Ling listened to Wu Xiaobo channel, and found these 5 opportunities in 3000 blockchain articles.

Five years ago, she was an ordinary reporter. Due to a series of reports on "Looking for Liao Changchang's Dialogue with Wu Xiaobo", she had a discussion of the feelings of the country and the whole country, and became attached to the "Wu Xiaobo Channel."

Five years later, she is the editor-in-chief of a blockchain media. Standing on the cusp of the development of the times, the ideal of the news is immortal. It is necessary to use the pure and pure voice to penetrate the foggy forest of the dark world.

Who is she? She is the editor of Babbitt Tang Xialing .


On Wednesday night (November 13th), Babbitt editor and Tang Xiuling, the initiator of the blockchain chain, joined Wu Xiaobo Channel to conduct an online live video broadcast on the blockchain theme.

This is a science class in a blockchain, and it is also the original source of a blockchain.

At the beginning of the live broadcast, Tang Xia Ling used four "red warnings" to deny many misunderstandings about the blockchain, such as "blockchain is omnipotent", "blockchain is a myth of riches", "blocks" The chain is bad money, and the blockchain is a side scam.

So what is the blockchain?


1. What is the blockchain?

In the history of human civilization, words and currency are the two most special things. The text allows humans to communicate at the spiritual level, and the currency allows humans to communicate and collaborate at the material level. From language, text to bits, from physical currency, commodity currency, metal currency to paper money, virtual currency, technological advancement has changed the form and transmission of words and currencies.

In the view of science fiction writer Liu Cixin, "We are now in the era of great migration and are moving from the real world to the virtual world." The rise of blockchain technology is an important step in our journey from the real world to the virtual world.

"In the narrow definition, the blockchain is a distributed ledger; in a broad sense, the blockchain is the value of the Internet, combining cryptography, networking mechanisms, data storage, data validation, consensus algorithms, smart contracts, etc. Distributed, decentralized, self-organizing, and not tamperable." Tang Xia Ling said.

Just as "the film in the recorder can not be deleted and replaced", the data of the virtual world can not be deleted and replaced after combining the blockchain technology, Tang Xiuling said.

“Blockchain technology can make the digital world as authentic as the physical world. The digital records on the blockchain cannot be tampered with and cannot be forged. Smart contracts allow everyone to collaborate more efficiently and build a credible digital economic order. When the problem of trust is solved by “cancelling the tedious intermediate process”, the efficiency of finance and commerce will be unprecedentedly improved and the cost will be further reduced. This is the general trend of the future era of Internet of Everything.”

Second, what is the application of the blockchain?

“The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks (January 3, 2009, the Chancellor of the Exchequer is on the verge of implementing the second round of bank emergency assistance).” January 3, 2019, Nakamoto Satoshi On a small server in Helsinki, Finland, the first block of Bitcoin, the Genesis Block, was calculated by software and the first mining prize was awarded – 50 bits. currency. In the creation block, he wrote the above sentence. This sentence is also the title of the front page of the Times.

In 2014, 20-year-old Russian guy Vitalik Buterin created a new underlying platform, Ethereum, based on the concept of the Bitcoin blockchain.

“The blockchain infinitely magnifies the concept of free and open source: software just allows you to work independently, and blockchain technology allows us to work with a group of people to form a like-minded community.” In September 2019, Vitalik came to Hangzhou, and Received an exclusive interview with Tang Xialing. Vitalik complained, "Technical problems are solved, and people's problems make me a headache."


After years of development, Bitcoin has slowly moved from the geek community to the public's vision, and its decentralized technical ideals have also become market speculative greed. With the growth of the industry with blockchain as the underlying supporting technology, the segmentation of the currency circle, the mining circle and the chain circle has gradually become clear.

Some people say that the blockchain is borderless. However, it is not. In the United States, the application of the public chain in the financial sector is dominant; in China, the application of the alliance chain in the real economy is the main focus.

