QKL123 Blockchain List | Domestic media enthusiasm declines, some mining machines lose money (201911)

QKL123 blockchain rankings include blockchain projects, trading platforms, blockchain media, blockchain public accounts, blockchain mining pools, blockchain miners, staking projects, ETH Dapp, EOS Dapp, blockchain Top 10 wallets.

At present, the objective indicators selected on the list of blockchain projects include circulating market value; the list of trading platforms uses the market transaction amount as an objective indicator of ranking; the blockchain media list is ranked according to the comprehensive media score, and the calculated indicators include the number of Baidu indexed , The number of anti-chains, and Alexa ranking; the list of blockchain public numbers is sorted based on the comprehensive score of the public number, and the calculation indicators include the number of original articles, readings, and likes; the list of blockchain mining pools is comprehensive The scores are sorted, and the calculation indicators include the number of supported currencies, settlement methods, handling fees, and objective indicators that reflect the market's computing power; the list of blockchain miners is based on the number of days of return; the list of Staking projects is annualized The expected return rate and project market value are sorted separately; the ETH Dapp list is sorted by the number of active users; the EOS Dapp list is sorted by the number of active users; the blockchain wallet list is sorted by the comprehensive score of the wallet, and its quantitative indicators include support Number of currencies, product matrix, node verification methods, and objective indicators reflecting market performance. The data comes from the QKL123 website (https://www.qkl123.com).

The QKL123 blockchain ranking list is based on objective data or comprehensive indicators for blockchain projects, trading platforms, blockchain media, blockchain public accounts, blockchain mining pools, blockchain miners, Staking projects, ETH Dapp, EOS Dapp, and blockchain wallets are ranked for reference by investors or industry insiders. The list is summarized as follows:

QKL123 Blockchain General List (November 2019) 0 Source: QKL123

I. Ranking of Blockchain Projects

1. Ranking of blockchain project circulation market value

Top 10 Blockchain Projects by Market Capitalization 1Blockchain Project Leaderboard (16) Source: QKL123

On December 02, 2019, the circulating market value of BTC was 946.649 billion yuan, a significant decrease from the same period last month (1,158.190 billion yuan), and the market value ratio (64.74%) fell slightly from the same period of last month (65.91%). The second and third places are still ETH and XRP. The market share of ETH circulation (7.90%) slightly rebounded from the same period last month (7.95%). The market share of XRP circulation decreased from 5.06% to 4.68% in the same period last month. The market value of the remaining projects accounted for less than 2%, and EOS and BNB rankings were swapped. The market value of USDT increased from 1.65% to 1.99% in the same period last month, indicating that the market's risk aversion has increased significantly. Among the top ten projects by market capitalization, BTC had the highest net inflow of funds in the past seven days (486 million yuan), a reversal from the same period last month (-79.97 billion yuan), followed by USDT (349 million yuan), but compared with the same period of last month. (1.099 billion yuan) decreased significantly. LTC has the highest net outflow of funds in the past seven days (-23.292 billion yuan), followed by XRP (-22.206 billion yuan), both of which are under heavy pressure in the secondary market.

Ranking of trading platforms

Top 10 Blockchain Trading Platforms with 30-Day Turnover 2 Blockchain Platform Rankings (6) Source: QKL123

Rank the trading platform according to the 30-day turnover (according to the report). Huobi ranks first, OKEx and BitMEX rank second and third, respectively. Among them, the 30-day turnover of the first two is more than 1.100 billion yuan, an increase from the same period last month. The number of trading platforms (53) with a turnover of more than 100 billion yuan in the past 30 days has increased from the same period last month. On the whole, the overall heat of trading in the entire Token market has increased from the previous month, which is related to the recent sharp decline in volume and the rise in volume, indicating that the market has entered a relatively intense stage of the game.

Ranking of Blockchain Media

Top 10 Blockchain Media by Comprehensive Rating 3 Blockchain Media Leaderboards (8) Source: QKL123

According to the QKL123 comprehensive score for ranking domestic blockchain media (November 2019), Babbitt still ranks first, and its comprehensive score (77.14) is slightly lower than last month (77.91). The second is Golden Finance, whose comprehensive score (76.95) is significantly higher than last month (66.99). Link Finance ranked third, rising two places, and its overall score (67.23) increased significantly from last month (62.63). In addition, Babbitt has the highest Baidu index (47w +), but it has decreased significantly compared to last month (52w +), and Gyro Finance has the highest Alexa ranking (13,723), but it has also significantly decreased compared to last month (11,593).

4. Ranking of Blockchain Public Accounts

Top 10 Blockchain Public Accounts by Comprehensive Rating 4 Blockchain Public Account Rankings (8) Source: QKL123

According to the comprehensive scoring results of the blockchain public account in November 2019, Babbitt Information, the digital currency trend madman, and the currency grandfather were among the top three, respectively. Babbitt's article content focuses on industry information, with the highest number of original articles (4,728), a slight increase from last month (4,715), far more than other public accounts. The article on digital currency trend lunatics and coin masters focuses on the analysis of the secondary market. The total reading of the digital currency trend madman articles was the highest (900,000+), which was the same as last month, and the total reading of the coin grandfather (280,000+) ranked second, but it was significantly reduced compared to the previous month (390,000+). By comparing the Alexa ranking of media sites in October, Baidu's index, and the total number of readings of the blockchain public account, we can find that the overall popularity of domestic blockchain media in November has decreased. The possible reason is that, on the one hand, it is affected by the decline in the secondary market, and on the other hand, it is related to the domestic consolidation of illegal digital currencies.

