John McAfee: I know who is Nakamoto.

John McAfee hasn't stressed that Bitcoin will reach $1 million for a while, and he seems to have a new goal. The new goal of this extreme technology entrepreneur is the biggest mystery in the field of cryptocurrency: "Who is Nakamoto?"


McAfee claims to know Nakamoto’s identity

He said on Twitter:

I keep the secret of Nakamoto's true identity. However, it is time to let this matter have a result. Someone pretends to be his identity, and we are also spending time and energy looking for him – this is a waste of time. Every day in the future, I will publish some clues about the identity of Nakamoto, until he reveals his identity, or I expose him.


Since the mysterious Bitcoin creator chose to remain anonymous, he created opportunities for those who claimed to be Nakamoto. Some people stood up and said that they were Nakamoto, and others were identified as Nakamoto. It now appears that CSW (Craig Wright) and his team will soon prove to be redundant, because McAfee, who claims to know Nakamoto's identity, now wants the truth. A series of unusual tweets released by McAfee in the past two days have left the community one more time.

McAfee really knows who is Nakamoto? Everyone knows this is almost impossible, but as always, McAfee's background and past behavior have made his views stand out. Obviously, some people expressed concern about his "identification" Sakamoto. But at this stage, there is no evidence that he is really aware.

To this end, he once again said that although he had done something unreliable, he could not deny that he knew the hacker's work well.

Conspiracy theory is very interesting, but Nakamoto’s wallet is the key

Conspiracy theories are so powerful because they are usually an exciting story filled with uncertainty and speculation. The story of the origin of Bitcoin is on another level, because it is a project that has achieved amazing success, but no one can ask for it.

In my opinion, the story revolves around the wallet of Nakamoto. But millions of bitcoins have not been passive, and the plot of this story has not continued. If we observe the activity of this wallet, then this will be the clearest way for Nakamoto to communicate with the community. But this situation has not appeared, and the reason is confusing. Is it worry or restraint? Maybe they can't get these coins, or even die. Or, as a big bitcoin, this might be trying to limit the supply of bitcoin?

McAfee knows how to package cryptocurrencies

What we know is that McAfee can use this uncertainty to attract great attention before he participates in the presidential campaign. McAfee has begun to reveal clues about Nakamoto.

'Who is Nakamoto? 'The mystery must be solved! First of all: it is not the CIA or any world government organization. It consists of a group of people, but the white paper was written by one person who currently lives in the United States. If he doesn't stand up, more clues will come out.


Unfortunately, McAfee obviously has a back road. When he arrives, he can say that he has changed his mind, because revealing the identity of the Bitcoin creator will be very dangerous or harmful. This sounds boring, but it is probably the end result.

McAfee even showed off the email sent to him by "Nakamoto Satoshi" on Twitter:


(McAfee's record of dialogue with "Nakamoto Satoshi", image source: Twitter )

Regardless of whether this is true or not, I believe that people who eat melons will be able to watch a big show.

In the cryptocurrency community, McAfee has been controversial. He is very optimistic about Bitcoin, has repeatedly predicted that the currency will reach millions of dollars, and also said that in order to promote cryptocurrency to participate in the presidential election. So why did he do this this time? What do you think?

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