In the live broadcast, Tang Xialing listed several typical blockchain application cases in China :

· Supply chain finance : In the micro-bank, supply chain financial system, through the application of blockchain technology, the upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain can clearly track the flow of funds, information flow and logistics, so that banks can clearly see the production. And the entire process of trading, greatly improving the financing efficiency of SMEs.

· Justice deposit : Hangzhou Internet Court, Beijing Balance Chain

· Blockchain electronic invoice : In August 2018, the State Administration of Taxation authorized the Shenzhen Taxation Bureau to test the blockchain electronic invoice, the Shenzhen Taxation Bureau defined the administrative issuance standard and the taxpayer invoice use specification, and Tencent provided the blockchain underlying technical support. . As of August 5, 2019, there were 6 million invoices issued using the blockchain of Tencent, with a billing amount of 3.9 billion yuan.

· Tianjin Port Customs Declaration: China Ping An conducted a pilot project in Tianjin Customs using the blockchain. Customs declaration involves the buyer, seller, logistics company, loan company, shipping company, customs, taxation and other entities. Each will submit different data, for example, the seller provides the invoice, and the logistics company provides the bill of lading. We encrypt the source data and put it on the chain. We use the 3DZKP technology to verify whether the data provided by these parties is consistent and complete the cross-validation action.

3. What are the similarities and differences between blockchain thinking and Internet thinking?

In the blockchain field, there are three ways of thinking that are most attractive to Tang Xia Ling:

First, the blockchain is a trusted machine . In order to solve this problem of trust, mankind invented contracts, seals, laws and state machines. Blockchain is a technology underlying layer to accomplish the interconnection and mutual trust between individuals. This is an important and critical issue for business society and human society.

Earlier, trust was a unified national credit endorsement. It is the state that has the final say: the food stamps are all issued by the state, and then you use these things to trade, all of which are national credits. You endorse. In recent years, after the emergence of Internet technology, there have been many Internet credit systems, that is, their credit is used by some well-known giants to assist the government to do his credit endorsement.


Second, the consensus mechanism . An effective consensus mechanism can make the team become the strongest combat group, and the poor consensus mechanism makes the Tianqu become a straggler. A good consensus mechanism can stimulate everyone's creativity, and an inappropriate consensus mechanism can only increase entropy. The process of establishing a consensus mechanism in the blockchain world is a concentrated expression of the way human intelligence cooperates. Studying them allows us to understand the rules of human society.

In the live broadcast, Tang Xia Ling recalled the good time of interviewing Weizhong Bank. At that time, Zhang Kaixiang, chief architect of Weizhong Bank Blockchain, gave her vivid examples.

"For example, the consensus mechanism, in a nutshell, POW is a workload proof mechanism, which can be understood as who will listen to who is strong, and POS, whoever has money to listen to. DPOS mechanism. Super nodes, relative concentration and dispersion In our chain of alliances, it is democratic centralism, and everyone has to vote together. In order to find the best coordination mechanism within the alliance, only the framework and algorithm of the consensus mechanism have been written for one year."

The last one is the decentralized way of thinking . We will find that the blockchain world emphasizes decentralization, emphasizing the individual's energy, and asking people and organizations to iterate and update on the basis of algorithms. Only by inspiring super individuals can we create a super future. There is also open source thinking: from believing in yourself to believing in others. One of the most attractive to her is: freedom, openness, and respect for the individuality of the individual.

Internet thinking emphasizes user needs, traffic, and conversion rates.

4. How do ordinary people participate in the blockchain?

Human society is bound to usher in the digital world, the only difference is the speed and time. The future of the digital world is not a blockchain, but I don’t know. How do ordinary people participate in the blockchain industry? Tang Xia Ling made the following comments:

1. Always pay attention to technological trends, and compare the future world is changed by technology.

2. Understand the blockchain layout of large companies and grasp the future trends. At this stage, the alliance chain is still the most effective solution.

3. Participate in some blockchain projects and company investments, but the risks here are very high, because there are more scammers.

4. Learn relevant knowledge and master blockchain thinking.

5. If your life and work can be combined with the blockchain, look for a good entry and opportunity (eg, each person's valuable asset tokenization). Video back link:

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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