Babbitt unveiled the Wuzhen World Internet Conference, which is a "dialogue" between the blockchain and the Internet community.

The 6th World Internet Conference will be unveiled in Wuzhen on October 20. The conference attracted more than 1,500 VIP guests from government, international organizations, leading companies and social groups from all over the world.

The conference has a five-day "Internet Light" Expo, featuring nearly 600 top companies and institutions from home and abroad, including current AI, cloud computing, big data, 5G and blockchain and other current hot global cutting-edge technologies. And products.

This weekend, the eyes of the world will focus on Wuzhen.

This year, Babbitt participated in the Wuzhen World Internet Conference and “talked” to the traditional Internet world in multiple venues. With the stage of Wuzhen, Babbitt will send a blockchain voice to the world and pass on the blockchain culture.

WeChat picture_20191019113433 ▲ Babbitt's booth at the World Internet Conference

"Internet Light" Expo, blockchain "conversation" Internet

The "Internet Light" Expo was opened from the 18th to the 22nd, and more than 600 top exhibitors from around the world including Google, Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu all showed their own housekeeping skills.

As a partner of Wuzhen Street, Babbitt was invited to the Tongxiang Pavilion. Here, all the guests of the “Internet Light” Expo can learn about the development of the Baxter, Bystack platform and blockchain based on the “one main multi-side” architecture of the original chain through video videos, posters, brand brochures, etc.

At the event site, as a rare blockchain company, Babbitt's booth attracted many guests to stop and visit. Their curiosity and concern about the blockchain stemmed from the fact that the blockchain in the past two years is no longer a castle in the air. Emerging technologies are accelerating their landing in various fields. Not only entrepreneurs, but also traditional Internet companies are actively introducing blockchain technology to optimize their products.

WeChat picture_20191018124108

▲ "block light" theme pavilion entrance

Landing “Light of Blockchain” Wuzhen Permanent Exhibition Hall, incubator Guangna Block Chain Project

In Wuzhen, Babbitt has carried out many blockchain application attempts.

For example, Babbitt and China Light and Power Haikang (Wuzhen Street Co., Ltd.) set up a theme pavilion called “Light of Blockchain” at the China Electric Power Wuzhen Base, which introduced the origins of blockchain technology and Application examples of blockchain in the fields of finance, energy, internet, big data, internet of things, government, logistics, and public welfare.

Compared to the “Light of the Internet” Expo, the blockchain theme pavilion is richer and longer. With the convening of the World Internet Conference, it is becoming an important window to show the world of blockchain application and transfer blockchain culture to the world.

At present, the theme pavilion is still under construction. It will not be closed due to the closing of the World Internet Conference. Any time you go to Wuzhen, you can visit and browse.

In addition, at the China Electric Power Wuzhen Base, Babbitt established a subsidiary, Tongxiang Wuzhen Time Stamp Information Technology Co., Ltd., to join hands with Wuzhen to build the “Internet of Things + Blockchain” Innovation Center and Joint Lab to introduce high-quality incubation zones. Blockchain project to explore new products in the Internet of Things and blockchain technology.

Landing "Internet of Things + Blockchain" project to solve the problem of garbage collection

In Wuzhen, Babbitt is currently landing the “blockchain + Internet of Things” project to solve the garbage disposal problem, which is currently one of the few blockchain projects.

In the waste separation and recycling process, it is very important that the recovered garbage is disposed of as planned at a specific place and time. Existing solutions have widespread problems of insufficient trust among process participants, and the use of blockchains that cannot be tampered with and real-time monitoring of the Internet of Things can effectively solve this "epic-level" problem.

The program mainly consists of two parts. The first is the blockchain + five-single system. The garbage disposal participants will become blockchain nodes and share the information of the chain in the garbage disposal process, thereby not only preventing one party from cheating, but also reviewing and tracing the violation operation. The second is the blockchain + IoT equipment, which ensures that the participants can not tamper with the time, place, route and other information, the data is true and reliable.

The blockchain technology of the project comes from Bystack, a blockchain service platform based on the “one main multi-side” architecture of the original chain. The Internet of Things technology comes from Wuzhen Street under the CLP Haikang. At present, the project has built a blockchain node in the “Yunxiang Wuzhen” operation center and is operating normally.

The successful landing of the project will provide a powerful reference for the introduction of blockchain solutions in waste disposal nationwide.


World Blockchain Conference· Wuzhen 20-day countdown

Babbitt is the leading blockchain information service provider in China. It has various business lines such as Babbitt Information, ChainNode Chain Node (Community), Babbitt Accelerated Camp, Time Stamp Capital, MatPool Mine Pool and QKL123. The appearance of Babbitt at the World Internet Conference undoubtedly built a bridge between the blockchain and the traditional Internet world, and it is a useful attempt to block the blockchain culture to the public.

On November 8-9, 2019, in Wuzhen, the second World Blockchain Conference, Wuzhen, hosted by Babbitt, will be grandly opened. The theme of the conference is “Application Unbounded”, with six theme forums on stage. The famous guests will share more than 50. There are also over 4,000 square meters of large professional exhibition areas and small gatherings brought by multiple project parties. Internet giants such as BATJ, including the top projects of Jianan Zhizhi, Yuchi, Chainlink and other blockchains, will gather in Wuzhen.

By then, this millennium water town will be expected to welcome more than 4,000 guests, which will be a big party in the blockchain world, and a blockchain culture to the masses.

Are you ready for the industry feast where the air is still floating in the blockchain?

World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen official website (with registration link):

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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