Thinking after the Wuzhen Conference: The future ten years of the blockchain in my eyes


Kevin Kelly wrote in his "necessity" that the global economy is moving away from the material world and moving closer to the non-physical bit world. At the same time, it is also moving away from ownership and moving toward the right to use; it is also moving away from the value of replication, moving closer to the value of the network; at the same time, it is heading towards a world that is bound to come, where there is a growing re-mixing.

I think this passage is very good. It seems to depict the whole future in the embarrassment. This description also fits some characteristics and development experiences of the blockchain itself. Even to some extent, this is the blockchain.

The second Wuzhen Summit has just come to an end, and the conference is very hot, and people are excited about the expectations of the industry. When I recalled the first session, it was also interesting to remember that Zhang Zi, who was with the time stamp capital, blocked Liu Cixin at the ticket gate. In fact, I have also thought a lot about it recently. This summit will also have the purpose of learning and verifying what I want in the industry.

What will happen in the next stage? What is the regulation of the blockchain in our country? Which DC/EP and Libra are better? In the future, will the blockchain create a new era of glory?

When Wuzhen was chatting with Li Yang of the Orange Book, he encouraged me to write these down and try to do it.

1. What might happen?

As for how the industry will develop, I should say that I have been thinking for a long time. It may have originated from the fact that I was in Babbitt, a thinker, adherent and evangelist who was hailed as an industry. And the influence of Duan Xinxing teacher. However, after the news broadcast that day, the thinking and verification ideas in this area are even more urgent. Here, I will do some simple analysis and discussion based on some superficial views of the industry, the characteristics of each vertical direction, and the current reports of governments at all levels and mainstream media, with the dimensions of supervision and development:

1. The historic development opportunity of the alliance chain

At present, it seems that the companies engaged in the alliance chain are undoubtedly the biggest beneficiaries. At the same time, the policy has also been successful, and has also attracted the attention of all sectors of society, especially the various types of capital and other companies interested in participating in the blockchain. Of course, in fact, it is also re-named for each giant company. I believe that many people will share my opinion. This is a good thing for the industry. Only with more attention, more talents, and more innovations will it be possible to promote industrial development better and faster. The alliance chain will enjoy this high-breaking bonus for a long time in the future. Of course, the service entity economy and industrial integration may also be the main theme of the application direction of the alliance chain, especially the DC/EP that the central bank may launch in the near future.

In fact, even without the central government's correct name and support for blockchain technology, the alliance chain has achieved considerable development and wide application in recent years. Everyone has also seen that some large companies and even state-owned enterprises have begun to publicize their innovation and application in the blockchain field. Some applications have even produced quite objective social and economic values.

With the popularity and development of the alliance chain, it is believed that in the near future, many problems that have plagued us for a long time will be gradually solved, such as real estate regulation management, pension management, supply chain and so on. I believe that only the market value created by the alliance chain in the future should be at least the size of the "trillion" unit. It is really exciting to think about it. I seem to have seen the global new prosperity after the arrival of the blockchain era.

2. Mining opportunities

I remember that I was particularly excited that night of the news broadcast, and a circle of friends, which also mentioned that the mining industry should be loosened. I didn’t think that in a few days, the news that “virtual currency mining was removed from the industry by the elimination of the country” was overwhelming. It was quite unexpected but it was very reasonable. After the news release, Firebird Finance teacher came to ask me what I thought about this matter. I probably said the following points and shared it with everyone:

  • As an important consensus basic field of the blockchain industry, mining has very important existential significance and strategic value, especially in the context of globalization;
  • For the entire mining industry, I suspect that the policy will be properly open and there will be capital injections, which will promote the scale, compliance and standardization of the mining industry, especially with the heads of Jia Nan, Zhi Bit, etc. In the process of listing enterprises, the mining industry will usher in a historic development opportunity. In the future, computing power is power and computing power .
  • Under the opportunity of mining development, some of the original niche peripheral supporting industries are believed to be further strengthened, such as: mining pools, mining machine custody, maintenance, etc.;
  • Individual regions may also develop similar "computing power" centers like the big data centers in Guizhou in the early years because of the advantages of electricity and policies, and participate in the future global computing power competition;

Regarding the mining industry, let me say a little more: During the Wuzhen Summit, I heard the speech of Jia Nan Kong Jianping, which is very exciting. The word “silicon-based civilization” seems to make people feel comfortable beyond time, space, civilization and dimension. Feeling, I remember that Teacher Changyi once said this word. It seems that the senior teachers have many forward-looking consensus in many aspects. I thought about it later. This extraordinary comfort may come from the recognition of the world, the blockchain, and the underlying logic. Anyway, I am very much looking forward to the new era of "carbon-silicon fusion society."

