Ten minutes per session, understand the blockchain, "Ling Listening · Blockchain General 70 Lectures" is online

In the past two days, global central banks have released a lot of water, and the Federal Reserve has cut interest rates by 50 basis points at one time. A group of speculators on Weibo are puzzled. Isn't Bitcoin going to be halved? Isn't it digital gold against inflation? But why is it still falling?

In the past two days, some friends left. They said that they have always believed that the blockchain is a disruptive technology, but it is said that it is the first year of implementation, but it is more difficult to find an application than to find a wife. There is no future here, they are going to pan for gold on the Internet.

I know a lot of people.

Some people speculate in coins. They have only a half-knowledge of the industry and are particularly vulnerable to brainwashing. With a word of V, millions of people dare to smash into it. Some people work in the industry. They have stayed here for many years, but they still seem to be laymen and cannot say why. Only a very small number of people can learn from them in just a few months, give judgments quickly, and take effective measures decisively.

Why is this happening? I think slow growth is not a lack of effort, but a lack of routine.

First, when they observe and study, they absorb complicated information like sponges, but they cannot systematically sort out the information;

Secondly, when they think, they only look at the surface information, they cannot see the methods and logic behind things;

Third, when they act, they only rely on experience, but rarely consider theories, data and analysis to make judgments and make decisions. Today, Babbitt launched a series of courses "Ling Listening · Blockchain General Knowledge 70" to help you solve the above problems systematically.

This series of courses allows all people who are interested in working on blockchain to form a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the blockchain industry in a short period of time. Then, like the industry's most senior practitioners, observe, think and act. In this extremely uncertain, tempted and trapped industry, strive for the best interests for yourself.

Constructing a complete knowledge system can make thinking and acting a "routine"

The "Lingting · Blockchain General Knowledge 70" system sorted out the knowledge structure in the blockchain field, and finally analyzed it into 8 modules, namely

I. New Trends: What is the most noteworthy in 2020?

New opportunities: Where are the blockchain opportunities?

Third, the new track: What track can I choose to join?

4. New Assets: Are Digital Assets Opportunities or Traps?

V. New Case: How Does Blockchain Change Life?

6. New thinking: What is the way of thinking of blockchain?

New interpretation: Who are the 10 well-known blockchain figures?

New dictionary: 10 hard-core concepts to get you started quickly I found no, it did n’t tell you about blockchain technology, consensus algorithms, and the ten-year magnificent history of blockchain. It wo n’t let you memorize basic knowledge, such as: , Point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanisms, encryption algorithms and other new application models of computer technology. "

The starting point of "Lingting · Blockchain General Knowledge 70" is to build a cognitive system that allows you to think like a senior practitioner and make correct decisions, which are summarized into three things.

First, help you build a complete and systematic understanding of the blockchain;

Second, let you know the methods and logic behind the blockchain when you think;

Third, to provide you with theoretical analysis and judgment methods when making decisions. The power of the system is greater than scattered reading. People with cognitive systems will raise the cognitive dimension by a certain level, instead of always hovering at the level of shallow knowledge. After any new knowledge enters the cognitive system, you can quickly digest it, and learn from it.

Of course, it also talks about technology. We have spent a lot of time breaking up and disassembling this hard core knowledge, and then integrated it into 8 major modules.

Ten minutes in each period, 70 days to get through the blockchain cognitive Ren Du's second pulse easily

Another feature of "Lingting · Blockchain General 70" is different from many courses. It is easy to understand, not only because it disassembles the basic concepts and restructures them into the above 8 modules. For 8 years, he is a senior media editor and editor of Babbitt. He has read more than 3,000 articles a year and interviewed dozens of blockchain leaders.

She will divide the granularity of knowledge into very fine details. In addition, she will combine case and interview experience in the narration to let you know the interesting stories behind the blockchain industry.

It's quite possible that in some places you will be laughed at by the story.

"Ling Ting · Blockchain General Knowledge 70 Lectures" has a total of 70 lectures on 8 modules. Each module has 7-10 lectures. In other words, you will focus on mastering the core knowledge and thinking of a module for more than a week. Even if you listen every day, you can complete a systematic upgrade of blockchain knowledge in more than 2 months.

The duration of each lecture is only 10 minutes, which is almost the limit that we can compress after removing the moisture and details from the knowledge. The density of knowledge is very high. Professionals, time is more expensive than money, "Ling Listening · Blockchain General 70 Lectures" saves you more time.

Therefore, to understand and keep up, "Lingting · Blockchain General Knowledge 70 Lectures" can be a "seasoning" on your way to work. It is the best for everyone who wants to understand and learn about blockchain. Blockchain General Education.

Thinking like a senior practitioner, the new course of "Ling Listening · Blockchain General Knowledge 70" will be launched at a price of 99 yuan / person. Once purchased, you can listen to it again and again permanently. To subscribe to the course, please click: https: // app9rdplv402779. pc.xiaoe-tech.com/detail/p_5e4dfba596198_Ym4JsCYA/6?fromH5=true

Or consult WeChat customer service: Btczs001

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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