Interview 丨 Chain Node CEO Qu Zhaoxiang: To make the blockchain popular, it should be made a trend symbol

Established in 2011, Babbitt is one of the earliest Bitcoin websites in the country. Babbitt has been growing for eight years. Babbitt is growing stronger and has contributed to the development of the industry.

In this crypto interview, we are fortunate to invite Qu Zhaoxiang, a Babbitt partner and CEO of the current chain node. He talked about many "unknown" Babbitt past experiences, as well as five years of operating experience and reflections on blockchain industry innovation. , I believe you will be inspired after reading, and even more colorful eggs at the end of the article!

One day in 2013, Qu Zhaoxiang paid close attention to a big V who posted a few bitcoin-related microblogs. During the period when the bitcoin price fluctuated violently, he looked on Weibo for a long time and found this thing too interesting. Then, this "leading way V" was later Li Xiaolai, who became famous in the currency circle.

Walking on the streets of Hong Kong's cities, you will have a feeling of "magic". This is the prestigious East Asian financial center, but sometimes even opening a bank account for receiving money will cost you a lot, and Qu Zhaoxiang who has been in Hong Kong for many years Feeling deeply about this, he faintly felt that this backward financial infrastructure is not a long-term solution. On the day after reading the Bitcoin white paper, his mood was like discovering a new continent, "too subversive", Qu Zhaoxiang said with emotion.

In the following days, he frequently collected bitcoin information and researched the underlying technology on the Internet, and accidentally entered a small site, which concentrated a lot of bitcoin information, and there were many people who were interested in bitcoin like him. It's the earliest version of Babbitt-the interface is very simple, but the message is timely.

After "bubbling" in the community for a while, Qu Zhaoxiang added several Babbitt groups. Most of the topics in the group were about Bitcoin. Occasionally, some forum operation issues were also posted. Soon after, Changxuan released a "Cone of Light" project, hoping to recruit a group of volunteers from various places to translate some high-quality articles abroad. Qu Zhaoxiang felt that this was a more comprehensive opportunity to understand bitcoin, so he immediately reported his name. After he tried to translate several articles, he received a bitcoin reward from Changzheng, the highest one had 0.2 BTC, "Qu Zhaoxiang said Soon after, Bitcoin skyrocketed to $ 1,100, making those rewards the "most expensive" manuscript fee in translation.

After doing a voluntary translation for a few months, Qu Zhaoxiang got to know Changchang. When he encountered something of special significance, Changzheng would send it to him. One or two times, Qu Zhaoxiang became a half-inside. In the first half of 2014, Qu Zhaoxiang in Hong Kong received a call from the mainland. The other party said that he intends to make Babbitt a company. Can he be invited to join? The caller is Song Huanping, which later became the union of Babbitt. Founder.

In May, Qu Zhaoxiang came to Hangzhou from Hong Kong, met Chang Huan and Song Huanping, and looked at Babbitt's office environment. "It's just two small rooms in a commercial and residential building." Several people sat down and talked. Chat, from the Bitcoin white paper to the various plans to start the company, after the chat, Qu Zhaoxiang decided to join.

As the science and engineering foundation is relatively strong, after Qu Zhaoxiang joined the company, the first thing he did was technical editing. Later, Chang Ye discovered that he also had a lot of good ideas in operations, so he discussed with him, and he can slowly build up the community in the future. "For a long time after 2014, I put my time on operations and Babbitt's forum attributes gradually became more prominent." With more and more people knowing Bitcoin, Babbitt has become a must for readers to obtain information. One of the essential channels.

Babbitt has two major brands, information and forums, which carry different functions, but because the differences in domain names between the two are not particularly obvious, sometimes it is easy to cause confusion, so at the beginning of this year, when the forum was greatly revised, the original Babbitt Forum made a brand upgrade and adjustment, and ChainNode was born.

Open the website page of the chain node, users can freely post and discuss, high-quality content will be refined by the administrator, much like the forums and posts played a few years ago, that is a collective memory belonging to the 80s and 90s. In contrast, today, Wei Bo and WeChat accounted for the dominant traffic on social platforms, and the forum seemed to be "declining", but Qu Zhaoxiang had different ideas about it.