3. Selling water , the opportunity is greater than the risk , but the challenge is coming

There are many kinds of things that can be called selling water services in the industry: token fund, community, wallet, media, intermediary services, etc. I think this part of the service development opportunity will outweigh the risks and may usher in better financing. Opportunities, valuations, resources, influence, etc. will be greatly improved compared to the current situation. In this regard, Chen Xiangchang, the ostrich blockchain, is basically the same.

Of course, the premise is that you have not stepped on or even stepped on the red line. After all, the list is still reasonable. More compliant and more melody is inevitable, but the opportunities behind it also herald the challenges of new entry . Many friends who sell water still have to pay attention, because this time the process of switching between the bulls and bears, the national gods' assists directly lead to some so-called experiences in the past, which may not be fully applicable. After all, under absolute capital and input, now The blockchain industry giants are still very small.

4. The public chain is hard to say, but it may be the key to success or failure.

Many people are aware that after the national leaders finished speaking, although the reports on the blockchain kept coming up, few people in the public chain and the currency were willing to mention it. In fact, I think everyone is used to it. After all, even the various types of 1CO and crazy harvesting projects are verbally technical, but it is like I said in Wuzhen’s "Talking: New Opportunities for Mines". The alliance chain has great potential and value, but if it is said that the future may change the global financial, economic and political structure, it may be a public chain with global consensus and technological advantages.

The reason for this conclusion is also very simple. In the current international environment, the utopian global value free circulation cannot be formed in the short term. In the future, there will inevitably be collisions between digital cryptographic assets formed by various local consensuses and using blockchain technology. The recent ones are like the recent DC/EP and Libra disputes. The ultimate solution to this collision is to hand over the consensus basis to the logic and hand it over to the bottom of the consensus.

If further elaborated, the blockchain, especially the public chain, in the current international political, economic, and military structure, before it realizes Utopia, its role in the hegemony is not just as simple as overtaking. To a certain extent, it is actually a "up and down strike" model . I think everyone knows the relationship between 2D and 3D. If anyone is behind in this dimension, the consequences can be catastrophic.

5. Exchanges, will be strongly regulated

Some people may say that I am too arbitrary, after all, how to determine the currency transaction is not easy to say. But as far as I see it, the vertical areas in which most of the industry's practitioners are located are controllable. Regardless of the various types of CX discs, except for 1CO, which really needs to be included in the regulatory system, only the trading flow is left. In fact, I think everyone can realize that it is impossible to implement the public chain as a website. It is only possible to supervise the exchange.

First of all, it is true that exchanges should be subject to strong supervision. It is impossible for them to be players and referees forever. In the long run, it is not conducive to the development of the industry. Moreover, to some extent, if you are pessimistic, it may even be that the blockchain industry in the future is not the current composition. To put it bluntly, it is possible that the current batch of exchanges will not exist in the future, and it is still unknown.

Secondly, when the blockchain is more widely recognized by people, more people and funds are pouring in, even when there is a game between countries, it is necessary to regulate the circulation of digital encryption assets like the securities market. Otherwise, There is a great possibility of huge disorder, and the consequences are unimaginable.

Finally, from a longer-term globalization perspective, the head of the digital asset exchange will inevitably gradually replace the role and status of the stock exchange in the future. I don't think any sovereign state will allow such institutions to be under the control of the regulator.

Second, Token Pass + Internet =?

The above is more of my analysis of what might happen in the future from a regulatory perspective. But in fact, this is not the main content of my thinking about the industry. After all, a new industry may even drive a major change and lead a new era of industry. Industrial development is a more important issue.

