NFT quietly integrates into the mainstream Fat Penguin settles in Walmart, Microsoft Xbox may integrate encrypted wallets.

NFT integrates into mainstream Fat Penguin in Walmart, Microsoft Xbox may integrate encrypted wallets.

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On September 27th, retail giant Walmart officially announced that it will sell the NFT project Pudgy Penguins toy series in 2,000 supermarkets across the United States. Each Pudgy toy can access the digital social platform Pudgy World based on zkSync Era. Just a day earlier, a development roadmap for Microsoft Xbox was leaked on the gaming forum ResetEra, which showed that the tech giant plans to integrate cryptocurrency wallets into Xbox.

Although the current NFT trading market is still sluggish, the crypto community has discovered that NFTs have quietly started to integrate into the mainstream.

Walmart launches “Pudgy Penguins” toys: Perfect integration of NFTs and real-life scenes

In the collaboration between Walmart and “Pudgy Penguins,” the physical Pudgy Toys, in addition to being cute, each come with a QR code. After scanning the code, users can unlock and exchange corresponding digital characters in Pudgy World and participate in a “multiplayer digital social experience.”

“Pudgy Penguins” has successfully integrated real-life scenes with NFTs through its collaboration with Walmart. This is especially beneficial for “newbies” who are unfamiliar with this emerging field, as they can have their first Web3 experience through the “Pudgy Penguins” toys. On the other hand, each “Pudgy Penguins” toy sold by Walmart is associated with existing NFT IPs, ensuring that the relevant NFT holders can receive licensing fees and achieve a win-win situation.

It is worth noting that the first batch of “Pudgy Penguins” toys launched at Walmart also incorporate elements from other NFT series, such as Meebits, DeGods, and y00ts. For example, you can match a DeGods T-shirt with a “Pudgy Penguins” toy, or a hoodie from y00ts, or other wearable devices from Meebits.

Microsoft Xbox may introduce an encrypted wallet: Another tech giant enters the scene

On September 26th, a document related to Microsoft was leaked on the gaming forum ResetEra. This document, released by a user named “LightKiosk,” has attracted great attention from the Web3 community because it revealed a crucial piece of information about Microsoft’s future vision: the introduction of an encrypted cryptocurrency wallet in Xbox.

It is reported that the next generation of Microsoft’s gaming console is named “Gen 10.” Its plan is not only to create a gaming console but also to integrate Xbox, gamepad systems, mobile phones, web browsers, and even a “cloud console.”

According to Phil Spencer, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming, due to Microsoft’s ongoing legal battle with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over the Activision Blizzard acquisition case, they need to submit materials to the court, which resulted in the leak of this document introducing the Xbox’s plans for 2024 and beyond. However, Phil Spencer did not seem to deny the introduction of an encrypted wallet in Xbox, only stating that “although there are many changes planned for Xbox, there are many exciting things happening now and in the future.”

Therefore, we have reason to believe that Microsoft has plans to conduct deeper research on blockchain-based payments and NFT games, and at least indicates two points:

1. The Xbox team should have been trying to integrate Web3 and NFT, or working towards this direction;

2. The Xbox team still has the possibility of integrating crypto wallets into the platform, and then introducing cryptocurrency and NFT into its ecosystem.

The crypto community even speculates that the integration of a crypto wallet by Xbox may create new use cases for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, highlighting the importance of traditional tech giants embracing the emerging Web3 industry.

The culture of on-chain RWA promotes the integration of NFT into the mainstream

In the Web3 industry, “RWA” refers to Real World Assets, which are real-world assets that are brought onto the blockchain in some way and displayed or represented digitally on-chain. After the DeFi craze, RWA has become the next frontier market in the crypto world, and people’s interest in RWA is growing.

As real-world scenarios find their way on-chain, it becomes increasingly clear that RWA is the next wave of trends in the NFT field. S4mmy.eth, Chief Analyst of OriginsNFT, pointed out on social media that the secondary market sales of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) skins have reached an astonishing $216 million.

Contrary to the mainstream news description of the “death” of the digital collectibles market, CSGO skins are mainly traded on the secondary market of the Metaverse DMarket, which is built on the Mythos blockchain. This means that CSGO skins have already been traded on-chain (although players may not be aware of it). CSGO skin assets are recorded in the Mythos distributed ledger by DMarket, and players view on-chain tokens as “redemption” receipts when they exchange them. According to NFT analysis platform Cryptoslam, Mythos is the second highest blockchain in terms of NFT market transaction volume in the past 30 days, second only to Ethereum, undoubtedly benefiting from the RWA concept of the game “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”.

The boundary between the physical world and the digital world is becoming increasingly blurred, and platforms like DMarket are bound to play a key role in the future development of NFT digital collectibles, games, and other fields…

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