SatScribe: Game rule changer for rare sat hunting

SatScribe: Revolutionizing rare SAT search rules

SatScribe is the first-ever rare sat inscription service that enables easy inscribing on rare sats. The cryptocurrency KOL Ordinals Global has provided a detailed introduction to this project.

Searching for rare Sats requires a lot of time and effort, typically involving millions of Bitcoin transactions to find a single rare piece. Based on our observations, an uncommon Sat can have a value of up to 0.5 BTC/$15,000 on the secondary market. In addition to searching for rare Sats, many artists have begun engraving inscriptions on rare/uncommon/strange satellites to increase their artistic value. However, most people need to seek help from developers to set up and manage the required nodes.

Rare Satshi Society and SatRepublic have collaborated to create a new tool to simplify the process and ensure it’s as easy as engraving standard inscriptions. There are seven rare Sats that can be engraved on SatScribe: 1) Uncommon: the first of each block. 2) Block 9: Sats mined in block 9, also known as the oldest circulating Sat unless Satoshi’s wallet is reactivated. 3) Block 78: Sats mined by Hal Finney in block 78. 4) Satoshi: Sats mined by Satoshi Nakamoto. 5) JPEG: The first Bitcoin transaction for an image on February 24, 2010. 6) Pizza: The 10,000 BTC used to buy BlockingBlocking John’s pizza. 7) Silk Road Killer: Bitcoin used by Ross Ulbricht to hire a hitman on the Silk Road.


We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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