1. Controversy is not as good as creating value

Since I entered the business, there have been countless "situational disputes" in the industry, public chain vs. alliance chain, PoW vs PoS, security vs TPS, but again and again, the so-called "killer application" is not seen. After that, I slowly felt that these arguments were getting more and more boring.

Can an industry that is recognized by so many people around the world create no value? The answer is definitely not. In fact, the more and more widely reported applications have fully illustrated the so-called “killer” applications that everyone expects in the circle, and have long been running without feeling for a long time. At the Wuzhen Summit, Tencent Cai Weige said that the blockchain invoice has already opened more than 10 million invoices. I don’t know if Tencent has calculated that there are no such 10 million invoices, and how much value has been created in disguise. But don't count and know, it's definitely an exciting number.

So now I feel that I can't say that there is no killer application. At most, I can only say that there is no large-scale application of globalization consensus yet. Of course, this does not include Bitcoin. I think this is in fact in line with the expectations of all practitioners on the blockchain, or whether it can create value and technology with value support to have more development and future.

2. The fall of the Internet

Having said so many blockchains, many people actually say that the blockchain is Internet 3.0, which is the value of the Internet. This view is very marketable and accepted by many people. Many people around the world are very enthusiastic about this, and some new blockchain projects have emerged. However, what I am going to say here is not to emphasize the value of the Internet. What I want to say is the Chinese Internet industry that we are familiar with. It was also called "Classical Internet" by blockchain practitioners.

I don't know if you find a phenomenon. In recent years, there has been less and less news on various types of Internet financing. This is actually a worrying phenomenon, because capital helps to develop, the funds entering the industry, especially the entry into some more creative startups, the less money, the logic behind it is extremely fearful. Especially for China, this phenomenon is very dangerous. Why do you say that? Personally, from the beginning of the reform and opening up, China's economy has several aspects of support, not from the perspective of the troika, but from the industry, I think there are three more important and more supportive features. Industry: real estate, manufacturing + supply chain systems, the Internet.

More will not be described here, we only talk about the Internet. The development of the Internet in the past 20 years has made China in the forefront of the world in many aspects, e-commerce, O2O, new retail, mobile payment, cloud computing, 5G, etc. We are familiar with and enjoy the dividends brought by this industry. Although there are many times when the Internet boom is criticized, but model innovation lacks hardcore innovation, the industry does indeed allow China to achieve cornering overtaking in many areas. I would like to ask, which country in the world is like China, relying on the Internet to create a service position such as “tens of millions” of drip drivers, courier brothers, and food delivery staff? I am afraid that only China has happened and such a miracle has occurred. Isn't this the actual case and exploration of the economic transformation advocated by the state?

Having said that, it is nothing more than an explanation of the importance and contribution of the Internet. However, nowadays, the industry can clearly feel the autumn wind.

3. Look at the value of the blockchain 2.0-token pass

After the fall of the Internet, let's go back to the blockchain. Many people define bitcoin as blockchain 1.0, and Ethereum is the origin of this round of bull market in 2017-2018, which is considered by some to be representative of blockchain 2.0. Let's not discuss many of the problems exposed in this round of bull market. On the basis of “existence is reasonable”, let us look back at this round of bull market, which is actually brought by the blockchain 2.0 represented by Ethereum. Absolutely not just 1CO, more and more people recognize that the token pass that it brings may be more valuable and creative. So what major changes and innovations have the tokens brought to the end?

1) Organizational system and benefit distribution model

In this regard, in fact, I first listened to the AMA sharing on the Chen Caigen line. At that time, it was still quite shocking. Our current corporate system, organizational system and shareholding system are actually only one hundred years, and is this the ultimate way of ultimately human organization, division of labor, and distribution of interests? I am afraid that it is uncertain, then one of the blockschain 2.0 brings about this possible change.

I have heard a very interesting question long ago. The question is "What is a company?" The final conclusion is that, in fact, the company is a cognitive identity that a group of people have fantasized. To put it bluntly, it is a consensus of a group of people under the current rules. Recently, I have listened to a very incisive analysis. I started to talk about this issue and point of view, but the author made further statements and shared it with you. He said that since many things and rules in the real society are the fantasies of the crowd, why are there more and more cognitions in modern times are the same? The author's arguments are that there are three points: one is the generation of money, the other is the formation of the state, and the third is religious belief. The currency is simple, everyone's consensus is that money can buy things, this cognition is the same; the state is not difficult to explain, the violent machine is the rule maker, you act according to the rules, disobeying you, the religion is easier to understand, a group of people Have the same spiritual pillar.