He gave an example, "Reddit is the largest news aggregation platform in the United States, with more than 100,000 different communities subdivided. Everyone can choose topics of interest to publish content and interact with others. This is particularly good for me. Where other competing products are difficult to counter ", in short, although the popularity of the forum is not as good as platforms such as Weibo and WeChat, if you can learn from ideas like Reddit and the development of the blockchain industry in the next few years, there is room for Is expected.

"On the other hand, we put more emphasis on the properties of the platform. Taking BTC nodes and BTM nodes as examples, it naturally grows and is maintained by fans or project officials. ChainNode chain nodes build a mesh network by connecting nodes. Blockchain world. As Chang Yan once said in a sharing, there are many "big gods" in the current blockchain field, which just shows that the industry is still in a very early stage. With the increasing number of participants in the ChainNode chain, based on the equal network relationship between the nodes, these flows are likely to impact the discourse system dominated by the Great God, thereby truly promoting the popularity of blockchain knowledge and the industry's maturity. "

Having said that, Qu Zhaoxiang was excited to share with us an exclusive IP of the chain node—Chain Star, which is a cute and “fighting spirit” starfish image, with yellow as the main color that represents enthusiasm and vitality. Asked about the original intention of "chain star" IP design, Qu Zhaoxiang talked about his thoughts on blockchain innovation.

"Compared with the Internet, the current blockchain participants are still too small, so the most needed thing now is to find ways to make the blockchain popular, so as to really attract users outside the circle, but how to attract users outside the circle? This is an interesting topic. For example, the blind box was very hot a while ago. You said that everyone really likes the stuff in the blind box. I do n’t think so. It is more because it is given a trend. Culture, extending to hi tea and other brands, the principle is similar. "

"When" Understanding the Blockchain "or" Using the Blockchain "has become a cool symbol of fashion, or even a way of life, we have found the tipping point for the blockchain to enter the masses." Qu Zhaoxiang Said, "Chain Star is one of our attempts in the direction of blockchain culture. I hope to present blockchain culture to everyone in such a form, instead of a bunch of cold technology and unintelligible terms. Of course This process will definitely take a long time. "

It is true that this year's blockchain industry has ushered in some kind of change than in the past, but there are still many people who were previously affected by negative news and have never learned about blockchain Bitcoin. Because of this, the blockchain The chain needs to go out with more "external forces" and it is a less difficult way to understand.

After talking about some "serious topics", Qu Zhaoxiang is happy to share with us some of the things he has been doing recently, such as reading books, listening to lessons, and thinking about himself, all of which let us see his life outside of work.

"I've been reading a few books recently, I'm reading to you, one is" Free ", which talks about the product logic of the Internet, a" Complete Writing Guide ", and the long-term" Blockchain ", and This is the "Neifei Culture Handbook", and the "Sense of Participation" written by Li Wanqiang, the other is "Ali Tiejun", all of which are Internet practice, and the last one is "Wuhezhong" which studies the psychology of the public.

"These have triggered a lot of my thinking. I do community operations myself, and there are quite a lot of things involved. You have to know what users are thinking and how to express your ideas better," said Qu Zhaoxiang. I have also listened to some courses in MOOC, one is about cryptocurrency, and the other is about cryptography. I think it is very interesting, and I am willing to do some in-depth research, because those professors are special it is good."

When Qu Zhaoxiang said these words, his speaking speed became slightly faster, which made people feel active in his thinking, his love and love for these things, and at the same time revealed some of his longing for the industry.

Then we talked about the "Pirates" created by Babbitt, which is a special area for content creators, but there is a deeper meaning behind it. "Pirate is an image that longs for freedom. We use the name" Pirate "as the creator's name, which is in line with the spirit of challenging authority and authority such as blockchain or Bitcoin."

"Babbitt has been in existence for eight years. What we have done is also a process of constantly exploring boundaries. In these eight years, we have not fought alone, and there are many people who are watching and helping us like us. All have the characteristics of this "pirate", and they will continue to do things in the future. "

Most people enter this industry by accident, and do not expect that the butterfly effect will follow, but there must be a factor in dominating or leading you to understand this thing, and then go firmly Go on.

For Qu Zhaoxiang, this factor is the exploration of the unknown. "Unknown makes people curious and gives us motivation," he said at the end of the interview.

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