ready? Bitcoin and Ethereum are rebounding, and the callback is coming to an end.

ready? Bitcoin and Ethereum are rebounding, and the callback is coming to an end.

No matter whether it is a bull market or a bear market, people profit in the currency circle, and in the bull market or the bear market, some people often buy high-level or low-point jail, and those who do not want to be stuck can only cut meat to survive. Currency trading is the fastest and certainly the fastest. However, earning money in the currency trading is based on your operation. A bunch of people playing cards, high-tech people can win, and the technical scum can be won. It is also losing money, and the victory of a small probability is not as good as a long time. Warren Buffett once said: A table of people playing cards, half an hour to see who is Kaizi, if you can not see, then Kay is mostly yourself. The currency circle is full of gold, and the gold is a smoke that does not sound. If you want to win in this smoke, you have to raise your weapon to attack quickly. If you move the gun in the battlefield one step slower than the other, waiting for death, you have a wrong direction in the gun, you can only sing the first cool to you.

ready? Bitcoin and Ethereum are rebounding, and the callback is coming to an end.

BTC (Bitcoin): The prophet first eats meat. It is no exaggeration to use this sentence to describe the bitcoin market this year. Indeed, Bitcoin has indeed ushered in a wave of "Mavericks" from the beginning of the year. As for It is not known how many leeks keep up with the operation. After the first wave of the big cake rebounded from the beginning, it has been saying more and more, and the subsequent goal is to arrive perfectly after wave after wave until the 8000 US dollar mark this week. But all of this can only be missed by the eye, and the radicals may be chasing the deep. After the knowledge, people drink soup, maybe, but you may not even drink the soup. When you skyrocket, you dare not follow the market. When you plunged, you dare not follow the market.

The pancakes have fallen sharply from the high of $8,349 this week. The three consecutive trading days have fallen below the $7,000 mark and the lowest has reached support around $6,930. After the adjustment of the next day, the early morning pancakes quickly pulled up and broke through 8,000 US dollars. At present, there is a slight decline to maintain the consolidation at the 7800 US dollar mark. The continuous increase will inevitably lead to a callback, which is also reasonable. After the deep correction, the gains will be regained, and the market is adjusted. On the daily line, a big Yang directly received the decline in the previous two trading days, and also reversed the waveback trend. The short-term MA5/MA10 continued gold price to support the upswing, especially in the re-stabilization of MA5 today. In the short term, we should pay attention to the stability of the $8,000 mark. Once the market stabilizes, there is still a new high, while the lower one focuses on MA5 at 7760. With the support of the US dollar, the key support is in the area of ​​$7,200. If it does not break, it will continue to follow the low-level ideas. As far as the current trend is concerned, before the big cake is not refreshed, it is not necessary to blindly chase the upswing. In the short term, it will still be treated with high volatility, and the closing situation tonight will also determine the trend next week.

Short-term upper resistance : 8000/8300 Short-term support below: 7760/7400

BTC (Bitcoin) real-time operation suggestion : fall back near 7600 to do more, stop loss 7550, near the target 7800;

ready? Bitcoin and Ethereum are rebounding, and the callback is coming to an end.

ETH (Eaiba): Recently, the Ethereum market and the trend of the big cake are basically the same, and the position is higher. However, the short-term trend is a simultaneous correction. The good news is that there is a wave of rebound at the same time. The tightness between the two is not necessary. More explanation. On the daily line, after seeing the big cake hitting the $279 line, it showed a continuous decline back to the $224 line. The current Ethereum saw the US$250 mark, and it fell back and rebounded. This wave of prices is temporarily over, and the short-term bullish is still Dominance, or will usher in a second pull, short-term attention to the resistance of 265 US dollars, the next need to pay attention to the support of 230 US dollars. From the current trend, the space for Ethereum to fall back is limited, the bulls are expected to adjust Continue to go higher, contract trading is still to follow the pie to maintain a low-minded thinking, spot investors to fall back to buy holding is still a good opportunity.

Short-term upper resistance : 260/265 Short-term support below: 240/230

ETH (Ethereum) real-time operation suggestion : fall back near 242 to do more, stop loss 235, near the target 255;

In the future, no matter what happens, I will firmly lead more people to go further. This is a road that everyone chooses, but it is not a test of passing. The glory of the past has become a certain affirmation. Need more self-affirmation! Nothing can be the truth of stability in the ages, and the choice to accept the advice of others is the most useful loyalty to us. In the future, whether you are here or not, you come or not, I am still there, always on the road… The biggest mistake of investing is to constantly worry that you will make mistakes. The biggest confusion of cooperation is that after a long time, aimless life is like sailing in the sea. Without a compass, the swinging cooperation is like the moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The first fifteenth is not the same! Choose not to work hard, choose to do more with less, the calm lake is only a rigid reflection, the galloping rapids have beautiful waves! Profit is not Rely on others to give, but to win by yourself! Don't mistake love as a burden because you used to love the wrong people in the past, and don't arbitrarily deny yourself because of past investment. (Abit Financial)

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