But in fact, what I want to say is that the above three points are some kind of consensus, and now we are starting the fourth consensus, which is based on the consensus of "logical consensus." Therefore, the future may evolve into a community where everyone can recognize the project, then it is possible to join the community globally, provide support and help, and create a new organizational form through the token bridge.

In terms of profit distribution, tokens have actually brought about huge changes. For example, a company, founder and investor invest money and energy, employees invest time and energy, but the former gets equity, while the latter can only take To salary. If it develops well, then the employees are actually exploited because the salary is too low for equity. In the future, this way of distributing benefits may be changed: through the coexistence of token equity and income rights, the relationship between pay, benefits, and risk can be further balanced;

In summary, token pass provides another possibility for organizational form innovation and value interest system reshaping.

2) Changes in the efficiency of fundraising methods and the way in which value flows

I think this is very understandable to everyone. After all, the origin of this bull market in 2017 is 1CO, which is public fundraising. Still the same principle, first of all, good or bad, only objective analysis. Looking back at this fundraising process is actually very interesting. I roughly divided it into several important features: digital citation, efficiency, globalization, anonymity, and bubble. It is not difficult to find out these parts. In fact, after reasonable development and avoidance, the token pass will actually bring the industry to speed up fundraising, which will inevitably greatly stimulate economic development and technological innovation itself. I think this is also a lot of people who are keen to study. The reason for token pass economy, encryption economy, and even DeFi.

The change in circulation, this better understanding is also one of the most quintessential aspects of the economy. The project party can achieve global, fast and low-cost fundraising by issuing tokens. This change in the value of circulation is really not difficult to create infinite reverie. If one day really achieves this utopian style, then all the values ​​of the world will flow in the simplest, fastest and most effective way. Great promotion of scientific and technological progress and labor production.

3) New fairness, balance rules and the imagination of a "programmable society"

In this regard, there may be some idealistic nature in it, but I chose to believe that the blockchain, which transcends the track, is called the subversive creative ability that is suitable for ascending. The data on the blockchain chain is transparent. The core rules are consensus and code. Since the code is the rule, it is not difficult to imagine that the future fairer competitive environment, more balanced input and output, etc., have room for development. Although the rules of "weak meat and strong food" are still undeniable, at least the weak have opportunities. I think, sometimes, the opportunity is actually very rare and fair.

If you look at it more and more, the era of the blockchain is similar to 5G, AI and other technologies. The era of "programmable digital society" is by no means a dream. The first time I heard the word "programmable economy" was learned from Duan Xinxing's teacher, I didn't understand it very deeply at first, but with the understanding of the industry and more prospects for the industry, the paradox space of the programmable economy. Really infinitely huge. The economy serves the society, so the era of programmable economy will inevitably be a programmable society. Imagine that the supply and demand of the entire society, the ultimate supply and research, and the willingness to innovate globally can quickly achieve the consensus of globalization. This is a new century, a new era, and a new future.

4. Chain change 2.0, industrial blockchain, blockchain +?

At the Wuzhen Conference, Babbitt officially announced the concept of “industrial blockchain”, which made me very happy, because it made me feel that the industry is gradually forming a certain consensus. I remember that at the event of PANews Hangzhou, I also expressed this point of view. The industry needs more real economic value as a support. There is more controversy and the industry is not conducive to development. Where are the opportunities for the industry? I think the most likely is "token pass + Internet", which is commonly known as the "chain change" in the industry.

In fact, the chain reform itself is not a particularly new topic. Yuan Dao teacher, Meng Yan teacher and a number of big brothers have been doing academic research and case operations in this area very early. But objectively speaking, so far, I have not seen a very successful and even can be a model case. Of course, maybe I am ignorant, but from the case of several chain changes I know, I think that to achieve a wide range, deeper, and more valuable chain reform, there may be several important points that are indispensable. of.

