Musk's super high-speed rail and blockchain

Foreword: Although this article does not elaborate on the deep integration of Musk's super high-speed rail and blockchain, from the words of its co-founder Gresta, you can see some signs: improve traffic through blockchain and smart contracts. Travel efficiency, such as attempting to pass the blockchain of book technology, including identity records, biometrics, etc., while also trying to make a big increase in cost and price; the last is about the organization of the super high-speed rail, it may be in the future It is not impossible to plan to issue tokens or even change the organization of the company into a decentralized organizational form. This is by far the most daring imagination, and it will have a greater impact on humans than the super high-speed rail itself. The author, Oliver Knight, is translated by the "Leo" of the public "Blue Fox Notes" community.

Bibop Gresta, co-founder and chairman of Hyperloop Transport Technologies, has revealed that blockchain technology has been developed as the foundation for solving "fragmented" transportation systems.

"fragment" transportation

Gresta said at the blockchain summit in Paris that “traffic is fragmented and our way of travel is terrible.”

The Super High Speed ​​Rail is a concept put forward by SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, which is seeking to introduce intercity transportation to transport passengers from one city to another at 760 miles per hour. (Blue fox notes: 760 miles is about 1,223 kilometers, ordinary passenger planes are about 900 kilometers per hour, super high-speed rails try to exceed the speed of most ordinary passenger aircraft.)

The company launched the first two miles of super high-speed rail in Los Angeles in 2018. There are reports that the cost has reached $10 billion, but Gresta refuted these figures, claiming that the cost cost "$150 million."

Super High Speed ​​Rail uses smart contracts

Gresta said: "What do we need in the future? We need a technology that allows us to get what we want at a certain time. We have already thought about this future. As long as the system is in contact with passengers, passengers will be recognized by the system. It will create smart contracts. This smart contract will be cloud-based and will recognize your biometric features."

The co-founder of Super High Speed ​​Rail continues to say that future traffic will rely on cloud-based blockchain technology to validate passengers and make travel more streamlined and efficient.

At the same time, Gresta also said:

“We analyzed that 80% of the operations at the airport can actually be completed before you arrive. It is not complicated, this technology has existed since the 1990s. We must consider the needs of passengers. We need to redesign passengers. Space. Once intercepted by the system, it will be verified through the blockchain in the cloud. At the same time, since the system is not owned by anyone, there is no need to worry about privacy."

Gresta explains that smart contracts can accomplish these "magical things," which are technologies that have not been applied to transportation in the past.

“When a passenger is verified, it will generate a smart contract. Smart contracts can do amazing things, magical things, not only when entering and leaving the station, but also throughout the journey. Smart contracts will be able to provide you with life. The best sleep. It can bring you entertainment or let you learn new information."

"This is not the future, but now. We are working with top companies like Sony. In the 12-15 minute journey, we can do something amazing."

Why is the blockchain a viable solution?

Gresta explained: “The blockchain is not only the underlying technology, but also our vision for a better future. It will solve one of the biggest problems we have encountered in transportation today: price issues.”

"The price issue is stupid. It's very naive. We are considering the price of travel. Let's take the car as an example. We consider gasoline, if it's an electric car, consider electricity, and insurance. That's it. I hope it's simple Because of this, how much does this cost for the entire planet? Let's calculate, calculate the carbon footprint and pollution. Who will dismantle this thing when it is no longer available? Considering all these factors, suddenly Between, you not only have different prices, but also different economies."

“For us, the blockchain is not only an opportunity to really understand all the problems, but also to introduce new elements to actually save the planet.”


When asked if the Super High Speed ​​Rail would "dealize" any aspect of its business, Gresta replied: "We have already started."

“The time of 70,000 technical engineers has entered the super high-speed rail. In exchange, we give them stock options. In 2013, it is not yet a climate. But now, this is easy. If you think about it, we started from the beginning of the company. The currency is changed."

“The problem we are facing now is that after seven years of hard work, people will be happy to see that these stocks become liquid and create a market, because if we do this, we will not only let everyone change. Being rich (relatively speaking, not so interesting), and we have also proved the concept of a subversive work and the concept of a company."

"Now you don't have to raise money, you can raise your brain. This is the most exciting promise we are working on. It's even bigger than the super high-speed rail."

“We are subverting financial institutions. We no longer need financial intermediaries. Brains and actions can work together, I don’t have to struggle for survival. I can do things with passion and coexist with them. In order to succeed, we are in the block. Seen in the chain, and eventually we will be tokenized, this is a very good solution."

"We are not saying that we are currently working on 1CO or STO. We don't want to elaborate on these details now. What we want to say is that as a super high-speed rail, we will seriously embrace this vision and realize this vision."


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