Is it true and false? Teach you how to tell what is true PoC

In 2014, the consensus mechanism of PoC (Capacity Certification) was formally proposed, initially applied to Burst's project. All miners get the rewards by packing the blocks by searching for the correct hash value by storing the data themselves.

At first, PoC did not attract widespread attention. At that time, everyone's attention was focused on how to use CPU and GPU mining. PoW is still the consensus mechanism adopted by many projects. There are still few people interested in PoC. However, with the PoW, the problem of centralized power, waste of resources, and high cost of mining is becoming more and more serious. PoC has returned to the eyes of everyone with the banner of “green environmental protection” and “everyone can dig”.

In just a few months, PoC has poured into many projects on the track, which is a mixed bag. A lot of projects that take advantage of the PoC heat, in fact, are all taking the way of the on-site purchase and off-exchange, and some of the tokens are “pre-digging” and used for purchase. These project codes are not open source, and they are all used to pull the head, mortgage mining, and sell the model currency of the computing power.

These are the PoC names, but in fact, the projects that do the money-making activities, what are the characteristics?

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First, open source is not clear

For developers, source code is the most direct manifestation of project value. On the one hand, open source can guarantee the openness and transparency of the code, let more people participate in and supervise the progress of the project, technology development, etc. On the other hand, it can make the community more diversified and let the global blockchain enthusiasts and co-builders join in. Can increase the innovation ability of the project to a certain extent.

It can be said that those projects that are not open source, but the name of the blockchain, deviate from the spirit of the blockchain, is essentially a centralized institution. In addition, some projects that have opened the source, the code original ratio is very low, and the mouth says "learning", in fact, it is not necessary to say more. Some projects have been open sourced, but the project technical code has not been updated, but the market moves one after another, dazzling.

Lava's team has always believed that open source is truly in line with the spirit of decentralization, and hopes that more people will join the PoC ecosystem to jointly promote the prosperity of the ecology. So Lava was the first project to be fully open source at the beginning of the project, and it was officially open source on GitHub on October 16. And developed a set, pay more attention to the external feedback mechanism – LVIP, allowing developers and users to better communicate and collaborate.

Second, the distribution model is unreasonable

Pre-mining, I believe everyone is no stranger. Some of the tokens are reserved for developers or early investors, and sometimes this is a necessary tool. However, if the project's mining ratio is very high, it needs attention. If most of the tokens are reserved for developers, the team is interested in relying on tokens for profit, rather than really wanting to do the project.

Lava's maximum output ceiling is 332.8 million, of which 25% of the technical team is pre-excavated; Lava Foundation's long-term reserve fund accounts for 3%, and community development start-up funds account for 2% of pre-excavation, which will be used for market use. Promotion, community operations, event operations, etc. The remaining 93% of the token will be used for miners mining.

Third, the sale of high-priced PoC mining machine

Under the banner of "everyone can mine" and "low threshold mining", while degrading PoW high-cost mining, the other side has started trading in selling high-priced mining machines. The cheapest price is 24,999 yuan, the highest computing price is 56,999 yuan, using the "foreign garbage" Xeon E5 series CPU, 8G of memory. It can be said that it is expensive and the configuration is very spicy.

Is this a blockchain project, or is it a machine to make money? The mouth said that the refusal of power monopoly, the body is very honest in the money.

And if you want to participate in Lava mining, just choose a standard computer. According to the current 8T computing power of Lava, you can get about 300 Lava tokens per month, while the mining cost of 8T memory is less than 3,000 yuan. In addition to buying a mining machine, you can also use your own unused computer storage space for mining. It can be said that you can reap the token reward without any investment.

Fourth, the mortgage mining mutual help disk game

Mortgage mining is the main gameplay of the current PoC project, and some eating is simply ugly. Some projects, the mine machine has been shut down for 3 months, the investors invested 15w of the cloud mining machine, the compensation is less than 30 coins; others need the miners to mortgage to mine, to dig 100 coins, must first A model for mortgages of 300 coins, etc. In the name of the blockchain, it is the business of the fund.

Lava adopts the “Flint Consensus”, which is mainly generated by freezing or mortgage Lava, and can obtain double mining rewards by consuming “Flint”. If the "Flint" is not consumed within the specified time, the Flint will be automatically abolished, the frozen funds will be returned, and there will be no such situation as a mortgage deduction. This is Lava's unique dual-coin mechanism. Through the "Flint Mechanism", the decentering method is adopted to realize the more common Staking mining ideas, and the pursuit of the balance between supply and demand between miners and tokens.

5. The white paper information is unknown.

One important piece of information about the blockchain comes from the code, and the other comes from the white paper: project overview, technical background, token distribution, route development, and so on. If a few words in a white paper of a project, or just a large-scale teaching of miners how to mine, then where is the value of this token? But it is the carnival between the miners and the miners.

Sixth, the project is worthless

It seems that the current currency circle, "go to the center" plus "XXX" can open the flick mode. Some projects use a hot PoC model to set up an application scenario. In fact, they do not have the value of landing. Some of them force the miners to mine, and what is the effect of the tokens produced? Some cited the shortcomings of a lot of traditional industries, and proposed the slogan of the new revolution, but the code base update is "0" all the year round, and the founding team frequently appears at various project launches, frequently speaking.

If a project is difficult to reflect in the long run, its practical value is very high.

Lava occupies an excellent track for PoC mining + decentralized storage, with huge room for development and potential. Lava has always been doing valuable things, and is committed to building a decentralized, "rooted trust" and "top-level index" based on the global generalized storage space based on the PoC consensus mechanism. Level Indexing)".

Lava wants to consolidate the global storage space consensus by implementing the PoC consensus mechanism and become the root of a centralized storage ecosystem trust. Then on this basis, based on the Lava backbone, through a proven mature cross-chain, virtual dyeing, distributed content addressing network mosaic and other technical solutions to create a universal, global index storage space Open agreements for use by third-party applications, taking on the top-level indexing of global storage space, creating more real social value for blockchains.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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