1) Asset selection

In fact, many Internet companies are paying attention, but everyone is still only concerned, and some will use blockchain technology to integrate into their own business. But if we realize a bigger, broader, and deeper development through the token pass, we are not good enough. One of the reasons is that many Internet companies that issue tokens, because of the impureness of supervision and the purpose of issuing tokens, in fact, the value of blockchain is very limited to them. It can even be said that this type has already eaten crabs. The company, the currency may have a negative reaction to its operations.

The state of the Internet assets itself is a screening item. If the financing in the traditional primary market is blocked, it is only for financing, or even for the money, to issue tokens. Most of these cases will not go too far. I think the better case is that it is operating normally and needs funds to further expand its development. The downturn of the Internet has greatly delayed this process. If such assets can be raised back to their own business through the issuance of tokens, then the value of the Token Clearing Service will gradually increase, and the real service company will have economic value support.


2) Blockchain cognition of the founding team of Internet companies

Recently, many people are paying attention to the blockchain. Of course, this wave of friends who are engaged in the Internet will also pay attention to it. Although this is very gratifying, there is a very helpless part of the blockchain. high. However, from the perspective of the use of the certificate, such high-quality Internet assets, if they are insufficiently aware of the blockchain, will actually bring about many problems. On the one hand, underestimating and misjudged the blockchain's advantages and disadvantages for their own business; in addition, it is easy to make a choice without necessarily having enough knowledge, and some choices are often no regrets or retreats. of.

I think that only the founding team does have enough knowledge of the blockchain, so it is suitable to consider the implementation of the issue of the token. The cognition mentioned here requires at least three aspects: the basic knowledge and logic of the blockchain, the necessity and combination of the combination of its own business and the blockchain, and the economic model of the token pass.

3) Design of the certificate economy model

The economic model is specifically listed here because it is so important that it can even be understood that this actually embeds a small central bank in the products of various Internet companies. I have done a lot of communication with some practitioners in the traditional industry or the Internet industry. There are not many people who have the first and second points. However, it is really rare to seriously think about or even practice the third point.

Since it is a generalist economics, the pass is actually concatenated in the whole business and capital flow. It is not only a problem of value circulation, but also a core strategy of using the value baton to tow the business. I usually emphasize two points:

First, after the token is different from all kinds of points, it is only the internal circulation, the token can be extracorporeal circulation. If you don't think about it, you can't attract the external value to the whole ecosystem. It is very likely that there will be major bleeding.

Second, in addition to possessing value circulation attributes, token also includes the role of globalization attributes, incentive mechanisms, business integration methods, community consensus orientation, etc. These need to be rationally integrated, fully utilized, and reasonably avoided through rational economic model design. of.


4) About compliance

Although I have stated my personal confidence and expectation of "chain change 2.0" above, in fact, the road will be tortuous. And this kind of compliance is undoubtedly a hurdle. I haven't just started here. I can only say that STO, which was hotly fired earlier, has a lot of solutions on a global scale. It's just how flexible and integrated these solutions are. Great learning.

Moreover, it is very likely that for a long time, various laws and regulations in the blockchain sector will seriously lag behind the development of the industry, which is normal, because the global linkage brought by the blockchain is more than almost all industries in the past. This kind of linkage is not only at the level of technology and value, but also manifested in the level of legislation and supervision. But how do you say that since you choose a distant place, you can only manage the wind and rain.

Third, see the future application unbounded

It is a bit tricky to use this title, which is exactly the theme of the two-time Wuzhen blockchain summit. Everyone is looking forward to seeing the future, and they are all looking forward to the blockchain to create a new era that belongs to it through the application of practical economic value. The latter gave a lot of amazing products at this Wuzhen Summit. In the former case, no one can really foresee the future, but more to learn and explore from many intelligent people, perhaps it is a little to see the leopard. In this part, I can only say that I am telling some of my personal rough speculations. I don’t want to be professional or wrong. I at least prove that I have done some thinking.

1. DC/EP and Libra

Speaking of the future, in fact, this topic should be said to also need to be discussed. I remember the days when Libra was released, the industry simply blew up the pot, followed by analysis and sharing by many of the big guys, and I was fortunate enough to listen to some of the games. At that time, my feeling was that Libra had some expectations from the insiders, but they did not dare to think about it in the short term. Specifically, it was a non-sovereign "Internet country" through blockchain technology. Participated in the global coinage competition.

