover, EOS itself as a public chain, if you engage in cross-chain agreements, then this is not a self-built logistics of EOS? This is obviously the operation of Jingdong Liu Qiangdong.

Having said that, our vernacular did say this in the 17th year. " Interesting: BM, V God and e-commerce big bangs are connected with imagination. " This big move by Jingdong is indeed a very crucial step in the rise of Jingdong and a strong pursuit of Ali. And this time, it is the turn of BM to play big chess?

This can be achieved in the true sense of BM: BTC will run on EOS one day…

05 BSV: Six-eared macaque

The BSV community was originally part of the BCH community and was later split. It is rumored that the six-eared macaque is the other side of Sun Wukong, true and false BCH squatting, who is the real BCH? At the beginning, the combat power was similar to that of Sun Wukong. Tang Hao and others did not really see who was true. Perhaps only the true Buddha came out to know who was true.

Some people also suspected that it was not the six-eared macaque that was killed at the time, but because of the real Sun Wukong, he was too arrogant and was destroyed by the secretly established bureau. Then we saw that the more honest "Wukang" continued to go all the way. If there is such a dog blood plot, is it if it is done, or is it that Ozon is true? Really dizzy, true and false, not at all according to the routine.

So why do you say that the approval of a copyright registration of Ao Bencong on May 21 will cause such an uproar…

06 XRP: Pig Eight Rings

Born with a golden key, a luxurious halo added, and a heavenly general who was once a stunt, because of the greed of beauty, it is said that more than 30,000 blocks of data may have been lost in the process of teasing, because of various Greed is accused by the public as one of the "starrings of the most unrecognized sentimental blockchain spirit."

So far, half of his family has remained in Gao Laozhuang (Rippo, still half of the XRP in his hand), and people have to question his determination to go to the center, but he has to be so fat and big. Go to learn! In fact, sometimes the appearance is not important. I don't see it hard to work hard during Gao Lao Zhuang. It is harder to work hard than anyone else. Among the people in the Journey to the West, only the pigs and babies are the first to fall into the ground to work and produce value. It is also a bit of a hard work.

Many people shouted: I don't understand!

07 XMR: Python

When he appeared on the scene, a black smoke came along with the demon wind. Sun Wukong jumped up and played for a long time, even the shadow of the fairy did not see. This Monroe, which focuses on anonymity and privacy protection, is definitely the best python that is good at hiding.

08 USDT: White bone essence

Born beautifully, the appearance is amazing, people think that it has been killed every time, the results have repeatedly reappeared, the vitality is really strong, and the devilish big hair kidnapped Tang Sanzang even want to shake the entire currency.

After three times and five times, he came out of thunder and thunder, and he was very worried. In the end , he almost ate Tang Sanzang and messed up the entire westbound road.

09 Nakamoto Satoshi: Come to Buddha / Screenwriter, Director

The whole plot direction and road map are compiled by the Buddha 10 years ago. Tang Yan, Sun Wukong and others are also under his arrangement. All the people are just performing free interpretation.

Finally, how will the "Encrypted Journey" plot develop? Let us wait and see.

What other cryptocurrencies do you think can correspond to the characters in Journey to the West? Welcome to share in the message area.

Original: WJ

The vernacular blockchain , from entry to mastery, I am enough!

——End—— 『Declaration : This article is the author's independent point of view, does not represent the vernacular blockchain position, and does not constitute any investment advice or advice.

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