V. Ranking of Blockchain Mining Pools

Top ten mining pools by comprehensive score 5 mining pool leaderboards (7) Source: QKL123

According to the ranking of the mining pool's comprehensive score, the F2POOL mining pool's comprehensive score is still the highest, followed by the ant mining pool and the coin-printing mining pool. At present, F2POOL's hashrate (83.82) is still the highest. Its network-wide hashrates of BTC and ETH account for 18.5% and 11.2%, ranking second and third, respectively. Yinyin ranked second in computing power score (80.9). Its BTC ranked first in network computing (19.5%) and its LTC ranked first in network computing (24.6%). Ant mining pool's computing power score (72.26) ranked third, and its BTC and BCH network-wide computing power ratios were 12.7% and 20.5%, respectively, ranking fourth and first.

Ranking of blockchain miners

1. Mining machine return days ranking

Top ten miners expected to return this day 6 Miner Ranking (13) Source: QKL123

Calculated according to the Token price on the day of December 02, default computing power, electricity costs and other indicators, the ant miner B7 used to mine BTM has the shortest return days, and its expected return days and expected daily net profit are 395 days and 25.10, respectively. yuan. The second is the ant mining machine Z11 used to mine ZEC and ZEN. The expected return days of the two are 439 days and 559 days, respectively, and the corresponding expected daily net profit is 20.88 yuan and 16.39 yuan. The other top ten miners returning this day are used to mine the crypto assets of the SHA256 algorithm. The asset types include BCH, BTC and BSV.

2. Ranking of Bitcoin miners' return days

Top Ten Bitcoin Mining Machines 7BTC mining machine ranking (15) Source: QKL123

According to the calculation of the Bitcoin price and the computing power of the entire network on December 02, the Bitcoin mining machine with the shortest number of days is the Shenma Mining Machine M10 with low power consumption. It is expected that the number of days (729 days) will be significantly increased compared with the same period last month . The highest expected daily net profit is the core moving mining machine T3, which is slightly higher than the Shenma mining machine M10S (22.12 yuan), which is significantly higher than the Shenma mining machine M10 low power consumption (11.25 yuan). At present, the expected daily net profit of most bitcoin miners is significantly lower than last month, and some miners have suffered losses, and the number of days has increased to more than 700 days. This is mainly due to the rapid decline in bitcoin prices in the past month.

Ranking of Staking projects

1. Staking expected yield ranking

Top 10 Staking projects with expected returns 8Staking project leaderboards (13) Source: QKL123

The Staking Economy is derived from the Proof of Stake. The Staking project here refers to a wider scope, including PoS, Masternodes and Dividends. The Staking project is ranked according to the expected annualized rate of return on December 02. The LPT project is still ranked first. Its expected annualized rate of return (78.04%) is much higher than the second and third ranked NEBL (34.75%). ), BOS (32.47%). However, observation can find that the inflation rate of LPT is as high as 72.00%, which is much higher than other items. It should be noted that the actual expected annualized rate of return is very sensitive to prices. In the past six months, the prices of LPT, NEBL, and BOS have fallen by 60% to 70%. The actual annualized rate of return (equivalent to legal currency) and not optimistic.

2. Staking project market value ranking

Top 10 Staking Projects by Market Capitalization 9 Market Cap Staking Project Rankings (14) Source: QKL123

The Staking projects are ranked according to the circulating market value on December 02, and the expected annualized rate of return for most projects is below 8%. Among them, EOS ranks first (not considering ETH for the time being), and its expected annualized return is 4.38%. ATOM has the highest expected annualized return (8.53%), followed by XTZ (6.19%), while XLM remains the lowest (1%). In addition, the expected annualized returns of the top ten in terms of market value are all within 10%, and the market value of the projects with high annualized returns are mostly below 100 million yuan, and the latter often faces higher investment risks.

Eight, ETH Dapp ranking

Top 10 ETH Dapps with 24 hours active users


Source: DappRadar

According to the number of ETH Dapp 24 hours active users on December 02, My Crypto Heroes, MakerDao and Playtowin.io are in the top three. Of the top ten ETH Dapps, one belongs to financial applications, one is a trading platform, and the remaining eight belong to quiz or game types. Among them, MakerDao has the highest 24-hour transaction volume (21.2M), and My Crypto Heroes has the highest 24-hour transaction volume (3.5k).

Nine, EOS Dapp ranking

Top 10 EOS Dapps with 24 hours active users


Source: DappRadar

According to the EOS Dapp's 24-hour active count on December 02, Newdex, EOS Dynasty, and EOS Royale ranked in the top three, respectively. Of the top ten EOS Dapps, eight are quizzes or games, and two are trading platforms. Among them, the trading platform Newdex has the highest 24-hour trading volume (9M), and BigGame has the highest 24-hour trading volume (120.4k).

X. Blockchain wallet rankings

Top 10 Blockchain Wallets by Comprehensive Rating

12 Blockchain Wallet Rankings (6) Source: QKL123

At present, Coinbase Wallet ranks first in the comprehensive score, and is significantly higher than other wallet scores. Coinbase Wallet supports BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC, ERC20, etc. Private keys are personally held and stored on local devices, Dapp application content can be used, and token transactions can be conducted through a decentralized trading platform. Cobo and Bitpie are ranked second and third respectively, and their functions are more abundant than the former.In addition to supporting more types of crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, ETC and ERC20, users can also obtain market information Or financial services.

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