ChainNode live room, starting from Avalon's strongest mining machine A1166, is this a mining machine or a printing machine?

The bitcoin computing power has reached 100E, and the dry season is coming. Will this be a high-powered, low-power mining machine, and the old mining machine will die in the battlefield? When Bitcoin ushered in the era of high-powered mining machines, did the mining business make money?

On the evening of October 17, the ChainNode live room welcomed Chen Nan, the sales director of Jianan Zhizhi and Avalon, and Chen Fair, the director of Avalon's after-sales service center, and the founder of the New Zealand founder Xiaogui. Through the off-site connection, they measured Avalon's latest A1166 and A1146 mining machines. The former has a rated power of 68T/S, the highest power is 73T/S, and the energy consumption ratio is 46J/T. It is the strongest bitcoin in history. Mining machine. In addition, Chen Feng also revealed the return cycle of the new mining machine and his industry observation on the profitability of bitcoin mining under the sharp attack of the host of JunCha.


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A1166 maximum computing power up to 73.4T

Avalon A11 series Bitcoin mining machine is the latest and mass-produced bitcoin mining machine of Jianan Zhizhi. Its previous generation mining machine is A10 series, including the rated power 31T/S, the energy consumption ratio is 58J/ T's Avalon 1047, and rated power 50T / S, energy consumption ratio of about 63J / S Avalon 1066. The delivery time of the two futures miners has been scheduled for mid-December. It can be seen that the market demand for bitcoin mining machines is quite strong.

The A11 series is divided into two models. The A1166 has a rated power of 68T/S and an energy consumption ratio of 46J/T. The A1146 has a rated power of 56T/S and an energy consumption ratio of 57J/T. Compared with the A10 series, the new mining machine that was staged in the last few months increased by about 36%, which fully demonstrated the power of Moore's Law. At present, the A1166 has become one of the most single-bit bitcoin mining machines on the market. The stand-alone power of more than 60T/S has become the entry barrier for the new era of mining machines.

Is the A11 series really so cow? In the live broadcast, through the connection, the two mine machines were actually measured in the ChainNode live broadcast. After more than one hour of operation, the measured data of the A1166 was 68.8T/S, the power consumption was 46.3J/T, and the noise was about 75 decibels. . The measured power of A1146 is 60.22T. Chen Feng introduced that they have estimated the maximum power of two mining machines up to 73.4T/S and 61.45T/S.


Four highlights, the mining machine is better used

According to Chen Feng, the A11 series of mining machines improved the performance of the chip through chip architecture adjustment, and the overall energy consumption of the whole machine was reduced through the overall optimization of the module. In addition to strengthening the basic functions, there are many details to upgrade, divided into four.

First, the all-in-one design, spare parts, this simplifies the trouble of the need to purchase additional power supplies and other accessories in the mining machine purchase process. The plug-in network can be run to make it easy for small white users to mine.

Second, support network cable assembly, the use of chrysanthemum series, reduce the server port can reduce the cost of mine wiring, easy to batch set in the background.

Third, the 3300 watt adjustable power supply protects the machine from power outages or voltage instability. When the price of the currency goes down, it can be down-converted to reduce costs. The 4-fan configuration provides strong heat dissipation.

Fourth, the main control module is embedded with multiple encryption algorithms and Kanji K210 chip, the former can prevent theft of computing power, the latter can make the mining machine have anti-virus ability.

The A1166 static return period is approximately 8.5 months and can be delivered in January 2020.

According to the calculation of the rated calculation power, when the electricity fee is 0.36 yuan, currently (September 15th), A1166 can dig 0.001314 bitcoins per day, the daily income is about 77 yuan, the electricity expenses are 27 yuan, and the daily net profit is about 50 yuan.

According to the price of 16,252 yuan displayed on the official website, according to Chen Feng, the static return period is about 8.5 months (calculated at the current bitcoin price). The A1146 is priced at 9999 yuan, corresponding to a static return period of about 7 months.

Chen Feng joked that the A11 series is not a PPT mining machine. It has already achieved mass production as early as September. In the early stage, some old customers were mainly experienced first. The official bulk delivery time was 1-2 months from 2020 to 1-2. "The specific delivery time depends on the chip delivery time. Generally speaking, the chip can be produced after 2 weeks of delivery. It is foreseeable that next January will be the key node for large-scale arrival." He said that users got it in January. The basic is the first mass production machine.


Questions from live viewers

Are small miners withdrawing from the market?

Mining thresholds are getting higher and higher, institutional players are entering, they can buy tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of mining machines in one batch. Even so, small and medium-sized miners with small demand still exist, they can also find electricity and places suitable for mining, and it will be more convenient in terms of machine relocation and transfer.

Will bitcoin computing power usher in a skyrocketing?

Computational power and income are linked. Basically, there is a certain linkage between the skyrocketing power and the rise in the price of the currency. If the bitcoin price maintains the status quo, the computing power in November may fall, mining will enter the dry season, and the price of electricity will rise. Some old machines Or will exit the market, thus offsetting the increase in computing power brought by the new mining machine.

Subsequent to the large-volume mining machine, the number of calculations will increase, but in the end it should be linked to the rise in the price of the currency. Bitcoin is getting harder to dig, and digging is better than digging late.

Reporter: Wang Jiajian

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