Shenzhen Stock Exchange official blockchain index released, six rules for stock selection, constituent stocks rose an average of over 50% during the year

Source: Securities Times , original title "Official Certification! Authoritative blockchain concept list exposed, six rules to choose stocks, hide multiple doubling bull stocks "

Author: Data Bao Xie Yilan

The official list of blockchains is here.

On December 24, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange released the first blockchain index in the two cities, the "Blockchain 50 Index". According to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the release of the index is to reflect the performance of companies in the blockchain industry in the Shenzhen securities market and provide investors with a richer indexed investment tool.

On the first day of the index release, the "Blockchain 50 Index" performed strongly. As of the close of December 24, the index rose 1.15% to 3315.53. Constituent stocks also performed well. Leo shares closed at a daily limit, Far Light Software rose 5.78%, Zhongqingbao rose 5.76%, and Xinguodu, Guangdian Express and others also had good gains.

There are 6 thresholds for inclusion in the "Blockchain 50 Index"

The code of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange "Blockchain 50 Index" is 399286, referred to as "Blockchain 50" for short, and the base date of the index is December 31, 2012.

SZSE "Blockchain 50" is weighted by free circulation market value, and the sample stocks are regularly adjusted on the next trading day on the second Friday of June and December each year. The above indexes all include pure price index and full return index. Pure price index releases real-time market data through the Shenzhen Stock Exchange market system, and full income index releases closing market data through the China Securities Index Network.

The index compilation plan of the China Securities Index shows that the sample space for "Blockchain 50" is all A shares listed and traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange that meet the following conditions:

1. Non-ST, * ST stocks;

2. The listing time is more than six months;

3. The company has no major violations in the past year, and no major problems in its financial report;

4. The company has had no abnormal operations and no major losses in the last year;

5. The stock price did not fluctuate abnormally during the inspection period;

6. The company's business area involves the upstream, mid-stream and downstream of the blockchain industry, including hardware equipment, technology and services, and the use of blockchain.

Constituent stocks rose by an average of over 50% during the year

Among the constituent stocks selected in the "Blockchain 50", many are stocks that everyone is very familiar with, such as Ping An Bank, Midea Group, SF Holdings and Oriental Fortune. From the perspective of the Shenwan first-level industry, the number of individual stocks in the computer industry ranks first, accounting for 21 constituent stocks, accounting for almost half, and the number of media stocks ranks second with 12

The Securities Times and DataBao statistics show that the 50 constituent stocks rose by an average of over 50% during the year, of which 8 stocks rose by more than 100%. The biggest gainer was Jin Yi Technology, which rose by 315.65%. The company focuses on the application development, product innovation and promotion of identification and electronic payment in the field of smart transportation and the Internet of Things. It is a domestic vehicle identification and electronic payment solution and core equipment provider.

It is worth mentioning that the market demand for ETC-related equipment is strong, and Jinyi Technology's performance has been greatly affected by ETC. The third quarterly report shows that the company's operating income was 1.251 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 270%, and net profit was 388 million yuan. Profit. Judging from the overall development trend of the industry and the performance of Jinyi Technology in the third quarter, the company's full-year performance is likely to increase in advance.

Dongfangtong ranked second, with an increase of 248.33% during the year, followed by Sifang Jingchuang with an increase of 19.95%.

However, having said that, despite the market's high degree of recognition of the blockchain, related concept stocks have seen good gains during the year. But what will happen to the development of blockchain in the future? Guohai Securities' computer team pointed out earlier that the blockchain has the basis for large-scale application in both technology and supervision. At present, the blockchain has seen many experiments in the fields of gaming, medical, Internet of things, logistics, and authentication. The nature of application cases is expected to be a year of centralized implementation of blockchain applications in 2020, and the alliance chain will be the main landing method.

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