Seven years after its birth, the number of r / Bitcoin subscribers on Reddit exceeds 1.2 million

R / Bitcoin on Reddit remains one of the most popular Bitcoin forums. Recently, this subreddit subreddit reached a milestone of 1.2 million subscribers.

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New members continue to pour into Reddit's largest Bitcoin community, r / Bitcoin. After a surge in traffic this year, this section recently reached a milestone of 1.2 million subscribers.


A Bitcoin story dating back to 2012

R / Bitcoin has been around since November 2012, and its popularity has risen rapidly since then. Although in early 2017, this subreddit only had about 200,000 subscribers. However, this number surged during the bull market that year, reaching 634,000 subscribers by early 2018. This number exceeded expectations and has continued to rise in the bear market in 2018, continuing to rise after 2019. The number of subscribers has nearly doubled since January 2018.

In early 2019, this subreddit reached the milestone of 1 million subscribers. Since then, the community has now added another 200,000 members, becoming the largest online Bitcoin community.

Earlier this year, despite Google's declining interest in searching for bitcoin, r / Bitcoin's subscriber accounts continued to increase. By May, searches related to Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, accounted for only 10% of its all-time high. So despite Google's diminished interest, r / Bitcoin is doing everything it can to expand the community.

What does it all mean

Overall, the increase in the number of subscribers indicates that the Bitcoin supporter team is still strong and growing. Those who subscribe to r / Bitcoin tend to take the cryptocurrency space more seriously and pay close attention to what happens.

It is good news for the entire industry that r / Bitcoin subscribers exceeded 1.2 million, as Bitcoin is still the foundation of the entire industry. Many subscribers use r / Bitcoin to track the latest news and trends in the blockchain world.

We might expect this subreddit to break its next milestone of 1.5 million sometime in 2020. It currently ranks 210th in the largest forums on Reddit, with an average of 868 comments per day.

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