Securities Daily: Digital assets will generate super enterprises

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Author: Xing Meng

Editor's Note: The original title was "Viewpoint |" Industrial Blockchainization "is the Only Way Digital Assets Will Generate Super Enterprises"

As for how the blockchain can empower the real economy, there are many practical paths emerging in society. The "chain reform" action initiated by the Blockchain Professional Committee of the China Communications Industry Association is an important force. How to correctly understand "chain reform"? What are the results of the "chain reform" action? With these questions in mind, a reporter from the Securities Daily interviewed Gao Bin, vice chairman of the Blockchain Professional Committee of the China Communications Industry Association.

"Chain reform" key layout

Coinless blockchain and non-financial blockchain

"Securities Daily": In recent years, a variety of "on-chain" actions have emerged in the process of enabling the real economy to promote the blockchain. . Excuse me, what is "chain reform"? What role do associations play?

Gao Bin: The Blockchain Professional Committee of China Communications Industry Association initiated the "chain reform" action in August 2018, which mainly played the role of initiation, organization and coordination. Generally speaking, "chain reform" is an abbreviation for blockchain reform. It is a process of using blockchain technology and ideas to integrate the new generation of information technology to empower the real economy, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The purpose of the "chain reform" is to rely on the sovereign blockchain Internet technology and application innovation, and to focus on the layout of non-currency blockchain and non-financial blockchain with real industry and digital economy transformation experiments and demonstrations to help industry upgrade and kinetic energy conversion. To maintain financial stability and security and protect the interests of investors. The goal of "chain reform" is to enable the transformation and upgrading of the real economy; kinetic energy conversion, linking values; consensus on industry and finance, and building an ecosystem; interconnectivity, and common destiny.

In my opinion, the current "chain reform" has four major development directions: that is, in the business model, the internal (shareholders, employees) and the external (channels, users) of the enterprise are connected to make it a community of interests and create a shortage of funds The perfect organization and ecology with no shortage of customers and employees; at the technical level, building a trusted machine so that the technical basis of zero cost of collaboration can be implemented; at the financial level, relying on a credible foundation, De-intermediate, realize the rapid flow of use value at zero cost; economically, open up various value islands and form a value ecology.

Digital asset field

Super Enterprise will be born

"Securities Daily": Blockchain empowers the real economy as the theme. You advocate promoting "industrial blockchainization". You also mentioned that the premise of "industrial blockchainization" is industry, and landing is blockchainization. How do you understand this statement?

Gao Bin: I understand that the blockchain empowers the real economy, that is, to improve efficiency and reduce costs by upgrading and transforming the real economy and the digital economy by combining blockchain technology and ideas with new technologies (artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, etc.) the process of.

I believe that the real economy needs to be empowered, which is essentially an upgrade of the industrial era model. The industrial era emphasizes a larger economic model. Through the expansion of a single product, the average cost of the product decreases, but due to the arrival of the personalized era Our contradiction is not insufficient production capacity, but the inequality of supply demand and information. Large-scale batch production cannot meet fragmented demand. The digital economy can respond to the challenge of "diversity" through the acquisition and processing of information. The division of labor and cooperation, supply and demand, the complexity of the economic structure, ideology and culture, and the changes of the times play a role, thereby reducing costs and improving efficiency.

"Industrial blockchainization" is the only way, and the blockchain must not only empower the real economy, but also the digital economy. For the entire industrial ecology, the best situation is that the ecology is formed horizontally and vertically between the enterprises, which has the lowest cost and highest efficiency for the enterprise. But at present, ecology or community cannot be formed. There are two core reasons, that is, trust and collaboration. The emergence of blockchain technology has perfectly solved the above two problems.

"Securities Daily": With the deep integration of blockchain and industry, what position do you think digital assets occupy in the blockchain application value system?

Gao Bin: The value system of blockchain applications should be based on the value symbiosis ecology, with emphasis on empowerment. Blockchain technology is a technology of production relations. In simple terms, it is to solve problems that are difficult to solve by current productivity.

In my opinion, digital assets are the first step for the blockchain to transform the existing physical world value symbiosis ecology, which is the origin and the future. The real economy is a carrier of value anchoring. With digital assets, internal shareholders, employees, external channels, consumers, and ecological support partners can fully express the ownership and profit rights of the value symbiotic ecological process. The digitization of physical enterprise assets will realize the unification of its core value expression, customer value, and social value. This business model will give birth to a super enterprise comparable to BATJ. In this enterprise, we may also have shareholder interests. In short, I think that there will be super enterprises in the digital asset field in the future.

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