1) About Libra

Although Xiaozai has changed a set of rhetoric, moved out of payment instruments, Chinese theory, and strengthened the status of the dollar, it can't cover its actual nature. Is it the ambition of Xiaozha? I dare not say it, but the vision is absolutely People are shaking. Because it may indicate a few points:

  • The circulation of the value of globalization can indeed be achieved through such a carrier of the nature of "currency";
  • It may weaken the rights and boundaries of the "state" to a considerable extent, and even "blood wash" the monetary rights of weak sovereign states, and even political status;
  • If it can be implemented, it may be able to largely correct some of the malformed developments in the global economy since the dollar has deviated from the gold standard (although I personally think that in the longer term, if we want to fully realize such a future, we may still need a consensus based on globalization. Strong public chain);

It is not difficult to see from the above points that Libra is indeed magnificent, but for a specific country or individual, the concerns and uncertainties it has brought are actually somewhat scary.

2) About DC/EP

Let's talk about DC/EP, news broadcast that night I guessed that DC/EP will accelerate, and soon DC/EP 2.0 with Libra attributes will also accelerate (of course, it may not necessarily be state-initiated, some giants united It is also possible to initiate, but even if it is expected, the speed of this advancement is really surprising.

In fact, DC/EP is very early known to be in the M0 category. Compared to Libra's subversion, more is just tentative and practical. But this still makes the industry boil for a long time, because it is not only the blockchain technology directly integrated into our lives, but also shows our country's advantages and prospects in the entire blockchain technology. Of course, I think that many people, like me, have a feeling of unfinishedness, although in fact this is in line with the consistent and steady progress of our party and the country.

So what kind of changes will happen to the emergence of DC/EP? There are a few things I can see at the moment:

  • The efficiency of money circulation will increase greatly, and it can be traced. This alone can solve quite a lot of problems, various special funds, support funds, use of pensions, real estate information, corruption, public welfare, etc.
  • Helping the domestic economy to buffer inflation, self-optimization and self-repair, it can help to import and export, release consumption power, and accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure;
  • It will help strengthen the international status of the renminbi, and even to a certain extent, help to form and serve the integration of value flows of regional strategic alliances, such as: Belt and Road, ASEAN, AU, etc.;

Therefore, in fact, the strategic value and vision of DC/EP is also very worth looking forward to, and I would like to mention here that, in fact, because China currently has a leading position in the vertical block industry in the global blockchain industry, Under the overall situation, even from the symbolic meaning, DC/EP is extraordinary for the incentive value of the entire Chinese blockchain industry.

3) A compromise between multiple parties to compromise?

In fact, I am still very entangled in whether or not to write this, because I feel that there is a strong romantic idealism in it, but I still think that the whole idea needs to be complete, so I still write this paragraph, in fact, it is already weak. and. I believe that in the future, whether Libra or DC/EP will play a very important role in achieving regional value circulation, and for the foreseeable future, only achieving this step will greatly benefit the entire human society.

However, if we analyze from a more long-term perspective, apart from the emergence of war, the final direction of the future, the most likely scenario is: relying on anchoring "consensus assets based on logic and algorithms" (in short, it can be understood as Bitcoin, Ethereum, a digital encryption asset), a new "currency system" and a "value circulation system" for global circulation. More crucially, if this era can come, then the problem of cyclical economic crisis in the process of modern global development will inevitably be very effectively alleviated.

Moreover, I personally boldly speculated that this cyclical economic crisis has been alleviated and solved in the mechanism model, and it is very likely that it will be realized through the globalization and prosperity. To put it simply: through the development of underdeveloped regions and the realization of inflation sharing, the market economy will eventually break the cycle of violent ups and downs. I think it can be called it—based on the new normal of the global economy based on multi-party trusted computing, I am looking forward to it. This era of great prosperity seems to be in full compliance with the great vision of the "community of human destiny" proposed by the country's leaders.

2. Talent is the place to fight

It’s so important to be too important about this. I said that I heard a number earlier. The number of blockchain developers is 3:1000 compared with the number of Internet developments. When I heard this number, it actually collapsed. One developed for 10 years. In the industry, developers only have such a small base. Of course, objectively speaking, the threshold of the blockchain and the incubation period are relatively long. What is more crucial is that the technology of this industry is still in a very very early stage. I want to know the number, and everyone can understand why this point is very important.

At present, most of the industry's employees are interspersed from the relatively relevant areas such as the Internet and finance. Moreover, because the industry is at an early stage, there is no improvement or even a model for cultivating, so in fact, each family is currently training and growing.

In fact, from the situation I have seen, the blockchain industry is not only lacking effective talent supply at present, even at the level of theoretical research, it is quite lagging behind. This piece also requires more research and research resources from the party and the state. Of course, the market opportunities are also very huge.

To tell the truth, I think that if we want to accelerate the cultivation of blockchain talents, the best way to do it for a long time is to give more talent support and policy support to blockchain enterprises. Because it has already been said, the current research in higher education institutions is actually lagging behind the global market. If this is the case, it is better to continue the current model, that is, to practice while training. Of course, the market mechanism will definitely promote the influx of talents. I remember that in the previous statistics of PANews, the per capita salary of the blockchain has reached 16,000 yuan, which also illustrates the market demand.

3. National strategic reserve of digital encryption assets

In this case, I actually heard a lot of people say that countries and even major institutions have already started to do it. It can even be said that this wave of the M3 in Q19 in 2019 can basically be judged as belonging to the institution. When chatting with friends two days ago, he mentioned Bitcoin as a new global digital encryption asset because its risk model and assets are logically different from other assets, so economically speaking, natural Each organization will include it in its asset allocation. If I say this, it may be that I am worried.

4. Supercomputer Center

When I talked about mining in the above, I have already mentioned some aspects of this, and the mining industry has not stated much. In fact, if I go deeper, I will be a layman. But here I am making a super bold prediction:

In the near future, our country is in the west or southwest, and it is very likely that we will establish a global super-calculation center, mainly to complete the consensus logic (simple point, maybe mining), AI calculation, power calculation And the role of computing power in these aspects.

There may be friends who say that I have speculated that there is not much relationship between right and wrong, but I think that in the near future, very large computing clusters will inevitably emerge and emerge as a social infrastructure and strategic reserve. And I think it may be very, very different from our traditionally recognized cloud computing center.

5. Please supervise and speed up the government

Finally, why should you mention this? The touched point is also the end of the Wuzhen Summit, the "2019 Wuzhen Blockchain Declaration" initiated by Babbitt. This is a self-discipline declaration of the industry's positive energy. It can be seen that even if it is an industry practitioner, there are quite a few people who think that this industry needs to be introduced as soon as possible. Class regulation and operational rules. The word "stigma" was spoken by Teacher Meng Yan. Yes, this industry is so badly polluted that it needs a proper name and a norm and a bottom line.

Moreover, it must be mentioned that this is a new industry different from the past. It has many new, self-contained and unalterable attributes. It is necessary for policy makers to adapt to it. As you can imagine, the regulatory level will also encounter unprecedented challenges, not to mention the above, and blockchain supervision is very likely to require globalization.

For example: In fact, this example, I have been entangled whether to say, but since this may be part of the future, I think it should be raised as soon as possible. As for the most extreme terrorism in human society, it is highly probable that terrorists will use the public chain for communication in the future, and we may be helpless. This alone is not only the participation of supervision, but also the central bank, customs, and the state. Intervention, research, and early warning of security agencies, etc.

The final example may be too extreme, and the reader doesn't have to care too much. Just like we have guns, but we cherish peace. The future has come, we only need to take the open-minded heart and smile to welcome the upcoming opportunities and challenges!

Tail note

It’s really a little tired to finish 10,000 words by hand. However, it is worthwhile to basically give some thoughts on my recent period of time and make a detailed report to everyone. Thank you for reading and look forward to discussing with all your friends.

Finally, end with a paragraph of Kevin Kelly's text:

People say that there is nothing to escape the cold second law of thermodynamics, and the final destination of the universe is a dead end. But this is not the whole story. When the universe is silent, it is also buzzing, bringing new life from the old things and adding a new level of complexity. The universe is full of endless creativity. Entropy and evolution, the two are like two times of time, one is dragging us back into the infinite darkness, and one is pulling us to the light of eternity.

–"out of control"

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